How To Potty Train A Hamster

This is how i potty train all my hamsters.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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25 Responses

  1. warwingsrock
    | Reply


  2. AwesomeGuy9143
    | Reply

    You are amazing!

  3. PetMad123
    | Reply

    How old is peanut now and do you know how long hamsters live for 🙂

  4. hamsterluvzmeh
    | Reply

    i use the same bedding lol thx really helpful

  5. TheRamenNoodleGoddess
    | Reply

    what if your dont know where your hamster goes to the bathroom and you cant
    find dirty bedding?

  6. LoveFromSami
    | Reply

    Very helpful, thank you 🙂

  7. Afnan Sabry
    | Reply

    ur hamster potty litter looks like small balls should i get the cat potty
    litter that looks like small balls? or sand like?

  8. beforethestormx31
    | Reply

    i love your accent! 🙂 thanks for the video! just wondering, i have 3
    hamsters. one is nearly 2, the others are nearly 1. is it too late to potty
    train them?

  9. superanimalmad
    | Reply

    @TheHappychap2010 Hey Peanut is doing good – just a really old man now but
    still carrying on slowly!!! You can get the potty from amazon or pampurred
    pets 🙂

  10. JoyNine7
    | Reply

    Does this really work?

  11. MarissaLife1
    | Reply

    Wow it took like a week but it worked! Thank you so much(:

  12. Afnan Sabry
    | Reply

    Hello I need ur help 🙁 In my country I couldn’t find potty litter for
    hamsters I only found potty litter for cats and dogs Can I use cat potty

  13. superanimalmad
    | Reply

    @SuperHamsterLovers Thanks 🙂

  14. singer5550100
    | Reply

    you can also get it at pet valu.

  15. Miranda Flores
    | Reply

    how much money was the litter thing and the litta thing?

  16. Joee Melling
    | Reply

    @TheWincking thanks

  17. TheSpecialEyes
    | Reply

    WOW! Ya know everything!

  18. Joee Melling
    | Reply

    and where do you get the litter tray from cause i looked in pets at home
    but it werent there

  19. TheMariokartmayhem
    | Reply

    my hamster wees in its tube what shall i do?

  20. TheWincking
    | Reply

    @TheHappychap2010 you can buy them at almost any pet store or buy it off of

  21. superanimalmad
    | Reply

    @PetMad123 peanut is 2 years old and hamsters live anywhere from 12months +
    🙂 (some people have had hamsters that live to over 3 years)

  22. superanimalmad
    | Reply

    @TheSpecialEyes ha ha i don’t know anywhere near everything (i wish i did)
    thanks for lovely comment XD

  23. superanimalmad
    | Reply

    @hamsterluvzmeh cool!! i love the blue carefresh 😀

  24. Joee Melling
    | Reply

    hey grest vid btw how is penut doin

  25. superanimalmad
    | Reply

    @beforethestormx31 Aww thanks 🙂 No it’s not too late just follow the steps
    on the vid and try and place their litter trays in the corners that they
    usually use as a toilet

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