How to reduce ferret smell –

In this video I give you some tips on how you can reduce ferret smell. If you have any other suggestions then please let us know in the comments below 🙂 For…

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47 Responses

  1. Mickey Benjamin
    | Reply


    1. I don’t quite understand why you’re against ferret deglanding? The
    “Puff” Of air is extremely nasty. It’s like a very intense /after you eat
    taco bell/ fart. It’s disgusting. Deglanding is done at a very young age,
    and it doesn’t effect the ferret one bit.

    2. Ferret deglanding doesn’t necessarily reduce the smell, it just enables
    them from that nauseating “Puff.” (Which comes from the anal glands.) Doing
    everything you suggested in the video is very effective. And to me, your
    ferret won’t even smell. Only when you’re up close and personal sniffing
    and all down in his/her coat.

    3. Ferrets don’t just have ANAL glands… I believe they also have glands
    near their tear ducts. But I haven’t really smelt anything on Kal-El… All
    I smell is ferret oils.

    4. Ferrets have OIL SMELL. This is something you cannot erase- along with
    the tear duct smell. (I don’t even smell the tear ducts.) But I do highly
    reccomend Tea Tree shampoo and Good bye Odor scent reducer. (With Ferret
    Vites.) Works like a charm without removing too much of their oils, which
    could really make them irritated.

    5. If you’re looking to buy a baby ferret… Make sure it’s under two weeks
    old. Some breeders descent them at two weeks.

    6. If you’re looking to buy a baby ferret from PETCO… They are already
    descented and neutered/spayed. They make wonderful pets, /however/, if you
    don’t use the ^top^ recommended items, they could really.. /REALLY/ smell.
    But do not take the group of ferrets smell as their actual smell. Because
    it’s not.

    *Make sure to check their teeth, ears and nose before buying a ferret. Do
    take the healthiest one, not the prettiest.*


  2. Kendall Bergeron
    | Reply

    Stef plz help me my dad is making me get rid of my ferrets and I was crying
    all night because of it I love them and they need me but I can’t convince
    him any ideas?

  3. newlife8610
    | Reply

    In America we are not allow to have or sell a ferret unless they are spayed
    or neutered. 

  4. Dave C
    | Reply

    Very informative and helpful but u try to hard to be funny and its kinda

  5. Tsukani Takuda
    | Reply

    your pretty good at acting like a guy. lol

  6. DonWoschto
    | Reply

    I’m sure your animals love you for cutting their balls off.
    Still, nice videos.

  7. Axi☆
    | Reply

    Everyone says they stink but I’ve never noticed it. They smell like
    thrift-store fur coat to me.

  8. WillHellmm
    | Reply

    Do the puffs basically smell like farts?

  9. RossielPatella
    | Reply

    I have 3 ferrets and one is slowly going getting on to a raw diet(currently
    on marshalls diet) and she by far smells the worse. Not that I can’t stand
    it but a proper diet can impact odor dramatically.

    Another thing she mentioned was air purifier. I have two models both by Rex
    far have eliminated the smell of my ferrets. They both use water to clean
    the air. Now the Rainbow Vacuum tackles the living room and kitchen area
    with ease. but the smaller rainmate which i am suggestion is perfect for a
    single room. Oils can be added to produce nice smells. They are alot
    cheaper second hand than buying from a dealer..also try amazon for the
    rainmate! got one for about 70$ american dollers!

  10. Blue Ocean
    | Reply

    I have heard when ferrets puff it means they feel comfortable

  11. Christa Pineda
    | Reply

    is desexing neutering?

  12. korynnininm
    | Reply

    i dont have a ferret but i plan to get one just learning as much as i can
    but what i would do about washing the blankets is add a bit of baking soda 

  13. susantyrellfans
    | Reply

    Lose the guy with the painted face.

  14. NeoTodesklingel
    | Reply

    +Ferret-World I bet all those People who complain about the Smell of
    Ferrets, complain about the Smell of Dogs and Cats, too. And about pretty
    much every other Animal’s Smell. People need to be able to deal with that,
    seriously. ; )

  15. Evil Bastich
    | Reply

    I actually use Frebreze around my fur kids and it works quite well and they
    love the smell too and I only need to change the litter box once a
    week….. I did find this organic detergent at the .99 cent store that
    works great for them plus if they do get a little smelly I just fill up the
    tub or kiddie pool and let them go swimming which Lenore goes crazy for
    while Paulie lays back on his little floating lounge…….

  16. GoForthCM
    | Reply

    very useful video to reduce smelly! Keep the vids coming girl. You are
    hilarious and awesome!

  17. joker776100
    | Reply

    i want to kill that dude

  18. Noel Owens
    | Reply

    You can wash blankets with Borax in the water, it is natural and should be
    safe. You can wash their cage with white vinager and water or with borax
    and water.

  19. Kaitlin Clarke
    | Reply

    You are SUCH a loser.

  20. fa11234
    | Reply

    This video would have been great if she stop ending each segment with her
    wearing that stupid makeup and the weird singing.

  21. myferretmax
    | Reply

    after watching this video, im not doing anything right, I try giving himi a
    bath every saturday try reducing his smell, wow but changing his beding
    every day, Would a ferret lover please tell me why my ferret Theo is
    itching alot, I check and he doesnt have fleas.

  22. Hayden Link
    | Reply


  23. Blaine Sorrels
    | Reply

    Ya I meant singing please please stop

  24. Buddy Cross
    | Reply

    Thank you for making this video SO MUCH!!!! This is one of the reasons my
    mom won’t let me have a ferret! I already have 2 air pure fires!

  25. Lloyd Martell
    | Reply

    If you don’t like ferrets smell then you shouldn’t have one… Just saying 

  26. Blaine Sorrels
    | Reply


  27. yynnmmbb
    | Reply

    In the USA, all ferrets are de-sexed before retail sale. I give mine baths,
    but, ferrets smell like ferrets. Dogs smell like dogs, Cats smell like
    cats, etc… I love the smell of my ferrets. It is intoxicating and
    wonderful. I guess you are either an animal lover or not…

  28. Ashley Cape
    | Reply

    I use my ferret shampoo to clean my girls blankets, than I rinse the
    blankets again before they go back into the sleeping box, better than just
    using plan water, the ferrets won’t have an allergic reaction, oh & it’s
    best to give your washing machine a rinse to clean out all the left over
    washing detergents, or just do a hand wash in some buckets for your
    ferrets, it’s what I do and my ferret always smells nice has soft fur and
    has never ever had an allergic reaction 🙂 

  29. Trev Gillis
    | Reply

    don’t ferrets they spray like a skunk if you don’t decent them

  30. Uldis Olekss
    | Reply

    I don’t reaaly even smell mine ferrets

  31. Megan Haselton
    | Reply

    I may be getting a ferret soon and is the smell really that bad? I
    understand there’s really nothing to do about it, but is it so strong it
    puts people off or is it just an over reaction??

  32. Lucas andKol
    | Reply

    are fucking retarded or what 

  33. jadah love
    | Reply

    You said there potty trained

  34. erinthegecko
    | Reply

    U Rock!

  35. Maris Guillen
    | Reply

    Ca we use like the febreze candles?

  36. Turtleperson1995
    | Reply

    Informative information is informative!

  37. kevin villa
    | Reply

    its a plane its a bird its nacho dog

  38. AyamiQ8
    | Reply


  39. jocelynstanley727
    | Reply

    Any help would be extremely appreciated :), thanks 😀

  40. Vin go
    | Reply

    when we first got a ferret we fed him the highest grade kibble food we
    could find. he just reaked of stink.. my wife suggest feeding him raw like
    we feed the dogs.. there is almost no smell at all. he just loves his
    ground up chicken and chicken hearts. stuwie is almost 6 and cherps(dorks)
    all the time. in the beginning the smell was so bad (poo and pee and
    constant gas) i wanted to get rid of him but since on his raw diet almost
    never farts. he just loves homemade liver treats.

  41. danielle martineau
    | Reply

    i have 7 that run free range my house stinks to most but not to me i think
    most peoples houses who have cats and dog smell bad

  42. Jennifer LaSalle
    | Reply

    is it weird that me and my sister LOVE the smell of ferrets? When they all
    pile into a hammock and fall into dead sleep, we open the cage and burry
    our noses into their soft, warm fuzziness. 😀

  43. macdeath69
    | Reply

    “don’t remove anal gland” but “de-sex females”… wow… would you suggest
    to castrate you man because he looks at womens ? (kidding)

  44. LockiNinja
    | Reply

    Goatee/mustache man was the best character.

  45. Damn SourShark
    | Reply

    tthe only person who complains about my ferrets smell is my mom…

  46. EllieThistle
    | Reply

    I must be weird. I don’t mind the way ferrets smell at all.

  47. DemianMarrow
    | Reply

    Hello again please help, my little one (3months old) is playing in the
    litter box he smells poop so bad. what can I do ?

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