How to Saddle a Horse- English

This is my horse Kiwi and I demonstrating how to saddle a horse for English riding. Please leave comments and video requests! 🙂 My camera cut off, so check out my other video on how to bridle.

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About HART Kahuna

OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Tails of an Aspiring Equestrian says:

    +Martha Normand the one I used in the video is about the cheapest one that
    exists. I don’t recommend using it because it pinches. Fleece ones with
    Elastic on the buckles is a great way to go. You can get them for $30 if
    you look in the right place.

  2. Tails of an Aspiring Equestrian says:

    +Equestriangirlll8 Oh, she is! My vet is always astounded to how fuzzy she
    is! Ha, good brushing and generous love is key!

  3. Tails of an Aspiring Equestrian says:

    +Jada Lindsay Nix Sorry for the late reply! I didn’t know people were
    actually watching this. 🙂 I sure will. I guess I’ll just make it

  4. Tails of an Aspiring Equestrian says:

    +lpsyellowkitty Thank you so much! And she is a mutt, but I know she has
    some quarter horse and Morgan in her. haha :)

  5. Tails of an Aspiring Equestrian says:

    +Ashleigh Ahrens If the girth does not have elastic, the side doesn’t
    matter. If it does, but the elastic side on the left first, on the first
    (loosest) hole. Then buckle the none elastic side on the right as far as
    you can (Slowly and gently). Then you will have lots on room on the left
    (elastic) side to tighten if they puffed out before you mount.

  6. Tails of an Aspiring Equestrian says:

    @thoroughbredstar14 she’s 14.2 and she is a Quarter Horse/Morgan Cross.
    Thanks! 🙂 And yeah, I’ve worked with Thoroughbreds, they can be nuts.

  7. emma llama says:

    still you should always check even in vids

  8. thoroughbredstar14 says:

    how tall is your horse? and what breed is she? very pretty I had a
    throughbred and he is so hot tempered LOL

  9. lpsyellowkitty says:

    You are so good with horses and this was a very good tutorial! What breed
    is Kiwi?

  10. Jada Lindsay Nix says:

    Can you make a video on what to expect your first English rip

  11. Alessia Dell'Erba says:

    Great video , it helped alot and was funny. You are very pretty and you
    have such a lovely horse I love the name Kiwi!

  12. jen fisken says:

    omg you horse is called kiwi and i live in new zealand were we have the
    bird kiwi lol 😉

  13. Emi bellestar says:

    you tighten both sides and i dont know which way but i should, well i do
    know but its just impossible to explain. LOL

  14. Is she barefoot? If so, YAY!! I HATE HORSE SHOES! It’s horrible for their

  15. Jamie-Lee Fox says:

    @Nqe32 no their not they are to protect the hoof if the pony is actively in
    work like my pony

  16. Madison Horan says:

    You only checked one side of your saddle pad! It wasnt even on both sides

  17. Martha Normand says:

    What kind of girth do you use?

  18. Christy Leclerc says:

    @Ashleigh you only tighten the girth on the left side of the horse 🙂

  19. Ashleigh Ahrens says:

    Apparently it doesn’t really matter unless there’s an elastic, and then the
    elastic goes on the.. left? Or maybe the right. I think you start on the
    left and tighten it on the right so the elastic goes on the right. I don’t
    know aha, but yea both sides, thanks aha (:

  20. Tails of an Aspiring Equestrian says:

    Ha, how cool! Yeah, Kiwi’s tiny.

  21. Jean Cullen says:

    I love you girth straps. Where did you get you saddle

  22. livetolove2010 says:

    with elastic on one side the elastic goes on the left, if it is on both it
    doesnt matter

  23. Ashleigh Ahrens says:

    How do you tell which way to put on the girth? And when tightening it do
    you tighten both sides or just one?

  24. Equestriangirlll8 says:

    Kiwi looks so soft!

  25. Tails of an Aspiring Equestrian says:

    Haha, oops! I am more thorough when I am actually riding, but I was just
    tacking up for the video. 🙂

  26. Jada Lindsay Nix says:

    *riding lesson

  27. DeathKitty123456 says:

    Your horse looks like a smaller version of mine lol

  28. Bigbangefighter says:

    The video ended right before you were gonna put on the bridle

  29. Tails of an Aspiring Equestrian says:

    It was actually a gift from a friend at my barn. He decided he was a
    western type of guy and didn’t need an english saddle anymore, so I have no
    idea! 🙂

  30. What about a saddle pad

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