How to scruff your ferret

NOT animal cruelty, NOT harmfull to him in any way, This is relaxing to them and they really enjoy it.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Isabel Pumphrey says:

    I cant scruff my ferret. Ive tried but his skin is to tight. I like cant grab his skin because he dosent have much at the back of his neck. If you know how t handle this please tell me. Its really hard to clean his ears because hes always screwming.

  2. He yawns to get air in his lungs, release your grip a tad

  3. EmmettTheFerret says:

    Seriously? Ok. a ferret is NOT a rodent, its in the musk/ skunk family so its got a lil odor. Though it acts like a baby kitten. O_O

  4. EmmettTheFerret says:

    and thank you! :)

  5. EmmettTheFerret says:

    haha i was jk xD

  6. EmmettTheFerret says:

    ……… are you a stalker? O_O

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