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The secret for stopping your parrot from pooping on you is not to have him on you in the first place. Parrots tend to poop every ten to 30 minutes, depending on the species.

By keeping in tune with their natural body schedule, you can reduce that pooping tendency on you. So, rather than trying to specifically teach the bird not to do that or punishing it, which you shouldn’t do, the best strategy is to just be aware of how frequently your bird has to go.

Maybe leave it on its perch. And when it go, when you’ve seen your bird poop, that’s a good time to pick it up. Not only are you rewarding it for going on its perch, you’re also ensuring yourself that you’ve got at least ten to 30 minutes that you can handle your bird without another pooping.

Then five to ten minutes before you expect your bird to go again, just put it back on its perch and wait for it to go. That’s a fail-safe strategy and that will keep your shirts clean and your floors from getting dirty. That’s how you teach your parrot not to poop on you.

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23 Responses

  1. Joseph Garcia
    | Reply

    Why did you do that it is just weird

  2. Fresh Orange
    | Reply

    or the other words… u cant, just bare with poops domestic parrot poop is much cleaner that carnivore poop.

  3. 嗉洁技Nathan Wings嗉洁技
    | Reply

    2018 anyone?

  4. cockatile care
    | Reply

    What treat can I give for my cockatile she is not eating sunflower seeds

  5. skatermonkie
    | Reply

    My bird craps on me every 10-15 minutes, I have no clue what you mean when you say it could be 30-40 minutes lmao

  6. Fedora the Explora
    | Reply

    My bird is a rainbow lorikeet, hes like super polite 馃槀馃槀, when i go to pick him up he poops first then runs to me, or if hes on a table or a couch he leans off of it, unless he cant hold it..

  7. Montana Fishing
    | Reply

    Wow. Haven't taught your bird step up? Shouldn't just pick them up like that..

  8. Figgus Klondike
    | Reply

    10-30 minutes is a bit of an uncomfortably vague range.

  9. Asma Y
    | Reply

    just get a bird diaper or make your own at home. ez

  10. Our Torres Likes To play and review
    | Reply

    I remember when a bird pood on my hair random birds

  11. Antstorm
    | Reply

    10 15 minutes ??? You don't have a lorrikeet then

  12. Travis Boudreaux
    | Reply

    What a smartass.

  13. Ouchy Gabouchy
    | Reply

    WOW…15 second ad for a 1 minute video (25%) to tell us to keep the bird off ourselves. If you were a real bird lover… you'd realize people who love their birds let their birds on them… but i do agree that if you know the timing of when the your birds poops it makes it easier to time when to take it off your shoulder or your arm. No hard feelings…!

  14. Chicken Plague
    | Reply

    I only disliked cuz this is howcast

  15. Rain The Budgie
    | Reply

    I need this for my 4 BUDGIES

  16. musician
    | Reply

    what the kind of this bird, i were on the Friday open market and i sow it, but i didn't lile it's colors.
    and dose this kind of parrot can talk?

  17. MABowers71
    | Reply

    thank you for this mountain of information. I just got an Indian ringneck. he's nine months old and is he ever a character. I'm had over heels in love with him but it's been YEARS since I had a bird and man did my mother not know what she was doing. She feed seed only. no wonder the bird died. 馃檨 rest assured I am learning and absorbing and loving this bird. his name is Elliott

  18. C.o.R
    | Reply

    I have a budgie and whenever he poops his claws heat up for like 5 minutes before hand so that's kind of a warning for me.

  19. BrutalToad
    | Reply

    Or you could just get a lovebird. They have a weird instinct to not poop on their favourite people

  20. Tiddlybat56
    | Reply

    I love how he picked up the bird in the beginning, the bird didnt even care.

  21. Eris Meredith
    | Reply

    He reminds me so much od Josh Hutcherson from upclose!

  22. kennyass
    | Reply

    at 0:15 The bird was iching its ears and at 0:20 it was saying when it was done "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" (i dont mean saying it)

  23. Trines Nails
    | Reply

    My boy is with me outside and he says poop when he has to poop and I put him in a tree or take him on my finger 馃檪

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