How To Pick Up Your Hamster

This is a quick tutorial on how to pick up your hamster. Thanks for watching!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Gamer Katie says:

    She is keep on saying um um 😓

  2. TheDailyCake says:

    My hamster doesn't even like being touched and I have had her for like a month

  3. The Braxton Fam says:

    Nice video!!! :)

  4. Ari Diva says:

    Vid starts at 2:36

  5. shawnee miree says:

    I got a hamster for Christmas 2017 and I got another one the next day I got holly and Dave that’s there name like if u got one

  6. Dante Williams says:

    I got my hamster yesterday and this vid helps a lot thanks for the tips and her name is thunder lol

  7. Cake Doctor says:

    Ppl say u shouldnt approuch them from behind and top they should see u first

  8. Tara Rocks says:

    Thank u for the tips I'm getting a new hamster so and this helps a lot! :D

  9. Emily Chen says:

    What's your hamsters breed

  10. Angela Carolie says:

    Its not good to take your hamster like that cause they think its some thing attacking them like a bird or so you need to let them go on your hand

  11. Joshua Koshuta says:

    how long have you had your hamster

  12. Pets4life says:

    How many times did she say umm and so in this video

  13. fvmous buds says:

    let's breed our hamster my us the same on

  14. hamster feet feels a little weird

  15. hamsters!!!!

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