How to Potty Train your Parrot | PARRONT TIP TUESDAY

Hello fans of feathered friends,
I think this is a much needed video because having a potty trained parrot makes life so much easier. Now I’m not saying there won’t ever be an accident on your floor or shoulder again but for the most part birds are extremely communicative and they deserve the chance to be taken the time to train just like you would your dog or any other pet.

So I am going to go over the steps right here just in case any of them weren’t clear in the video.

1. Gage how often your parrot needs to go potty. This is valuable information as it will give you an approximate wait time before he needs to go again. when you have that approximate information you can move on to step #2…

2. If the allotted time has passed and you are lucky that you parrot hasn’t went potty yet. Take him to his cage or stand and set him there and tell him “Go Potty”. Keep repeating this phrase or any similar phrase until he does it. If he does go potty then move on to step #3. If he doesn’t then wait as much time as your patience will allow until he does. If he doesn’t go potty, leave him there to relax for a while (not to be punished) and then just bring him out to play a bit later.

3. After he goes potty MAKE sure to remove him from the cage or stand so he can resume playing with you or chillin’ with you as he was before you began the training. Then give him kisses, cuddles, head scratches or treats to show him that he did a great job in understanding what you asked for.

4. After a while he will associate this moment of returning to the cage with the phrase “go potty” and he will understand that if he does he will get to come back out again.

5. In time, he will let you know that he wants to go by chirping, talking, biting or even running around like a toddler that has to go. The reason, he will let you know is because he doesn’t want to have to spend extra time in his cage, he will want to get it over with so he can get right back to playing with you.

I hope all this helps. At the end of the video, I talk about not being cruel to other parrot owners who need help. Help them out with gentle words, even if they are doing something wrong. It will go a long way for them and their parrot.

Here is the link to the video of Rocky watching TV at night.

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    I l9ve your top. Can I ask where did you buy it from please

  3. Patrick Gragg
    | Reply

    Does this work with Budgies?

  4. Tyler Wallace
    | Reply

    I have a Senegal parrot which has a tell tail sign for when he is going to the toilet but it's only like a 2 second window. Should I interrupt him and take him to his perches or cage or let him go and then try again next time?

  5. Capt Shams
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    lets go potty

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    Those are her sugar daddies birds

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    I have parakeets and they are like royalty because they think there water is a toilet

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    butiful and very nice

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    good video marlene,  jesey,, is so  pretty.  and  you are  so nice ,   like your shirt to xx

  10. flomojo2u
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    Great info! I figured this out by trial and error and initially it was tough not to react negatively when my lovebird would go on me, and he obviously didn’t know what to do if I got upset so I watched him and would set him down occasionally to see if he would go. Once he went I praised him and picked him up, and I would approximate the time when he was likely to need to go, setting him down and telling him to poop, then praising and picking him up once he went. It was hit or miss to start off, however he learned fairly quickly and so it’s been great since then. The biggest challenge is to try and do this when he’s on my shoulder since I can’t see when he goes and I get preoccupied and forget to set him down.

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    Does that work on budgies?💕

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  15. Fish Clan
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    If you have a bird that can fly will they know to fly over to the stand to 'go potty' and come back or will they still ask you to take them?

  16. Antonio Larrauri
    | Reply

    My young African grey goes potty on his stand when I put him there and I do the compliments so that working great. But recently he also chose my bed to a point he flies to my bed just to go? I do love him on my bed cause he comes for love. I put him in the cage if he poops on my bed. Is that right?

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    v good .Thanks

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