Sometimes hamsters can be timid and scared, biting is one of their only defences. Remember you need to tame your hamster when you first get them as they need to get used to human interaction. I give some tips on how to stop your hamster from biting in today’s video.
How to tame your hamster:


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13 Responses

  1. Victoria Raechel
    | Reply

    I hope this can help a lot of people! I've recently been asked this question a lot of how to get my hamster to stop biting so hopefully this can help some! I also have done this video previously but that's about 5 years old now and awful quality. Another thing I'd lie to point out is that sometimes not all hamsters will want human interaction or to be held this may mean they are just a "don't touch just watch hamster"

  2. My Hamster Squad
    | Reply

    This is so weird but once I took away my hamsters wheel because he was too loud at night and I couldn't sleep I know this sounds mean but it was already 3:00 am so I had to sleep and when I did he started
    to become aggressive and stated jumping so I put it back and didn't sleep a blink

  3. Manolo Saldarriaga
    | Reply

    My hamster never bit me when he was new but now when I try to get him in his exersizse ball now he like bites me now

  4. Homeschool Life
    | Reply

    I tried the taming process and still in the process, my hamster keep biting me.

  5. Pusheen :3
    | Reply

    Is a 33 gallon tank good?😓

  6. Maddy Bates
    | Reply

    I have tried all of these things and nothing works. When I am holding her she will just randomly bite, not nibble, bite and now I have to wear gloves. The first time she bit me she bit really hard and there was blood everywhere. I don’t really know what to do except just not hold her without gloves. And the weird thing is is she loves being handled she will always wait by the door of her cage and when I open it she climb in my hands immediately. She is my first hamster I am just having a very bad experience

  7. Always Amelia
    | Reply

    Whenever i had gloves on my hamster doesn’t bite me but when i take the gloves off she thinks my finger are just some yummy looking carrots

  8. Sadie Hess
    | Reply

    my hammy is a female long haired syrian. she is 3 days old and I put my hand in her cage. i talked in a calm voice and she would walk over my hand 4 times. she would nibble my fingers. once she BIT my hand and it drew blood! what do i do? anyone?

  9. Zinix
    | Reply

    When i put my hand in my hamsters cage and when im petting me he is trying to bite me and jumping on my hand to bite it…He almost bit me a minute ago i have him for 7 months now…I washed my hands ans everything…HELPP

  10. Kyrex
    | Reply

    I have my hamster for over 6 moonths now. I interact with her like everyday for at least 30 minutes. Sometimes she bites sometimes she doesn't. I don't know why tho. I think she is tamed but… yeah she is weird but funny and cute af.

  11. Tide
    | Reply

    im the 300 comment yay!

  12. Love Jayden
    | Reply

    My Hammy never bit ANYONE one time I tried to pick him up after I ate (I forgot to wash my hands) he didn’t bite me he is the best hammy I ever owned😍🐹🐹🐹

  13. Maya Babishov
    | Reply

    can you do a collab with hammylux

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