How to Nip Train your Ferret

In this video I talk about the methods of nip training your ferret, and what methods I suggest and use. Sorry for the choppy clip jumping in some areas. If y…

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50 Responses

  1. lilninja41
    | Reply

    i got my ferrets at a older age from a pet store and no´╗┐ matter what they like to bite me i haven’t tried what the mother ferret would do so im hoping that will work

  2. Giovanni LaQuitara
    | Reply

    how many ferrets´╗┐ do u have?

  3. filipe gualberto
    | Reply

    Bite is okay as long there is´╗┐ no blood right?

  4. WhatsUpItsBlaire
    | Reply

    When you said make sure they have no marks on their noses in one´╗┐ of your other vids, is it ok, if they have spots on their nose?

  5. BaxkChan
    | Reply

    You’re supposed to use your thumb and´╗┐ fingers to scruff, not just grab the skin.

  6. Kel Kutter
    | Reply

    ..If you can, would you be able to post a video of an actual demo of the scruffing for discipline technique where you do the hiss and drag along w/it?
    Thank´╗┐ you for the videos! ­čÖé

  7. Kel Kutter
    | Reply

    Hi there-I did like, obviously´╗┐ commented and subscribed. I just got my ferret 2 days ago.She’s just 8mos old.I learned that when they are bred(most are that are bought from the pet stores ie;petsmart, petco),are taken away from their mothers as soon as they are weaned. B/c of this, many don’t learn any type of behavioral discipline from mom b/c she never got the chance, which is sad really. So I’d like to add that it may be instinctive though, to understand the scruff, hiss and drag technique.

  8. Kel Kutter
    | Reply

    he may be teething. look up the remedies for this as it may be that simple and your problem solved. They can’t tell you if they are in pain-I don’t know enough about ferrets yet as I just began researching 3nights ago myself. I just got my ferret 2 days´╗┐ ago. Definitely give him LOTS of attention. I mean literally as much as you can. They need constant love and attention. They play hard and sleep hard. That’s good b/c u wear them out and they take long naps after their running around. Good luck

  9. Kel Kutter
    | Reply

    he may be teething. look up the remedies for this as it may be that simple and your problem solved. They can’t tell you if they are in pain-I don’t know enough about ferrets yet as I just began researching 3nights ago myself. I just got my ferret 2 days ago. Definitely give him LOTS of attention. I mean literally as much as you can. They need constant love and attention. They play hard and sleep hard. That’s´╗┐ good b/c u wear them out and they take long naps after their running around. Good luck

  10. Kel Kutter
    | Reply

    I agree w/ you C. Peterseb regarding the holding the scruff “scruffing” and dragging lightly on ground is exactly what MOM does to discipline them or let them know something is either bothering´╗┐ her, wrong, or other. So I would use scruffing w/the hiss and drag and the gentle scruffing(for cleaning ears etc),they will know to understand as there’s no hissing and gentle, but firm dragging along w/it. Very important and effective. Good video Thank you.

  11. C Peterseb
    | Reply

    Well I never really had problems with the ferrets biting me , the female never bit me , ever.. the male would´╗┐ from time to time nip at me, never drawing blood. But then I just chalked that up to being a male , more aggressive. But yeah you have covered all the good things to do , the holding them by the neck fur, and dragging them a bit on the ground I have heard yields the best results.

  12. Zheng West
    | Reply

    My ferret try bit´╗┐ everything she see lol she got me two times… She only 8weeks old . What should I do? TQT Thanks

  13. PsychoticEGG
    | Reply

    I know you know a lot.´╗┐ And that you do a lot of good videos. But you say like to much whenever you’re switching between what you’re saying, or thinking what to say. But it’s distracting and hard to take you seriously.

  14. tarantulady
    | Reply

    I lost it´╗┐ laughing when the ferret took the toy away.

  15. tarantulady
    | Reply

    Try giving her more out-time in a ferret-proof room. Ferrets need´╗┐ several hours a day to run around.

  16. Chris Privette
    | Reply

    My ferret Cleo keeps clenching down on the bars on the cage and tries to shake or chew her way out. She is young I just got her 20 days ago from petco, but what can I do? I don’t´╗┐ want her to hurt her teeth or something.

  17. realloverme
    | Reply

    i want ferrets now!´╗┐

  18. LaurenAshlieLandonK
    | Reply

    thank you so much for the tip. my ferret Declan loves to bite the tops of by feet and it hurts. i will try this tactic on him. plus i havent been able to get him a ferret´╗┐ friend yet, but i will soon and i think that will help cause he will have another ferret to wrestle with

  19. candra186
    | Reply

    I also had a 4th ferret who was male, and was a´╗┐ rescue ferret. His previous owner was allergic and almost never handled him. He bit until the point of drawing blood and attacked my other ferrets. We had to give him away.

  20. candra186
    | Reply

    I had 3 ferrets. A deaf female, a´╗┐ female, and a male…The deaf female was by far the friendliest which I’m sure was purely coincidental. She was my first ferret, and I visited the same pet store probably twice a week for a month and would handle the ferrets, she was the first one that didn’t go to bite me so I bought her. The other 2 both nip, but we bought them on impulse, didn’t handle them first to check their personality.

  21. torontoguy1097
    | Reply

    Assert your dominance!´╗┐ Get a human male to urinate´╗┐ all over the rat when it bites. Or collect said male urine and spray the rat when it bites…just remember not to refrigerate´╗┐ the urine. I can supply the urine at a reasonable cost.

  22. torontoguy1097
    | Reply

    We train them the way our Grandparents trained animals for the circus. With a firm hand. Biting is not tolerated and canine teeth are promptly removed. If after training viciousness continues they are freed in the countryside. Please contact me if you want to see´╗┐ my training videos. For one reason or another my vids are removed from this website.´╗┐

  23. wwwebeltre37
    | Reply

    First of all´╗┐ i like how you train your ferrets and can you make a video about ferret supplies?

  24. GeologistRob
    | Reply

    i like your method of training them in relation to their parents methods. I used to work in a fox hunting stables as a kid and´╗┐ observed the hounds methods of training their young, they work very well with dogs but i have no such experience with ferrets, so comments like that are great i think.

  25. Melanie Cook
    | Reply

    Thanks for posting this. I will try this at home! I hope this works to get them to poop in their litter pans and not NEXT to´╗┐ them! Picking them up and simply placing them in the correct spot just isn’t working. Thanks Again.

  26. Shatajah Hill
    | Reply

    Well I Really Like Your´╗┐ Videos (:

  27. bobby butler
    | Reply

    You can scruff them to say no, but when you are saying no you also hiss at them while they are being scuffed. This is what their mother does to signal any bad behavior.´╗┐ Just a regular scruff tells them to relax, but if you hiss that tells them, “no.”

  28. cassie york
    | Reply

    your videos have helped my´╗┐ alot thx

  29. freesailer
    | Reply

    I keep both and have found males to be adorable, the girls can be moody, sorry ladies´╗┐ lol.

  30. freesailer
    | Reply

    Interesting´╗┐ video, thanks for sharing.

  31. freesailer
    | Reply

    Hi, I found that bitter apple which I assume is nail bite lotion worked brilliantly for my ferrets.
    The dragging on the´╗┐ ground is very good for the reasons given in the video.
    I’m afraid the time out idea gave me (and even my wife) a good laugh, never heard that in all my 55 years of ferret keeping lol No offence meant to thealfaferrets.

  32. Joanne Bois
    | Reply

    We are looking into getting a ferret. We are going to get one to start with….´╗┐ maybe two.
    My question is, what makes a better pet, male or female? We went to see the ferret we want to get and it was licking my daughter’s hand, but the next thing we saw was that it bit her upper chest, latched on and wouldn’t let go. Do males or females make better pets? Heard males are big teddy bears.

  33. turisalba
    | Reply

    This way the ferret will associate you with treat and good things and hopefully lessen any fear the animal has. Dinkyfish666 has a good video´╗┐ on the topic.

  34. turisalba
    | Reply

    The advice in the video to scruff and drag the ferret is good advice and works in most cases. Not only is this what the ferrets mother would do, it is also used in ferret dominance in groups, showing the ferret that you are the dominant one. If you are having trouble getting near the cage to feed etc, try ‘bribing’ the ferret with ferretone (which is very useful for other things´╗┐ like nail clipping), in order to do so. And also using it to increase the bond between you and your ferret.

  35. Sandie Bennett
    | Reply

    Very helpful and useful´╗┐ info. Thanks

  36. Emily Parry
    | Reply

    is your ferret neuter because i might get a male ferret but i´╗┐ don’t no weather to neuter him because i don’t have loads of money ?

  37. rebecca wakelen
    | Reply

    i’ve got a ferret she has always been timid and she fears bites me all the time me and my husband are targets in her eyes we’ve tried every thing only problem is we now cant even get near her´╗┐ cage to feed her without being bitten have u got any advise

  38. LyleVertigo
    | Reply

    That bitter apple stuff never worked for me, and it is easy to get it on everything. ´╗┐ You’ll find out that you will be tasting a lot of it unintentionally. lol

  39. LyleVertigo
    | Reply

    Their nose is very sensitive, even a light flick can cause´╗┐ a nose bleed. Any hitting can induce fear, and fear biting is the worst bite in the world. They will sink all 1+” of their canines into your flesh.

    Their teeth are very sharp and it is easy to take for granted just how much they can hurt you but choose not to.

  40. James B
    | Reply

    I am looking at getting a ferret (for the first time) in the summer time and was wondering what the biggest shock for you when you got yours? What did you not expect to do that´╗┐ you have to do a ferret owner?

  41. sherbert500
    | Reply

    can i just add to what i just wrote as well,a ferrets eyesight isnt good so going in quick with your hands make the ferret bite´╗┐ in defence so go slow and let the ferret sense you ,once they become used to you and your scent picking up wont be a problem

  42. sherbert500
    | Reply

    have to admit i have a hob ferret who attacks one of my friends every time hes around ………..hes great otherwise he just dont like him for some reason he goes´╗┐ totally nuts when hes around lol

  43. sherbert500
    | Reply

    its funny how you have to do these things to not get bit ……..ive been working and owning ferrets for 30 years and never had a biter…..handle them when there young and you wont get a problem´╗┐ later on………..its simple really

  44. sherbert500
    | Reply

    a ferret doesnt want to be held really it wants to play and work……if its´╗┐ young just sit it on your lap and play with it let it know your not a threat and the more you handle a ferret you wont get bit later on………..

  45. 3PEEPSproduction
    | Reply

    hahaha, mine also yawn if I scruff (I think thats´╗┐ how you spell it)

  46. Scott Funk
    | Reply

    Anyone interested in learning about or getting a ferret, please join the “Ferret Owners” group in Facebook. We have over 1,500 extremely knowledgable and experienced people who can help educate you on the BEST ways to care for a fuzzy. I’ve owned ferrets for over 25 years´╗┐ and I’m still learning because of the group. Ferrets are great creatures but they are NOT like cats and dogs… there is specific things you need to know in order to take care of them properly.

  47. Scott Funk
    | Reply

    FINALLY someone on YouTube that has good info on ferret care! Thank you´╗┐ for posting this.

  48. swedishferret
    | Reply

    @thealphaferrets Hi! I just got a baby ferret, and´╗┐ when he bit me.. i scream like a ferret then i say No! Is that a good thing to do?

  49. tippy400
    | Reply

    I got two new ferrets, my male (about 20months old) only bites when I clip´╗┐ hit claws because his previous owners cut the quick a lot.I just wore work gloves he couldn’t bite through till he got used to it, switched to a blanket, not bare hand is nothing, and he just sits there and licks me ­čśŤ

  50. PSNCraCkBaBy13
    | Reply

    They’re just like´╗┐ people lol.

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