How to play with your pet ferret. click above see my new ferret play time vid, is really good !! Exercise is important to a pet ferret. Play and act…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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47 Responses

  1. MsLetty88
    | Reply

    this video just pissed me off! there are only two possibilities why you made it ​​and put on youtube. first – you know nothing about your ferret. second – its your intention to stress him/her. both options are really bad. you ferret made hissing sound, because he/she hates what you’re doing. I raised three ferrets and only one of them hissed at me. only once. when he was the first day at me and I was shocked him. he scream, then hissed and ran away. learn ferret language. sry for my bad english.

  2. hermie crab
    | Reply

    Hey people please come visit this website its new and we really want to get it going so please help it was a present for my cousin and I want it to be the best present yet!!!!! SO please comment ask questions or something just visiting helps

  3. Gymnist311988
    | Reply

    My ferret loves squeak toys also

  4. Lisa Tracy
    | Reply

    Thank you Dino, lisa t

  5. Dino Pinch
    | Reply

    thanks for shareing Lisa, Luna is a nice name for a ferret, i would think is short for lunatic, cuz my 2 when not sleeping are crazy!, may Luna rest in peace
    they dont live long, they say 5 or 6 years, but they sure do make an impression

  6. Lisa Tracy
    | Reply

    Yes,I was thinking about getting 2 this time. Same thing happened to me,my son,Pat asked can I get a ferret,& I said- No! Then He bought Luna home.Then moved out to live with his girlfriend & It was better for Luna to live here. Even though she was just one,she was a happy ferret Lisa

  7. Dino Pinch
    | Reply

    #lisatracy, sorry to hear of your loss, they are wonderful little balls of alternating sleep & energy. when my daughter first came home with rascal i was like wtf! no ferrets! take it back……2 days l8r i was wanting more( really need more than 1, they need a friend, very social animals) i <3 <3 mine
    i was 1st h8in ferrets, then they stole my heart and never gave it back!
    again, sorry to hear about your poor little one, what was his/her name? think about gettin 2 tho, not much extra work

  8. Lisa Tracy
    | Reply

    Thanks Dino,my Ferret had to be put down due to a tumor on her heart & lungs.She looked like your Ferret so either cinnamin or sable champagne I think she was,lisa t

  9. Dino Pinch
    | Reply

    #LisaTracy, feret color = confusion, i would say he is a Cinnamon. but there is whole thinhg about pattern also, colors vs pattern
    “Color” is the color of the coat (guard hairs and undercoat), the eyes, and the nose. “Pattern” is how that color is distributed or concentrated on your ferret’s body. The only true colors are sable and albino. All other colors and patterns are mutations brought about by selective breeding for desired colors
    google “ferret color”, i say rascal is Cinnamon

  10. Lisa Tracy
    | Reply

    Dino, Can you tell me the type of ferret ie: cinnamin,sable ect. that is in your video? I just lost one that looks similar & would like another just like her, thanks,lisa t.

  11. shooter2011100
    | Reply

    dont poke its face how would u like it

  12. Melanie Lamb
    | Reply

    Right?!!? I’m like, why the hell are you aggravating him so much!

  13. Limelights1
    | Reply

    ” a strong sense of self, therefor have a strong sense of other creatures”

    What do you mean??

  14. esther6757
    | Reply

    Hissing means for a ferret that it warns you or an other ferret. And I do not compare them to cats but you do!
    When ferrets hiss at eachother it is a sign that they do NOT like eachother, and therefore should be seperated. Otherwise one of the ferrets gets stressed, because of the other ferret and can develop HB which can result into death, if left untreated. And almost every ferret likes the sound of a plastic bag, but that is not the same noise as a squeekt toy!

  15. Zombumpkin232
    | Reply

    Ferrets are not cats. Hissing does not mean they’re pissed off, it means they’re playing. They hiss with other ferrets when rough-housing all the time, like someone else had mentioned, it’s like a dog’s growl when you play with them. Generally owners should be able to tell the difference between their playful hiss, and their “stay away from me or I’ll bite” hiss. Also, ferrets respond to loud noises for a reason. Why do you think they love noisy plastic bags? It’s fun, not torture.

  16. Noah Barb
    | Reply

    Obviously the people thinking that the hissing means it’s pissed off do not own ferrets. It’s not like a cats hissing. Like playing tug of war with a dog and they play growl. I have 2 that hiss for no random reason all the time. Especially when they are excited.

  17. AnGaeilige McN
    | Reply

    this sound is terrible for a ferret! ! FERRET ABUSE! for a female ferret like this sound as a baby ferret needs help
    Not all but the most ferret dislike this kind of sounds!

  18. laurieleann63
    | Reply

    MY SONS FERRET LOVES SQUEAKY TOYS! he loves to jump on them and take off and come back and will do it again & again! He loves his rattle cat bag / tunnel. Maybe it’s individual ferret thing, some like bathes others hate it, some like squeaky toys some don’t ??

  19. Clueblue109
    | Reply

    my friends ferret does that when we play with her.

  20. RainbowFruitloopXD
    | Reply

    Dont poke them in the ear you idiot !

  21. averypre303
    | Reply

    Haha!!!! 0:58

  22. 123hihihi1000
    | Reply

    i love ferrets i have 2 of my own

  23. hundhundification
    | Reply

    Dude. Just stop holding any kinds of pets, you’re making them sick!

  24. crazylikeamoose77
    | Reply

    i have 2 ferrets and one loves the sqweekie toys and comes running to play and hide his fave toys the other could care less and from having ferrets for years i really dont think a squeekie toy sounds remotely like a ferret in distress. but you guys are the experts right. and the hissing thats like when a dog growls when you play tug a war my fur babies do it all the time when we get a good game of tug a war going. i dont even have to poke them

  25. Blaze Fyre
    | Reply

    Actually if you research ferret vocalization, some ferrets use hissing as a simple way of talking. Mine hisses when he’s running around playing alone even. He just likes to chatter 🙂

  26. SpaceBabe12
    | Reply

    Thank You!

  27. uglyrage
    | Reply

    if i use that squeeking thing on my ferrets they will attack me full force!

  28. MultiAnimelover15
    | Reply

    Do you not realize that your ferret is pissed off? Its hissing for a damn reason. Why poke it in the face like that?  I understand it loves the toy but there’s no point in poking him whats so ever.

  29. clavissaaa
    | Reply

    Squeaky toys sound like baby ferrets in trouble. SQUEAKY TOYS ARE NOT FOR FERRETS. It is cruel to use them to ‘play’. Try using cat toys with bells or feathers. My ferrets love feather toys. If you have ever noticed your ferret shaking after you’re done ‘playing’ with him or her, it means they are anxious. Please do a little research for your fuzzy friend before you seriously, physically or mentally, hurt your ferret.

  30. Henrika16
    | Reply

    If you’d like your ferrets to be able to fly with you when you travel, please sign this petition to Air Canada & WestJet to make them change their policy! Thank you for signing & sharing!
    w w w

  31. MyCallofdutygirl
    | Reply

    i have a ferrett at home sleeps all day

  32. BurntSugarz
    | Reply

    I don’t believe they think its a distress call but it pisses them off for sure LOL. I know ferrets that will draw blood if they hear this noise. I heard a theory that the sound brings out their hunting instincts because it sounds like the rodents that they were trained to catch. Either way, I don’t think it’s cruel at all, annoying them at most. But I wouldn’t do it for fear of my hands. :p

  33. DollsLCD
    | Reply

    The sound of the squeaky toy resembles a ferrets distress call. You should not be using this around your ferret as it is stressing them out! Also, why are you poking them in the ear.

  34. iHeartKyu
    | Reply

    Ferrets, just like people, have different personalities. Some ferrets may like the noisy toys, some may hate it. My ferret jumps around the toy and dooks; a sign of wanting play. I know someone who’s ferret just hates it; he hisses at it and backs up. It all depends on the INDIVIDUAL of the ferret. Some ferrets may like some things, some may not. It’s how people aren’t all the same. Ferrets have personalities, likes, and dislikes. I wouldn’t be arguing about this.

  35. Mark Hall
    | Reply

    this does seem a bit more like tormenting

  36. emrie2121
    | Reply

    Actually ferrets don’t hate squeaking sounds. She always dooks when she hears it. He goes after it cause he wants the toys. You can clearly hear the ferret dook.

  37. kayla apolinaris
    | Reply

    your rite tho i just got my ferret yesterday and i just fould that out yestrday

  38. esther6757
    | Reply

    Whatever you want: I only mean well!

  39. disturbedfreak34
    | Reply

    *sigh* I’m done talking to you. You are aggravating and this has taken up waaay too much of my life.
    You have your opinion, I have mine, and the rest of the people have theirs. End of story.

  40. britbrit1th
    | Reply

    Aww hes so cute

  41. esther6757
    | Reply

    Because in some countries as the USA ferrets also get their analglands removed while that it is not necessary al all.
    If you do that in Holland you are committing a crime and can be punished for it.
    It is forbidden to do so.
    I mean to say that in every country the knowledge about ferrets is different.
    That is also one of the reasons why ferrets do not live longer then 4 years and in some countries, and in mine sometimes up to 12 years!

  42. disturbedfreak34
    | Reply

    Yeah, actually I can. If you don’t recall you just told me what it was. And I sincerely doubt that they will even get hb unless it’s from extreme, severe stress, which, this isn’t.
    Sure, okay. *sigh*
    Sure, but I don’t appreciate the arguing and you forcing your uptight opinion on mine and others. I assure you, there is a difference.
    Why does that matter, if I may ask? It shouldn’t make a difference where I’m from.

  43. esther6757
    | Reply

    I do not overreact.
    Can you tell me what HB is?
    I think not otherwise you would not give such an answer!
    It only confirms to me that you did not even bother to look it up.
    Hissing means that they do not like each other eventhough we might think they do.
    But yu are entiteled to your opinion and i am to mine.
    And I have been to many times to my vet who is an expert on the field of ferret diseases (her name is Hanneke Roest from Holland).
    From which country do you come if I may ask?

  44. disturbedfreak34
    | Reply

    I sincerely doubt that. Every ferret is different, whether you seem to think so or not. You’re making a way bigger deal of this than neccessary, and you need to calm it down.

  45. esther6757
    | Reply

    I pick up a lot of books and that is where I got that knowledge from and through experience.
    Hissing means that the ferret is warning you and it is certainly NOT a playing sound.
    When you have ferretsthat hiss at eahhother , you should house them apart because that is a sign of stress.
    And Stress can cause Heliobacter (hb) by a ferret in the stomach and can have death as a consequense!
    Just look it up, and then you will know that I am not making this up and that I care about their wellbeing!

  46. disturbedfreak34
    | Reply

    Not always. Ferrets make that noise when they are playing as well, because when ferrets play with eachother they make that noise. Whenever I would tickle my ferret she would make that noise and do that war dance. Trust me, it’s not just out of anger or being upset.

  47. disturbedfreak34
    | Reply

    Have you ever realised that when ferrets play with eachother they hiss? It’s because they’re PLAYING. Not all ferrets are like that so stop being stereotypical. You don’t know what that ferret is feeling, so as a former ferret owner, I think you need to calm it down just a tad bit. If the ferret was in any pain or truely didn’t like what was being done, they would cry. Pick up a book sometime. It helps.

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