How To Make Sure Your Bird Is Happy

Third Re-upload due to copy right issues haha but yeah just a quick video on how to make sure your bird is happy :)

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Andrew Merritt says:

    mack him see the cat and then kill the cat

  2. Shilo Almighty says:

    Guys , my bird (parrot) hase been scared one f*****g cat , now he is so
    scared i can’t touch him , how to make him happy ?

  3. How to make your bird love you….. Help me

  4. whats about spending attention =D

  5. MrMarcellomatrix says:

    i have a budgie almost like yours check my vid if you wanna see him My cage
    is for one budgie and i’m not sure if he needs a bigger cage btw he is only
    he is almost 11 months now and he used to feel better with me and now we
    are losing our bond what should I do to increase it?????

  6. BirdsAndBeyond says:

    thankyou! i have a new editing program :) and yes it is big enough for two,
    but only two :)

  7. Magdalena Zaharinova says:

    hey i have a burd from 2 weeks but she’s 2 months old so my question is how
    to meke her to be confortable with me.. i mean she sometimes eat from my
    hand but she is still scared

  8. BirdsAndBeyond says:

    birds dont stink :) i dont even think they even have a scent haha, send me
    a personal message on here and ill explain what to do :)

  9. Love the intro !!!!! Nice Vid =)

  10. thekangereviews says:

    hi i just got a 4 month old budgie and his great but when i try to get him
    out on my finger he attacks it 8/10 times but whens his out he wont attack
    my hand at all unless theirs someone he doesnt know is there plz help out

  11. At what time are they going to sleep and when do they get up? And how much
    they need to sleep per day? :D

  12. roobydooby08 says:

    Is it too late to tame a love bird 7years old, I’ve been given a love bird
    , but he’s not been tamed, I would like to tame him, but is he to old thanks

  13. popcornpiggie says:

    I like the new intro!!! And the size cage you have, is it a decent size for
    two? I know they tend to do better with a companion. :)

  14. popcornpiggie says:

    So I did the dishes and cleaned my room… and now my mom’s excuse is that
    I’m going off to college in 2 and a half years. She said “Then what are you
    going to do with it?” :( I don’t know how to fight back to that. UGH! And
    she said that birds stink. Do they really?

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