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So, before you even start training to harness, you are going to want to make sure that you are able to grab your bird, you’re going to be able to open his wings and touch him all over his body, so that he is not scared when you are going to be doing that with the harness.

So, if your parrot is comfortable with the harness material being on or near his body like this, you are going to start to teach it to put its head through the collar. This is really the secret to wearing the harness, is getting the bird to feel like it is participating and volunteering to put it on, rather than having the harness forced on it. So, rather than sticking the harness on your bird, you are going to have the bird stick the harness on itself. If the bird has its own control over the process, then it is nowhere near as scary as having it forced onto it.

So, we can go back to our trusty target stick to use the target to target the bird’s head to go through the collar, like this. Target. Good boy. Very good. Once your parrot knows how to put it’s head through, you just keep practicing where you have him stick his head through the collar, you click, give him the treat, and take it right back off. The whole idea is to show the parrot that the harness is harmless and it’s not going to be stuck on it all at once.

We are going to build this up in stages. Good boy! This time, I’m going to leave it on a little longer and let him chew his treat while wearing the collar around his neck. I’m still going to hold it, just to make sure that nothing happens, like he can’t fly away with it and get hurt. We will take it back off.

After a few days to weeks of practicing having the collar go on and off, we are ready to put the harness on all the way. Just put his head in the collar, while he is eating his treat I can bring the material over and put the first wing through, put his second wing through. Give him another treat to keep him busy, and then while he is eating that, I can just tighten up the harness, like that. Good boy.

Then, taking off the harness is also very important, but it’s just the whole process in reverse. Almost done. Good boy.And, that’s how you put your harness on a parrot, and now we are ready to go outside and have some fun.

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  1. Monica Norng says:

    I bought mine but it dose not have that middle peace

  2. Noelle Palit-ang says:

    does it hurt the bird

  3. Noelle Palit-ang says:

    are there any harnesses that are small enough for budgies? because most of the ones i see are for big birds, like african greys and big parrots. just wondering

  4. Stephanie Modica says:

    You make it look so easy! I have a 5 month old Indian ringneck. He lets me touches his wings a little, but I can't really do what the guy did in the aviator video. I'm trying

  5. Stephanie Modica says:

    My bird won't let me grab him

  6. Cozmo150 - Rosie! says:

    Why on earth would you wanna put a harness a bird?! Does he look like a dog to you?

  7. BeautyByBea says:

    His birds must be soo happy with him <3 They feel and look soo safe, and comfortable togheter!

  8. dodo maker says:

    Oh your parrot wizard

  9. Felix Frankenstein says:


  10. Poppin Strawberry says:

    Hail naw my bird would hate me


    Do they have them for budgies?

  12. Jacqueline Sandell says:

    Omg your bird is adorable. What kind is he?


  14. Super Lady says:

    I dont like people using clickers, it scares them

  15. Malek Boss says:

    My cockateil is scared of it's harness ANY HELP ?

  16. What size harness should I get for my Conure

  17. Sayori CosplayActs says:

    My bird isn't tamed enough D:

  18. abs0lutelymad says:

    I'm planning on getting a parakeet in a few months and I wanted to get a leash/harness for him/her. I was wondering if it's safe to bring them outside with this on or even use them in general. Like if they try to fly away with too much force will it harm them. I wanted to like take my bird for a walk but if that's probably not realistic 😂

  19. Pastel Pigicorn says:

    What if my bird is grumpy and doesn't like my fingers.

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