How To Potty Train a Rabbit in Five Easy Steps

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  How To Potty Train a Rabbit

This 1,200 word article will walk you through basic and advanced techniques of how to potty train your rabbit in five easy steps. With so many people trying to figure out how to get their rabbits to stop wasting all of their homes and cage, this article is exactly what you need. I personally own and have trained a rabbit. I know the best methods that work and which methods do not. Through trial and error I have come up with a more unique way of potty training a rabbit.

You Will Learn

  • How to observe your rabbits behaviors
  • How to properly train your rabbit use a litter box
  • How to reward your rabbit for doing a good job
  • How to have fun and make a connection with your pet
  • What the best training tools to use are

About The Author
I personally care for a rabbit named Floppy. I personally trained Floppy using the methods outlined in this book. It took her about a week to get the hang of it and now even if she is roaming the house she still returns to her litter box to use it when she has to go.

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2 Responses

  1. tlwiebe1
    | Reply

    Good concise instruction Answers the questions of equipment needed and the type of persistence in the owner to achieve this goal. Quick read.

  2. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Very poor writing, using his own personal experience rather than having professional experience, he puts it off as if the rabbits are the stupidest creatures, and that potty training is a chore. It’s not hard to do. All I did was put the litter box in the corner of the cage that they go in, and they use it. Easy as that.

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