How to stop a hamster from biting

This has been requested lots! Hopefully this helps! Sorry if it doesn’t you might just need to try harder and wear gloves ^.^! See you Monday!
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24 Responses

  1. Mona Alsada
    | Reply

    I GOT 6 HAMSTERS 1 HOUR AGO YAYZYZZ but i cant do it by myself

  2. LillyHamHam
    | Reply

    but my hamster likes to be pet

  3. LillyHamHam
    | Reply

    what if your hamster tries to squirm out of your hand while your trying to pick himher?

  4. Little Paw
    | Reply

    um my hamster cant be tamed cause it bites me all the time and it has a sister she is so sweet and i dont think she needs to be tamed and her sister will never be tamed cause she wont stop biteing i dont know what to do

  5. Ayano Aishi
    | Reply

    Imma bite your ass
    – Hamster 2016

  6. pandaassasingaming
    | Reply

    thanks chocolatecolors26 you really helped me tame and became freinds with my hampster

  7. David Schenfelt
    | Reply

    If it hasn't been said, hamsters need some 'me' time after waking, so allow about 15 minutes after waking before handling.

  8. Stephanie Russell
    | Reply

    i got my hamster about a month ago, and I've been taming her and everything. but during putting my hand out and letting her sniff it and crawl into it, she starts by nibbling but then bites me. so naturally i get her off and ive washed my hands everything. i dont know what to do!

  9. Angela McRae
    | Reply

    i got the same house for my hamster star

  10. Angela McRae
    | Reply

    My hamster look just like that so cute

  11. Kitty Kitti
    | Reply

    Chocolate!!!!!! I need big help!!!! My hamster Teddy always eat everything!!!!!!! How do you prevent this?!?!?!?!?! Also he is a teddy bear Syrian long hair hamster.

  12. Mohammed miah
    | Reply

    gloves don't work

  13. Masterbill 05
    | Reply

    I just go a hamster today and It looks just like that one and I have the same little tree stump house

  14. XylerGraphics ™
    | Reply

    i tried the gloves
    they wont stop bite everything

  15. Erika draw cute
    | Reply

    My hamster look just like yours and my hamster some time does that

  16. MLP Reality
    | Reply

    I used to have a hamster she nibbled but didn't bite I was 7 and it did not hurt but when I get enough money to buy another hamster imma use tips from this channel

  17. Kristina Moore
    | Reply

    I just got a hamster yesterday. my hamster is my presant from me to me i had to buy it.

  18. Tyler Page
    | Reply

    Thank you so much my hamster dosent bite! Thank you!!!

  19. S.S. CrystalMoon
    | Reply

    my hamster was tame about 3 days ago and now for 3 days he has been bitting me. He made me draw blood for an hour and he would bite me and i would lift my hand up and he would still be holding onto my hand still biting

  20. SavageSquad
    | Reply

    That looks like my hamster hammy

  21. TheVlogDog
    | Reply

    I just got a hamster and he's really strange. He's super friendly, and climbs onto my hand even when I don't have a treat. But then he bites me. It doesn't hurt that much but it's really annoying and I don't know why he does that

  22. Elizabelle
    | Reply

    Omg i have the same color as yours

  23. trinity Castleberry
    | Reply

    thank you sooooooooo much

  24. my anime drawings
    | Reply

    hamster bites are very painful! my hamster was in its little running ball, adn she got out, and i had to get her, then i guess i scared her and she bit me. i put her back in her cage really fast, and it hurt so much i was crying. i have a SCAR

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