How To Persuade Your Parents To Let You Have Rats!

This is a video showing you how to persuade your parents to let you have rats. Hope you find these tips useful and helpful and of course hope you enjoy the v…

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48 Responses

    | Reply

    Enkarion I. – The average life span of a rat is 2 and a half to 3 years. My
    rats have top ear placement, dumbo is an ear placement not a type 🙂 

    | Reply

    Emma D – Thanks! She seems to be okay I suppose but she sadly is still
    bleeding and isn’t as happy as she was 🙁 But I am trying to stay positive
    for her! ;)

    | Reply

    Kitty Kat – Aww thank you, so glad I have inspired you to get them. I love
    to hear things like this. Your welcome 😉

    | Reply

    sara alessia – Sorry your not making sense your saying its not good for 12
    + aged people to own rats because they are responsible, I think you mean
    irresponsible? 😉 Actually there are quite a few responsible people at that
    age who can care for rats very well and some others not. It all depends on
    your lifestyle, asking questions to those like; How much do you work? Will
    you be able to afford the basic supplies? Do you have the space for
    everything? If you are a busy person, will you have someone at home to take
    care of them for the mean time? And of course, will you be able to provide
    them with lots of time? There are the sorts of things people would need to
    consider as a person. Its not just all about age, but life style. Thanks,
    of course they will 😉 Thank you, I’m very glad! 🙂 

    | Reply

    Jojo Witherington – Yeah it can take a while when persuading parents, but
    glad you can have them now 🙂 

    | Reply

    Jess Smith – Aww thats wonderful news, so glad to hear! Your welcome, glad
    to know I have helped you and aha its fine! 🙂 x

    | Reply

    Jess Smith – Thats great to hear 🙂 Aww thats okay, hehe thanks, your very
    sweet. Aha well not many do, but I do as I find its always great to let
    people know their comments and feed back is appreciated and just how much I
    love my peachy people and their wonderful support, thank you!<3 🙂 

    | Reply

    Jess Smith – Your welcome! Hehe ooh thats great, aww how great! Aww your
    very welcome and thank you! 🙂 

  9. Jbn Dodd
    | Reply

    My parents are huge animal lovers! So I got 3 rats :)

    | Reply

    Skye Pawl – Oh I am sorry to hear, but don’t give up! Remember my last tip.

  11. pokemon9oct
    | Reply

    I got two perfect female rats for my 15th birthday
    Jazmine and lily <3
    I take full care of them AND we have two dogs so we take the rats to
    another room away from the dogs.
    They have a few toys and hammocks and I am intending on putting fleece on
    their floors ladders and getting them more stuff!

  12. Edona Sadikaj
    | Reply

    you are so right all the words you said are right, all my family is ok for
    getting one , but my mom she dosent love them, how can i change her mind ?
    i dont wanna make my mom sad and get one, i just wanna show how wnderful
    rats are as a pet , she dosent care, what am i gonna do ?, i had hamsters
    before my mom loved them , but for rats and mices she said no .

    | Reply

    Miriam Martinez – Aww thats lovely news! Hehe so a while! Really hehe thats
    great, sorry what was the last bit aha the dm bit? ;)

  14. TheLazyCartoonist
    | Reply

    I once made a powerpoint to convince my parents to let me have birds, it
    worked lol

    | Reply

    Jess Smith – Oh okay thats great, it sure will help! Ahh hehe well good
    luck, I hope your dad says yes. Your welcome! Its nice to be updated with
    whats going on 🙂 

  16. Annaie1234
    | Reply

    “Hey dad can I get some pet rats?” “Those are pests that will bring in more
    rats and mice and they smell and they are feral I do not want them in my
    house”… Why do so many people think of wild rats! I want rats that are
    domesticated and are not carrying diseases…

  17. Keepflyinghigher
    | Reply

    Suger is so so soooo cutttteeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. bran ks
    | Reply

    I Loves Your Videos:) Your Awesome!!!:D

  19. Jeevan Bhullar
    | Reply

    Thanks a lot, my mum said she does’t want the rants when I go over, but
    when I showed the pics, she said she would think about, so thank u a lot 

  20. Petco
    | Reply

    Great tips! 

  21. Moorcroft Pets
    | Reply

    nah I tried from the age of 8 and it never worked 20 years later I have my
    own house and daughter and my mum still says if I had rats she wouldn’t
    visit… one day lol

  22. Hamster Horsesandcats
    | Reply

    Amazing idea! Such cute clips! Such lovely tips

    | Reply

    Jess Smith – Your welcome! Oh I really hope so! That is great, your welcome

  24. Andreya Borrego
    | Reply

    What kind of rat is honey?

  25. MiniBobtails
    | Reply

    What video maker do you use? 

  26. Kristi Bunnies
    | Reply

    Great video!!!:D I do most of these things when I try to convince my mom to
    let me get a new pet!!!;) Lol!!!:D

  27. Katriina Olanterä
    | Reply

    My mom didn’t let me take rats when I was younger. She always said I can
    get them when I move out. Well now I live my own and I’m happy owner of 2
    little fellas. 🙂 Sometimes its better just wait. Its hard, but its better
    than never. 🙂 

  28. GerbNerdLolz
    | Reply

    Loved the video! :D

  29. CJ101SCOOBY202
    | Reply

    This was such an amazing video! Your editing is superb!
    Cookie and Sugar as so sweet! Aww dumbo rats! :O You have given me a new
    obsession!;) They are so lovely!<3
    You have such great lighting too! Hopefully I will be getting the same
    camera for my birthday so then I can start my channel... finally;) Lovely
    tips and ideas! 🙂 xx

  30. The Rattie Life
    | Reply

    Great video!! Hopefully this will help people! Haha it took me 18 months to
    convince my parents but it was so worth it! The rats look so cute in this
    video <3 Great video!! 

  31. GankedbyKev
    | Reply

    my mom still said no she doesn’t like their tails I have no idea what to do
    but I think shed hated rats since she was 12 or so

  32. Tails & Scales xoxo
    | Reply

    Helpful tips! (:

  33. The Pet Place
    | Reply

    YAY I’m 12 Hehe!
    LOVED this video! N’awwwwww Rats are SOOOOOOOOOO cute!!
    AMAZING video as always! <333 

  34. mixedfruits07
    | Reply

    Great informative video! I bet this will help a lot of your viewers! :)

  35. hamsterloverforever1
    | Reply

    Great video!!!!! Awww so much rattie cuteness! I think I cheated by having
    an amazing aunt that got me rats for my birthday aha! And my parents are
    warming up to them now my mom especially! My dad thinks they are like wild
    rats still but I don’t think it will ever change his mind, he’s a pure cat
    lover. And my mom likes hamsters.

    OMG your money looks soooooo cool! 

  36. Anna's Animals
    | Reply

    This is very helpful! I will try this!

  37. Thebunnyshed1
    | Reply

    Fabulous video. The clips are adorable! I agree with all the points you
    said to consider before 🙂 xx 

  38. DudeCrafter
    | Reply

    Are they noisy at night?? This is the one thing my parents are telling me
    why I can’t get one now.

  39. Sophie Berry
    | Reply

    Luckily my mum is such a huge animal lover and is not freaked by wild rats
    even (we have a pair of wild rats that we see from time to time in our bird
    feeder he doesn’t bother us at all doesn’t come in our house or anything –
    we live in the country) that she would love to have rats as much as i do.
    They’re going to be my 21st big birthday present (weird i know but when
    your house bound its the perfect present) I love the tips though, i am
    actually doing those tips anyway, research as I want to be the best, most
    responsible owner for my rats. Love your videos they’re the best 🙂 xx

  40. Nadpets101
    | Reply

    Amazing video! This will help many soon to be owners!

  41. PetitePets
    | Reply

    Great video, very helpful 🙂 Nice editing! It didn’t take much to get my
    mum to like rats because she works with them :’)

  42. Paige McCulley
    | Reply

    Is peanut butter safe for rats? Just wondering

  43. Mooaa Moa
    | Reply

    Do you have any tips on how to tame a scared rat that bites you when you
    put in your hand? My other rat was nice when we bought him, they are
    siblings. 8 weeks old. Excuse my English, I’m Swedish

  44. Petrepublic Tv
    | Reply

    Great video! I remember when I asked my mom for a pet mice she totally
    flipped and said no xD. But a couple months later I took her to see some at
    Petco and she said yes 

  45. RattieLover1331
    | Reply

    Great video! I didn’t have to convince my parents as it was my moms idea XD
    But I might use these tips to get an axolotl! (:

  46. Sofie Maurer
    | Reply

    Hi! I really love your videos and I think your rats are adorable! One
    question though. I currently have a little dwarf hamster and am prone to
    get sick a lot so when I do it’s really sad that I don’t get to handle her.
    Now I’m wondering if rats get sick a easily as my hammy does.
    Please answer!

  47. Nick Pappas
    | Reply

    omg you commented back i am crying right now! i love your videos and by the
    way i am a girl thats my dads name i might start making videos soon when i
    get my rats

  48. ForgottenIIMercy
    | Reply

    I’m so glad I found this video, it’s been extremely helpful for me!
    However, my parents still won’t say yes. I’ve wanted rats for at least 3-4
    years, but haven’t had any luck 🙁 I have had many nice before, but the
    last nice I had was I think two years ago, give or take?
    Also, one of my cats(I have three) is completely nuts. I love him to bits,
    but he’s so smart and a trouble maker and my mom worries he’d hurt the
    rats. I told her about how secure the cage I’d get would be, but still. I’m
    cleaning my room, made a rat, room and rat budget plan, I’ve researched
    about them for years. What else can I do?

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