How to Sell a Horse Online – Top Ten Tips

How to Sell a Horse Online – Top Ten Tips

By Jennifer McCleary

Selling horses online is quickly becoming a very common and profitable practice in the equine world. Listing your horse online is often times much less expensive than listing in newspapers and magazines, and you are able to reach a much broader audience. Practically anyone can view a listing online so you don’t have to rely strictly on the publications subscription list.

Although selling your horse online can be very easy, it is an intimidating process if you’ve never done it before. How do I list my horse? Is it safe? How much does it cost? How do I sell to out of town buyers? You may have many questions like these. Below I have listed the ten most useful tips for selling your horse online.

1. List your ads on multiple high traffic equine websites.
Most list a 2-3 line ad for less than $20 and the ads will run for 3-12 months. There are even a few websites that will list your ad for free and only charge if you sell your horse through there adds.

2. Utilize photo and video options.
If the ad site offers photo or video insertions, use them. Even if it costs a little extra money, it is well worth it. Photos and videos give the buyer instant gratification, something that you want them to have!

If you can, post more than one photo. Post photos with an up close head view, a side view, rear view, and a picture of the horse moving, or being ridden. If you are only allowed to post one photo, make sure it is a good quality, professional if you have one, photo showcasing what the horse does best. (If you’re selling a halter horse, show it standing for halter. If you’re selling a performance horse, get a picture of it being ridden)

When shooting a video, make sure to show the horse doing a variety of things. Video it loading, standing tied, tacking, mounting, riding (each discipline if the horse does more than one performance class) and even playing in a pen would be appropriate. The more you can show your horse doing, the more likely you will get an interested buyer.

3. If you cannot post a video on the website, offer to send a video to any serious buyers.
There are some buyers that won’t look at a horse until they have seen a video. By offering a video, you can get more interest from out of state buyers. Video’s can be costly, so send a self addressed envelope and ask the prospective buyer to send it back if they are not interested.

4. Title your ad with your horses best selling points.
Exp. “ ’03 AQHA bay gelding, Top Ten ’05 AQHA World Show” this tells your reader a lot of information, without a lot of words. If there is a second line, use it. Use all the space that you have and fill it with as much information as possible. If there is enough room, it is a good idea to list the selling price. This keeps uninterested buyers from contacting you.

5. Be honest.
It is very important to advertise your horse honestly. It is a waste of everyone’s time if you promise a horse that you can’t deliver!

6. Make sure your contact info is listed correctly!
If your contact info is not listed correctly, you will not get any buyers. Have a home phone, cell phone, and if possible a work phone along with home address. Plus, it is an excellent idea (practically a necessity) to have a well working e-mail address that you check often. This is the easiest way for people to send inquiries about your horse.

7. Be patient.
Sometimes it can take a few months, or even a year to sell a horse. Don’t give up, just make sure that your ads are running and all the info is correct and you will sell!

8. Renew and Rewrite.
If your ad is expiring and you haven’t sold your horse yet, rewrite your ads and post them again. Try changing the wordage, add new photos, and revise your price. If you find you are not getting enough response from a site, try a different one.

9. When you do receive requests about your horse, respond quickly.
Make sure that you are checking your e-mails and messages consistently and responding as soon as possible. Many people are looking to buy there dream horse now. If you drag your heals, they will find another one.

10. When you do sell your horse, require a purchase agreement.
Make sure that both parties understand and agree to the product. Detail who is responsible for what (hauling, vet check, etc.). Also make sure to include what type of payment you will accept (cash, cashiers check, money order). It’s generally a good idea not to accept a personal check if you do not know the person. Also, if you accept a deposit to hold the horse, make sure that you write up a separate agreement for the terms of the deposit. Make sure that you have the original, signed copies of the document. Do not accept a fax or copy.

Overall, selling your horse online can be a very rewarding experience. I have sold over 15 horses and have been pleased with the outcome of all. My horses went to good homes, and I got a good price for them. I have researched many advertising sites and have found what I consider to be the best. Visit for more information.

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