How to pick up/ hold your pet rat

How to handle your rat properly.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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31 Responses

  1. Blueninja448
    | Reply

    Does it work with wild rats?

  2. Katie Imbro
    | Reply

    What a cutie. Why is it that they lick me whenever I hold them? Is it just grooming?

  3. Keeley Cross
    | Reply

    duh! what do you think

  4. TaintedBlossom
    | Reply

    yes rats tails do have bones

  5. TaintedBlossom
    | Reply

    yes they do

  6. M Luluca
    | Reply

    They don’t have bones in their tail

  7. M Luluca
    | Reply

    Yes you CAN hold them on there tail just at the base but good uuurrrr..tutorial

  8. Theone120x1x
    | Reply

    This is like completely wrong… You can hold a rat by its tail as long as you hold them by the base of it… it is actually the way they do it in labs and their tails don’t have bones

  9. nerdycats
    | Reply

    no shit sherlock… do you like being pushed off buildings ?

  10. oldGnRrocks1
    | Reply

    the only reason i need to know how to hold a rat, is to either: pick them up dead from the back yard… or feed them to my snake… lol jk, i wish i had a snake….

  11. Hough Jazz
    | Reply

    hhahaa hope you enjoy it (:

  12. loliluvmanicpanic yupyup
    | Reply

    gonna get two males on monday so excited its unbelievable im been doing research on them for a month and a half and trying to convince my parents for half the time finally convinced them CANT WAIT IM LITTERALLY SHAKING WITH EXCITEMENT RIGHT NOW

  13. rachael.has.entered
    | Reply

    If he’s running away u haven’t held him as much as u need to

  14. Alaura Haynes
    | Reply

    Getting two girls soon 🙂 can’t wait. I’ve been studying for days XD already picked out a cage. Your ratty is gorgeous

  15. Yevpraksiya
    | Reply

    I never picked up my rat by the tail. But they were all very tame and most of them would even climb up my arm themselves 🙂

  16. LupDomnitor
    | Reply

    Dump the boyfriend then get your rat. I assure you the rat will love you more than you bf.

  17. LupDomnitor
    | Reply

    Didn’t realize there was a rat etiquette. I heard about the picking them up by their tail thing. Ive had dozens of rats and I have never broken or hurt them by picking them up by the tail. Their tail is probably the strongest set of bones in their body. I put them down by letting their bodies slide to the floor through my hands and the last thing I am holding is their tail til the lightly hit the ground. They never squeak of get hurt. Or had back problems.

  18. LupDomnitor
    | Reply

    LMAO actually you both are hilarious.

  19. connor francis
    | Reply

    your so hot wow

  20. nathenandrew
    | Reply

    I had 6 boys, all brothers, named Gray boy, Nickolas, Shady, Spot, Oreo, and Silver belly. I picked there names based on their looks, Nicky didnt have a neck so I called him no-neck-nick, Shady was all black and he would sit in the shadows and lurk… Oreo was black with a white stripe down his belly, Spot had a spot on his head, Silver belly was black with silver hairs all through his coat but his belly was all silver/gray, he was beautiful. Point is I’d wait til you get them and go from there.

  21. Natasha Ward
    | Reply

    Call them bubble & squeak!

  22. BossBear92
    | Reply

    Thank you for this video ! I’ll most likely be getting 2 boy rats soon.
    Taking name suggestions!!. I had a very good name for a girl rat, Lulu, but i clicked with a boy rat so will go with that. Keep making more vids like this! GOD BLESS!!

  23. bluemoonhaunts
    | Reply

    i want a jumbo rat but my bf said no 🙁

  24. jiani2smooth
    | Reply

    i had my rat for a couple of days and it is almost tamed

  25. ThePetmaniac
    | Reply

    My rats names are woody and buzz what are some other ppls ?????!!!!

  26. trav man
    | Reply

    i just got a rat and didnt no how to handle them ……but now i do ty 😀

  27. fuasshole666
    | Reply

    funny no, retarded yes.

  28. TheCHARMEUSEdu96
    | Reply

    No, actually they love being thrown, and you gotta bang their head really hard on the floor to make them appreciate it even more !! LOL (funniest comment so far) (yours not mine obviously XD)

  29. SatansInfantry
    | Reply

    So, throwing them is bad?

  30. Imran Azmi
    | Reply

    Thanks! It’s actually tamer now =)

  31. TheCHARMEUSEdu96
    | Reply

    good luck with the taming 🙂

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