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This video is about how to pet your parrot. And many people don’t realize that birds can actually be really cuddly animals and they can enjoy head scratches. But, unlike a dog, they like it in a slightly different way.

So, come on over here, birdy. They like to be pet against their feathers like this. And what I like to call this is petting etiquette. Instead of just petting your bird whenever it wants and letting it use its beak to dictate where and when you pet it, I teach them petting etiquette, where I keep their beak between my fingers while I pet their head. This wa,y if I hit a spot that they don’t like, they can’t bite me and they can’t be bossy about which spots I do and don’t.

They have to take all or nothing. So, if they enjoy the petting, then they’re going to just keep their beak between my fingers and let me scratch them all over their heads. They also really enjoy getting scratched behind the ears. Birds do have ears, they’re just covered by feathers. They’re right over here, and they love getting theirs ears scratched.

Keep in mind that some birds aren’t accustomed to petting. They might not even like being touched on the head. So, you can use some of the training techniques that are outlined in my book and throughout these video series to get your bird to be accustomed to being touched. And once a bird is accustomed to being touched, you can pet its head.

And then, if it learns to like it, if the bird gets the chance to realize how good it feels, then this can become its own positive reinforcement and you can use the petting as a reward for good behavior. So, here’s some tips on petting your bird. Just remember that they like having their feathers stroked in the opposite direction. It’s a good idea to hold their beak so they can’t get too bossy and it’s also a sign that they like to be pet.

My birds, when they want petting they’ll come over and put their beak between my fingers, rather than bite me, because that’s the way I’ve always taught them to ask for it. Petting your bird is just a great way to build a relationship with your bird and teach them to like being on hands and being around people.

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17 Responses

  1. quiffcafe
    | Reply


    The top parrot: PET ME NOW OR ELSE..

    parrot : yeehss I love when he pet me AHAHHHHHAHAHAHA

    the top parrot: UGGHHH AHHHHHHHH—- cries of madness

  2. jenjenfish
    | Reply

    Will this work with parakeets?

  3. Aynonn
    | Reply

    That parrot on the perch wont shut up lol

  4. Shantel Bollmann
    | Reply

    I'm sure the best workouts instruction is on Unflexal workouts. I just love it !

  5. Jesus Medina
    | Reply

    I can't do that because my parrot go crazy in the cage

  6. Tapu Gabriel
    | Reply

    what kind of parrot is this?

  7. The Gamer King
    | Reply

    "Make them relize how good it feels" – this guy and every Pedophile ever

  8. Tia
    | Reply

    "come on over here, birdie"

    | Reply

    One of the only useful parrot training video 😐😑😐

  10. Sloth Lion
    | Reply

    I don't hold my bird beak because it doesn't bite

  11. Christina Bako
    | Reply

    I live with a blue Amazon…
    But he's very sexual.
    I'm sure it sounds weird, but when he "humps" A toy,
    I talk to him, I say you're a good boy.
    He's 20….And was stuck in a cage for 13 years…

  12. Saccillia
    | Reply

    I grew up with mammals. this was very helpful. thankyou

  13. Meli Rodriguez
    | Reply

    i used to have one like this when i was like 8 or 9 and i loved him!!!!! i miss him 🙁 i had to give him away because we moved very far away and my parents didnt let me take him…seriously thinking about gettin another because these animals are so special 💝💝

  14. Waliyalaiba Ansari
    | Reply

    thank you i like it

  15. isadoraxo
    | Reply

    my dad tried doing that but my bird bites him every-time he tries petting her :(?? Any tips?

  16. Yvonne Okeson
    | Reply

    I would not hold his beak that seems mean

  17. jory habab
    | Reply

    Birds have ears?!
    a whole new world opened for me

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