How to stop ferret from biting

For more info on how to stop your ferret biting check out: If your ferrte biting you, this video may help you. Happy Ferret…

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45 Responses

  1. troy cortes
    | Reply

    thank you

  2. Mallory W C
    | Reply

    To get a ferret to stop biting, is to simply use bitter apple spray on your hands and feet or anywhere that he or she is biting and that helps stop them from biting and they will or should lose all interest in biting. The second way is to do what dean of mean said and just hold them by the scruff of their neck until they yawn and let go.

  3. Dean OfMean
    | Reply

    hes clearly retarded, the way to stop ferrets from biting/nibbling is to hold them by the scruff of there neck untill they yawn. FROM when they’re a baby..

  4. Amie Grayson
    | Reply

    First of all, your ferret should not be biting you, second of all, if you have a ferret that is biting you, you have serious ferret training issues…

  5. alison smyth
    | Reply

    Also if they keep biting no matter what you do.. you can put them in ‘Time Out’ for about 5minutes. Just make sure it’s somewhere safe and they have access to food&water. I used a large cat carrier. Which stays in the same room so you can see there ok. Good luck to anyone currently nip training, it’s hard work but so worth it!! 🙂

  6. alison smyth
    | Reply

    My house ferret(free roam)is COMPLETELY nip trained.He’s just over a year old.You just need to be patient.When they bite just pick them up by the skin at the back of their neck(scruff them)and hold them for a few seconds.Even try hissing at them like their mothers would do.Also try blowing in their face(not too hard).it can seem like your fighting a losing battle but be patient as my hob is now 100% nip trained.NEVER smack(hit)or shout at a ferret! They will not learn,they’ll just be scared.

  7. lewisspear91
    | Reply

    When it won’t let go push its lip into its teath it will soon let go

  8. OhezzO
    | Reply

    every time he starts biting, stop playing with it, for a long time, not 2-5 minutes. Also when hes in ur hands and starts to bite say loud NO ( in ur language ) and put it on the ground, importand DO NOT EVER, EVER YELL AT YOUR FERRET,NEVER !!!, it will be scared of you for a long time and bite even more and harder, NEVER YELL, just say lound and clear NO, and put it on the ground, or lock him/her in cage for 5 minutes. This can take from 2 weeks to 2 months, u need to have patience :]

  9. Uptimeup1123
    | Reply

    It doesn’t work he bit my pinkie

  10. SmileMonster123
    | Reply

    Ferrets arent suppose to have dairy

  11. arnevonjensen
    | Reply

    if you feed them milk your harming them so DO NOT feed ferrets with daily products. only “ferret food” meat and ferret treats

  12. MomoFerret
    | Reply

    Do NOT feed your ferret dairy products. If you want something that’ll make then lick you, use Ferretvite.

  13. Noah Barb
    | Reply

    Dairy for ferrets causes them to get cancer. If you don’t believe me just google it. I’d sooner put sour spray on my hands to make him realize that I taste terrible. Sounds like a better plan than making it think that I taste good if its a biter.

  14. crystal mcpheeters
    | Reply

    you are not to give them milk. it is bad for them.

  15. bluemangafairy
    | Reply

    err no,there lactose intolerant for a start!! fools!!

  16. rssabrewolf
    | Reply

    The ACTUAL way to stop the ferret from biting you is push the side of your finger further into their mouth which triggers the gag reflex they will eventually learn this and stop. I have had two, one of which is a biter and this has worked like a champ. Scruffing works sometimes but not when they are really persistent about it. Ferrets are carnivores and their systems are not designed to process dairy or vegetable based products.

  17. LizzieBanshee
    | Reply

    Mine would lick it off first and then bite me just as he does with ferret bits .. He’s such an asshole :p But i love him <3

  18. Viktir666
    | Reply

    Cool now their ferrets will know that they can bite them in order to get free milk. DERPDERP.

  19. fashionbymikayla13
    | Reply

    I have to ferrets and one of them loves to bite I used this method and its kinda helping out with him… Thank you

  20. kishmish64
    | Reply

    I noticed that ferrets often show their dominance to each other by placing front paws on others . When my ferret bit me I placed him on his side and held him down for a few seconds and in a raised voice said NO….. It worked

  21. Sgt CluBBA
    | Reply

    They can have small quanatites of kitten milk but you are correct dairy products are bad for them and scour them out (gives em the squitts)

  22. arendfieldx
    | Reply

    Lol they kill theirselves by diarya bevause of milkkk

  23. Jennifer Kim
    | Reply

    They can’t drink milk!

  24. Tammy Jones
    | Reply

    get bitter apple sprat and spray it on the hands before you hold your ferret they dont like the taste.they will get the hint biting taste bad and wont bite any more its safe and doesnt hurt them.

  25. Ashleigh Ives
    | Reply

    Because it can determine whether or you kill your ferret or not. It’s not a minor matter.

  26. bonzilicke
    | Reply

    Does he have to be an idiot or can he just be someone who does not really know about ferrets? why so serious 

  27. Flashgash Tash
    | Reply

    Stubborn little cuties. See my 3 ferret vids too for more cuteness

  28. Emilie Ferreira
    | Reply

    They are !!! It gives them diarrhea ! Never give a ferret milk !

  29. Joyce Dragon
    | Reply

    don’t try it on your nose…. XD

  30. bacorable
    | Reply

    Then touch your eyes afterward for a spicy treat.

  31. bacorable
    | Reply

    Sorry, that won’t work.
    If your ferret bites you, you have to give it a time out in a pet carrier. Of ferret jail. Then it learns “play time is over if I bite”.

    Don’t flick your ferret or put milk all over your self.

  32. Dan Rabbit
    | Reply

    toothpaste is very good to stop ferrets from bitting and you only need a drop of it on your hands and rubb it all over your hands and trust me it works and dont put milk on your hands its only saying to the ferret to bite you

  33. CatPoopingBacon
    | Reply

    I thought ferrets are lactose intolerant.

  34. PortalPup
    | Reply

    Another way Is to cover your hand with something Hot like Jalepeno/Jalepeno Juise then it will go crazy looking for water and you will never be licked or bit again

  35. becca louise
    | Reply

    you can also give its nose a little pinch or make a really loud squealing noise to let the fetter know thats its getting rough

  36. Loverleezack
    | Reply

    i got a 6 wk old jill and we’ve found her a bit bitey. I wouldn’t put food on your finger, they dont bite to be mean and you may actually get hurt doing that. After a week and half she’s stop biting, we handle her several hrs (4-7) a day and when she does bite too hard we say “ouch! NO!” she seemed to pick up that we don’t want to play if she bites so hard!

  37. FerretDude15
    | Reply

    But that makes them fun and mischievous when they bite.. 

  38. sherbert500
    | Reply

    well what im saying is scruffing them is wrong as i class it as harming them …..ive had 30 years with ferrets and im saying its not right……..and im not talking about pet ferrets i keep working ferrets and i have never been bit in anger in all that time….its all about handling…anyone who has to scruff them is inexperienced and are letting the ferret boss them…..same as a biting dog

  39. rockthecasba16
    | Reply

    My point is it’s not beating them up, whether it works or not is not what I was talking about.

  40. sherbert500
    | Reply

    just handling the ferret from a young age will get it used to you and your smell and your ways……..getting aggresive with a ferret never works ………..fight or flight kicks in then there ruined…….might work on 50 percent but the other 50 percent will go the other way and attack everytime you try to handle them………..

  41. rockthecasba16
    | Reply

    How is using the same technique it’s mother used to discipline beating it up?

  42. sherbert500
    | Reply

    thats great …….beat up the ferret so its scared to make it bite some more……… are you on

  43. sherbert500
    | Reply

    i have an old girl losing her hair at the moment but shes as healthy as anything…..its not the moult as im sure people are gonna try and tell me shes just old ….will be her 9th year now but shes still like a kit shes a great little thing who has worked very hard for me over the years

  44. sherbert500
    | Reply

    the easiest way to stop a ferret biting you is handle them properly and do it as often as possible when there young so there used to you and your ways , forget all the other crap there writing on here because after 30 years of owning ferrets,and working ferrets i might add, thats the way to go………….

  45. Scott Funk
    | Reply

    Anyone interested in learning about or getting a ferret, please join the “Ferret Owners” group in Facebook. We have over 1,500 extremely knowledgable and experienced people who can help educate you on the BEST ways to care for a fuzzy. I’ve owned ferrets for over 25 years and I’m still learning because of the group. Ferrets are great creatures but they are NOT like cats and dogs… there is specific things you need to know in order to take care of them properly.

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