how to potty train your hamster part 2

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12 Responses

  1. Xviaer Anlithao
    | Reply

    I got winter white hamster and I got this problem they pee and poop wherever they want I can’t make them do it where I want it help!

  2. Hamstercare24
    | Reply


  3. FrozenWaffl3z
    | Reply

    We meet again 240p

  4. TheAnimeLuvr
    | Reply

    U can use chopsticks (that u wont use again) to get the poop…..

  5. Hamstercare24
    | Reply


  6. camryn sabin
    | Reply

    I have been looking all over youtube for good videos like this! Yours is great!

  7. Hamstercare24
    | Reply

    lol good and usually hamsters or just small animals like to eat and use it the bathroom in the same place but im glad it worked!

  8. irockthemothership
    | Reply

    I did try your suggestion, but they didn’t seem to have a ‘selected’ spot, so I chose one. Well, I’m happy to say that they have been using it as a loo and a place to eat:-)

  9. Hamstercare24
    | Reply

    well just chosse the spot where there is the most

  10. irockthemothership
    | Reply

    How do you know exactly WHERE their toilet is? I have 2 dwarf hamsters and they seem to go where ever, sometimes even in their tubes! I would love to get them trained a.s.a.p!

  11. Hamstercare24
    | Reply

     no problem

  12. emmy2414g
    | Reply

    thanks that was very helpful 😀

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