How To Stop A Hamster From Biting

How To Stop A Hamster From Biting
Hey guys hope you all enjoyed the video! This is a little help with how to stop a hamster from biting you! Hope this helps you and your hamster!

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27 Responses

  1. Brea Emery
    | Reply

    I tried to give my new hammy an apple cube and instead of taking it, he bites me

  2. Cam Vlogs
    | Reply

    I’ve tried everything in these videos but still bite me

  3. Aimee Jimenez
    | Reply

    I Been Watching A Lot Of Videos But Every Time I Try To Grab Her She Always Bite Me Or Run Away From Me And It’s Really Hard😩💔 And I Do Everything That They Said In The Videos And Nothing Works😩

  4. Unicorn Lover
    | Reply

    Lori's Hartland i love your videos
    Which country do you live
    I'm Alianna and i live in the Philippines
    I love all your videos

  5. Unicorn Lover
    | Reply

    Hi love your vids

  6. Liz and clara Bass
    | Reply

    i have a hamster her name is gingersnap

  7. Hamster Chronicles
    | Reply

    Feel better soon Lori! Always a pleasure to see little moo moo 💕😘

  8. sophiesphancakes
    | Reply

    What a helpful little guide! When I first got into hamsters I did the same and binge watched alllll those care videos! they were extremely helpful and that made me have such close bonds with my past hamsters. I currently own a sweet little Syrian I got a few weeks ago and she was extremely scared and jumpy the first week but she's doing such a good job getting more and more confident with me handling her! although she does nip and panic a few times, I can feel our bond growing bigger every day. I'm surprised she's slowly building her trust in me! I get so lucky with my hamsters because they've all been angels. I love them. 💗 also hope Moo is doing good!~

  9. Little Red
    | Reply

    My dwarf is a little bite happy chap. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest. He doesn’t want to be held so I will never force that on him, he’s in a 60 gallon long tank, he’s happy so I’m happy.

    My other dwarf is a nipper but never bites. He just nibbles.

    My robo is so scared of everything. He was a rescue from a child who squeezed him so hard he almost died. Again he hates being held so I don’t.

    People need to accept that rodents aren’t dogs. They don’t need human interaction to be happy, as long as they’re happy and you’re meeting their needs that really should be enough for people.

    I can’t stand people who toss animals away like objects just because they don’t fit into what their “perfect” pet is.

    Thanks for touching on that!

  10. Nooby Cuber
    | Reply

    Please make a video about the hamster kiddie pool sand thing at the beginning! Where did you get those tiny cars and turtle? Moos soooo cute!

  11. 13juniper
    | Reply

    I think unscented soap may help as well. My two hammys have nipped at me… Fig I think is just testing to see if I'm food and her bites aren't too bad. Maple was just a baby when I got her and had been very shy of my hand, understandably. When she finally came up to my hand, she took a massive bite at my finger and drew blood. I had food in my hand for her and Im assuming she smelled the food and just went for it, even though the food wasn't actually on my finger lol. I dont force my hamsters into anything… I will pet them when they're in their food bowls, and they both are careful when taking treats from my fingers. If I want to try to get them on my hand, I'm actually wearing a glove and have food on my hand. Sometimes they just put their hands on me and reach for the food, other times they will get all the way on my gloved hand. They both will nibble at the glove, so I'm not yet brave enough to try my bare hands again lol, but that's on me. Its still only been a couple of months since I've had them, so I think it just takes time and knowing theres a chance they may never be a hammy to hold.

  12. Ashley Harvell
    | Reply

    My hamster never wanted to be held, but I loved her regardless & gave her a wonderful life ❤️ As much as I would have loved to hold her I couldn’t imagine giving her away because she didn’t want to be held.

  13. Simply Abby
    | Reply

    Can you please make backpacks and shorts omgosh I wish you had merch😍😍😄😂

  14. ZingiestBug
    | Reply

    “Pickles 12807” – She changed it to Pickles Pets👍👍

  15. laci hammond
    | Reply

    So im getting my hermit crab in 2 days this helped a lot i had no idea what to feed or for basically anything.Thank you for these videos❤ #notificationsquad

  16. Elizabeth M
    | Reply

    I cannnnnnot with the mini Little Tykes toys😍😍😍

  17. tanya johnson
    | Reply

    ive been blessed ive had three hamsters and all of them were happy to be held and never bit me. ive had four pets rats they were all sweet and loved to be held except one that would bite me severely bad all the time. they all have their own personalitys . I love hamsters.

  18. Mikey Finger
    | Reply

    I have four dwarf hamsters right now to living separately and then one cage that has a pair. They all like to be held differently and like different treats and come out at different times of the day so every hamster is different and you can’t expect one hamster to behave like the other, that’s why I have four! ✌️❤️🌺

  19. Madie 11
    | Reply

    When did you get the mini little tikes stuff, I am obsessed! 😀😲

  20. Uny Just A Girl
    | Reply

    My hamster came to me from the petstore (in my country there are no breeders or hamsters that need rescuing because hamsters are not popular where i live), he was already very tame, wanted to interact with me all the time even though i had to leave him to settle for 1 week. He just wanted to come to my hand and walk over it. He was very interested in me. He is not afraid of me whatsoever. But after a while he started to nibble me, everytime he could touch my hand. I didnt worry because i know hamsters try to see if youre food or not (he was still young, around 4 months old). But eventually he nibbled harder and harder, to the point it hurt! I have very sensitive skin, especially on the spot he nibbled too hard, it broke my skin. It bled but i didnt notice it until it was dried up (it was just a tiny little dot of blood). He didnt attack me, i know he didnt. But i know that theres a rule, its nibbling when theres no blood involved, its biting when blood is involved. But i dont think he meant to bite me, but still im now very nervous around him. He is okay with me stroking his head while he eats, but im afraid to let him sniff my fingers again. Btw i always wash my hands with unscented soap and rub my hands on my clothes to get my scent on it. Im not sure what to do still. I dont know why he is doing it. Its a hybrid btw. He lives in the detolf since a week. He was in a bin cage before (he is my first hamster but i did 2 years of research before i got my first hamster, so hes never been in a small cage). Im planning on getting some garden gloves, to try to handle him again. But do you have any other tips for me?

  21. Rachel M.
    | Reply

    0:11 omg WHERE did you get those Little Tikes toys???? That's so precious and also a reminder of my ENTIRE CHILDHOOD. <3 <3

  22. kaylas_ animals_
    | Reply

    bitting hamsters 😂😂😂

  23. Holly Maxwell
    | Reply

    My two boy robo’s are extremely skittish, never been able to hold them. Once or twice I managed to stroke, but the most I can do is feed them treats. They are now around 18months old, so I just decided to give them the best life possible without snuggles.

  24. Janelle Sanders
    | Reply

    I just found your channel and I love it!! I have a male hamster named Moo hahahahahaha !! Love the name ❤️

  25. Mireya Debora
    | Reply

    I have a robo hamster named cheese, he’s the biggest scaredy cat ever and will not let anyone hold him, the only time I ever put my hands in his detolf is when I hand feed or clean. Ive had him for about 4-5 months now. I would never give him up regardless of me being able to hold him or not I still love him and give him the best care. So unfortunate that people see them as play things…

  26. Amy215
    | Reply

    I'm sooooo fortunate that my Syrian Joey has never bit me. He was 1.5 years old when I got him from his previous owner who could no longer care for him. He was a bit skittish at first but he let me handle him and never bit. After about 5-6 months he trusted me enough to sleep in my arms and let me pet him constantly. Now he's over 3 years old, he's mostly blind and has cushings ( kidney failure), but he's the sweetest boy and I love him so much. He's sleeping in my arms right now! I hope I get as lucky with my future hamsters as I have him, but I understand some take more work then others, because hamsters like people have all different personalities.

  27. K fox 123
    | Reply

    Sorry if I'm late. 💕🐹🐹

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