How To Perform an Advanced Health Check on Your Rats

Viewer request!*** READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION! 🙂 Note: This is a pretty long video. The criteria of what I look for can be found on the Advanced Health Chec…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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13 Responses

  1. Leanne Mitchell
    | Reply

    AWWW i’m glad im not the only one that dose health checks on my ratties you must be busy ahah i have 3 female rats Emzie is a husky shes 2 years old Layla is a champagne berkshire i think lol and shes 6 months their both topeared/standard rats and then there is my dumbo rat River who is 8 months and Hairless 😉

  2. FishyLipsGirl
    | Reply

    Omg hey my name is Emily 😀 I love your rats so cute. I a new rat owner. I have two dumbo rats. About 2 months old. VERY spoiled. I will get them anything I can. I make most of my girls things. Is there anyway you can tell me what are the best toys for them 🙂 right now I have cat toys.

  3. kaykayvee4
    | Reply

    Is it at all possible your could make that Health Check sheet available for download on your website?

  4. Shawna Laufer
    | Reply

    If you check out my blog (link is in the description), there is an article I did when I reviewed it as well as ordering information. It’s basically a copycat of the Magnum and Stealth wheels by AtticWorx.

  5. fluffysuds
    | Reply

    Oh where did you get the wheel I love it!

  6. xoxchelsey36
    | Reply

    i have the green version of the pink basket you have 🙂

  7. Rat Whisperer
    | Reply

    I made them on Excel.

  8. Sierra Rain
    | Reply

    were did you get the sheets for?

  9. Shawna Laufer
    | Reply

    I didnt used to do it daily, but now I do- or at least try to- after having two of my females develop mammary tumors. I want to make sure NOTHING gets past me again!

  10. Shawna Laufer
    | Reply

    Just posted! 🙂

  11. ratgirl44
    | Reply

    Gosh she is just too cute!

  12. Ciara White
    | Reply

    can you do a vid of which rats are which, like names.

  13. Rattie Wonderland
    | Reply

    Thank you very much for posting this I’ve started doing health checks ever since 1 of my ratties had URI, but my checks were never as thorough as what you’ve shared. One of my girls has developed a marble sized lump under her left forearm 🙁

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