How to Scruff a Ferret

Wesley models as I demonstrate how to properly scruff a ferret. Scruffing is useful to keep your ferret still while you clip nails, give meds, or even brush …

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30 Responses

  1. BiscuitsXL
    | Reply

    when i scruff my ferret it stays still for like 2sec then she just riggels
    about so muych like am hrting her she is only 6 weeks should i not do it
    at that age ???? plz help

  2. Blackhawk 1337
    | Reply

    Sometimes they can be hard to scruff if they are dehydrated or underweight

  3. Blackhawk 1337
    | Reply

    They best thing to feed them is the raw diet in addition to chicken hearts
    and livers. Don’t feed them Marsh food, a good amount of their ingredients
    are vegetables.The raw diet gives them the softest coats can double their
    life expectancy also cuts down their smell and waste dramatically. 

  4. Megan Alston
    | Reply

    i tried this with my ferret and it feels like he doesn’t have enough skin
    near his neck and he keeps squirming. i dont know what else to do to try
    and cut his nails because his previous owners never cut them and they are
    super long and i tried the ferret tone thing but that doesn’t work either 

  5. Robert Hayden
    | Reply

    Do you have any ferret forum recommendations? I’m getting a pair after the
    new year.

  6. whiskandbowl
    | Reply

    Okay so apparently YouTube did away with private messaging…..but if you
    go to the forum and search “Bite Hold” the thread pops up with
    pictures and everything. I’d do a video but my camera has been misplaced.

  7. whiskandbowl
    | Reply

    Sorry, I ran out of space. I feed my ferrets Wysong Ferret Epigen 90,
    Natures Variety Instinct Duck, and Wellness Core. You want at least 4 meat
    ingredients in the first 6. I also recommend buying Ferrets for Dummies and
    joining a few ferret forums! I hope this helps 🙂

  8. whiskandbowl
    | Reply

    He’s a little over a year old

  9. ZombieMasterEd25
    | Reply

    i cant get ahold on my ferret i try scruffing her she squirms out of it and
    bites me i just got her from a neighbor who was neglecting her. perhaps i
    should feed her more to get more of a grab? also i buyt marshals premium
    ferret diet but it says to ad water like oatmeal whats a good ferret food
    the ppl at petco dont know crap about ferrets nd my understanding is of a
    newbie owner

  10. whiskandbowl
    | Reply

    Sometimes younger ferrets are harder to scruff. When Percy was a baby I had
    a hard time scruffing him. Sometimes it’s a matter of getting a good grip.
    Practice makes perfect LOL

  11. ThrashMetalSoldier
    | Reply

    I do that to my ferret but after like 7 seconds he still moves like crazy I
    don’t know what I’m doing wrong

  12. whiskandbowl
    | Reply

    What are you using the scruffing for? To keep your ferret still, or to
    teach them not to bite? There is another method called the bite hold. It’s
    described in Ferrets for Dummies. The forum has a thread on the
    bite hold, which is also useful for keeping them still (especially for
    bathing!). If you message me, I’ll inbox you the link to the thread.

  13. whiskandbowl
    | Reply

    Aww 🙁 Sorry you can’t have one. Maybe when you move out on your own 🙂

  14. jerkerick22es
    | Reply

    Do you always have to be taking them to the vet? Or is it just like owning
    a cat?

  15. whiskandbowl
    | Reply

    Scruffing may not be the right technique for her. If you just got her,
    maybe let her settle in and learn to trust you first. I know some people
    have had good luck with the “bite hold”, if you google it, you should find
    more info. Ferrets should have food available at all times, so feeding her
    more wouldn’t really work LOL. You shouldn’t need to add water if she’s
    over 12 weeks old. Check out the MoreDooks food chart- it compares kibbles
    based on their ingredients.

  16. J
    | Reply

    I love you ferret! I have one and he is kind of a pain when it comes to
    being still.

  17. Nazeon Bailey
    | Reply

    how much does a harness cost for a ferret please reply

  18. ZombieMasterEd25
    | Reply

    thanx for the info & advice. im currently letting the lil ferret run around
    the house so far found quit few thing i havto ferret proof

  19. Isabel Pumphrey
    | Reply

    This is squishycraftyhamster.The youtub people changed my name.My ferret
    Harrys fur is to tight to where I cant scruff him. If there is anything I
    can do to help me scruff him please let me know.

  20. barbara goddard
    | Reply

    i’m trying to learn to do that but it seems like there’s barely any skin to
    grab and i feel like i’m hurting her…

  21. whiskandbowl
    | Reply

    Ferrets (and most other pets) should see the vet at least once a year for
    health and wellness checks

  22. Alex Kelly
    | Reply

    My ferret doesn’t seem to have any loose skin? And when i pull it he just
    squirms around and bites me more :/

  23. whiskandbowl
    | Reply

    It’s there promise! Sometimes you can only use thumb and forefinger. Wesley
    has a nice scruff so I can use my whole hand :p

  24. whiskandbowl
    | Reply

    Some ferrets don’t have a lot of skin so it can take a bit more practice to
    scruff them. I promise, as long as your aren’t digging your nails into him,
    you aren’t hurting him. Scruffing is how mother ferrets carry and
    discipline their young

  25. whiskandbowl
    | Reply

    I think I paid around $8 for a harness at Petco

  26. Alex Kelly
    | Reply

    I’m scruffing for nail trimming and checkups, as well as nip training also
    using bitter vinegar spray. i’ll search the bit hold now, thanks!

  27. Cassondra Smith
    | Reply

    One of my ferrets has the same color and markings under her eyes. <3

  28. cristofer marroquin
    | Reply

    i love ferrets but my mom said i cant have one ):

  29. gloogun08
    | Reply

    DAW! CUTE! Your ferret has a lot more loose skin than mine does, she’s
    still pretty young so maybe her skin will loosen back up as she gets older.
    But, your ferret looks super young too.

  30. BurntSugarz
    | Reply

    I love Wesley’s jiggly belly :3

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