How to Make Your Cat Love Her New Cat Bed

How to Make Your Cat Love Her New Cat Bed

By Thomas Sodor

So you have bought a new cat bed but your cat doesn’t seem to like it? While the majority of cats adore their new beds straight away, some cats don’t seem to take to them straight away. This isn’t a problem.

Sometimes a new bed straight from the store may have that “new” smell, or a “different” smell your cat just doesn’t like. Try airing the new bed for a couple of days where the cat can’t get to it, and then try reintroducing her to it.

If you have bought a second hand cat bed you will need to clean it thoroughly to get rid of any remaining smell from the previous cat. If it has a removable cover, take it off and hand wash it with mild soap. (Never use harsh detergents or cleansers as this may cause your cat to have a skin reaction). If the bed has a frame, wash thoroughly with a mild cleanser (baking soda and water is perfect). Air the bed for a couple of days and make sure it is completely dry before your cat sleeps in it.

If your cat normally sleeps in a place that’s warm, make sure the new bed is also in a nice, warm, inviting place. If your cat likes to sleep high, put the new bed high also. In other words, study your cat’s favourite sleeping places and then use that information to decide the best place to put the bed. Remeber, your cat will only sleep where it is comfortable!

If your cat loves your smell, you can put a piece of your worn but unwashed (so it still has your scent) clothing on or around the cat’s bed. An old jumper is perfect. Leave it there until your cat gets used to sleeping in it’s own bed.

If your cat goes onto her new bed of her own accord, make sure you give her plenty of attention and praise! Cats react most favourably to love and affection. Whatever you do, don’t try and force your cat or hold your cat onto it’s bed – this is most counter-productive. Just be patient and keep moving it somewhere else every few days.

If you leave the bed, and remove the temptation of other good sleeping spots(such as closing doors of rooms they like to sleep in, or putting a pile of books on their favourite sleeping shelf, or disturbing them while they are trying to sleep on the lounge) you will find they will move to their new cat bed by default.

Thomas Sodor is a cat expert helping cat owners understand their cat’s behaviour. You can find out all you need to know about cat beds and see cat bed photos at his website.

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