How To Make Awesome Pet Names

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

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What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. Strawlighte
    | Reply

    stinky burrito monkeu

  2. CptPoison
    | Reply

    I wish I was in that dog’s place:/

  3. memback01
    | Reply

    I think you have a rat in you bewbs!

  4. Just783
    | Reply

    Bing, bang, boom that’s how babies r made! Hahahahaha!

  5. WhoIsLarryS
    | Reply

    im pretty sure thats NOT how babies are made

  6. ToniRene540
    | Reply

    Thanks alot you tasty muffin snake lmao =)

  7. loneTUBE87
    | Reply

    @jennamarbles Looks totally like Jane Kurowski (Spell mistake) From the 30 Rock.

  8. 135797524
    | Reply

    no your pet names are no better ok!!So dont think they are, and not everyone trips if there girl calls them love, or honey. Dont take it in a weird way..

  9. emoup72
    | Reply

    um thats not how baibies ae made but what ever

  10. MusicGirl576
    | Reply

    her face was prriiiiceless.

  11. 2shinobido
    | Reply

    stupid blond girl i

  12. Torichforu13
    | Reply

    618 people are stinky burrito monkeys!

  13. Kanwulf1337
    | Reply

    The only reason i clicked this video were because of the picture of the hot blonde girl! Thumb up if you also clicked it because of that!

  14. alexxxtreme07
    | Reply

    For me you look like a heartless peanut butter bunny.

  15. eave51
    | Reply

    In a row! So cute

  16. razioak
    | Reply

    Funny, crass, practical.

  17. idunnoimjustbored
    | Reply

    i wanna be that dog

  18. hotpinknoodlez
    | Reply

    fancy twinkie giraffe

  19. ENERGYx1337
    | Reply

    ladylike jerky elephant.

  20. ArmyofNinjaWarlocks
    | Reply

    Hah, this is the second video I watched from you, the first was how to wear makeup. LOL, This was hilarious too. reminded my of “honey child puppy feet” of course I dumped her for calling me that in front of everyone all the time LOL

  21. aceshot72
    | Reply

    i wish i was a moist taco unicorn….

  22. aitkensE04xXxRecon
    | Reply

    it started off innoncently and then i was like woah! damn, girl! 😉

  23. alphabetsoup3201
    | Reply

    im gonna be a naughty turkey sloth tonight

  24. markc212009
    | Reply

    I want to put my penis in or on you.

  25. inFLUence2508
    | Reply

    @Yeyme4life she’s hot? didn’t notice:/

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