How to Potty Train your Rabbit

Learn how to litter box train your bunny here!

Many people have been asking – Lennon’s litter box is a storage container that I cut an entry way in.
This is where I bought it:

Lennon’s instagram:
Lorelei’s instagram:

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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25 Responses

  1. Lennon The Bunny
    | Reply

    I just want to emphasize again that a bunny should be spayed or neutered for best results 🙂

  2. Kyleigh Richards
    | Reply

    We rescued my bunny after it got dumped on the street he is shy but he does love me cuz I spend the most time with him at least I think it's a him I'm not sure how to tell sence every time I hold him he scratches me but besides that he is a great pet my big dog is aggressive towards him but we keep them seperate from our dogs he sleeps in his cage In my room but we are thinking of getting rid of the cage and just keeping him free range in my room I love him so much your channel is so helpful when taking care of my bunny but just even for entertainment thank you so much for all the work you put into your videos.

  3. Viki unicorn 9
    | Reply

    That helped me out my bunny is fully pottytrained

  4. Melanie XP Gaming!
    | Reply

    I went to the weird side of youtube again..

  5. Jo4233
    | Reply

    Imma step on those droppings XD

  6. piano player15
    | Reply

    I had a male French lop, he lived to be 8 years old. Although he stayed in a cage, we got him out for about 2 hours every night. When he was out, he was potty trained. He would go in a box with puppy pads. His name was Foofoo and I miss him so much.😞

  7. Sara Antić
    | Reply

    Lennon The Bunny I have a rabbit.Your rabbit is sweet!

  8. Life With Horses TV
    | Reply

    Very cool! Cute bunny! I didn't know they could be litter box trained. Animals are so smart… I have a feral cat that is an indoor/outdoor cat now… and she started using the toilet all on her own… no litter or trying to teach her… she just learned by herself. I was shocked when I saw her do it. Lol

  9. jiya govind
    | Reply

    This video was helpful now my bunny is potty trained!👍

  10. Shadie Lord
    | Reply

    Hi, my bonny only pees on the sofa during the night time, how can i teach him to be clean. thanks

  11. HeyItzBunneh 1909
    | Reply

    Thx so much

  12. RandomPlaysViv :3
    | Reply

    Lennon looks one of my bunnies, Pepper

  13. devin jameson
    | Reply

    I love you video

  14. Laila Adams
    | Reply

    Super helpful! Wonderful video! Thank you

  15. Liz -
    | Reply

    Saw bun in thumbnail, clicked for bun ❤❤❤

  16. Badr safiot
    | Reply

    Nice idea.thanks

  17. Magic Guy
    | Reply

    So cute
    I also have a rabbit

  18. Kaja Novak
    | Reply

    let s try it

  19. Cookie Kim
    | Reply

    I'm sorry, but "Hey every-bunny," Is just to amazing. 😂🐇

  20. Joseph Atnip
    | Reply

    I have had absolutely no problem with my bunny and she is not spayed yet but she was litter box trained when I got her at 9 months old but she did pee on my couch one time but luckily it wasn't very much

  21. Robin Villegas
    | Reply

    mine only does his stuff inside the bathrooms haha

    | Reply

    Thank you so much

  23. Meeka
    | Reply

    My youngest bunny is having a hard time litter training but I can’t spay her for another like 5 months cus she’s too young 😭

  24. Jose Abundis
    | Reply

    Hey I just asking tell Lennon if he feels lonly and if does well get him a friend.

  25. Jose Abundis
    | Reply

    Thanks this video helped a lot for my bunny jojo.

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