how to make a homemade rat harness

it is very easy to make and better then a harness that you would buy from the internet.COMMENT AND SUBSRIBE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

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25 Responses

  1. Brittany Conard Tielking
    | Reply

    Bless her heart. That harness looks unsafe. Safety pins come undone all the
    time and they hurt. That whole setup was painful to watch. I know this
    little girl is trying but if it looks like its choking or hurting your rat
    in any way then maybe just leave it off and don’t fasten it.

  2. Mista Gibbs
    | Reply

    I’ve also been trying to get into making an easy harness for my new rat,
    but no matter what I try she squirms out of my hands and runs off. I don’t
    know how to get the thing on her. :(

  3. Noelle Sespene
    | Reply

    I might make it a little loose so that it won’t hurt her but at least I
    Have a idea! Thanks!

  4. Tailir Rene Peoples
    | Reply

    Is it me or she rough as hell with the rat lol

  5. Jazz Riddle
    | Reply

    A rat harness and leash is yes to ensure their safety, as well as to make
    the people arpund you feel safer. most of the world hates rats I have come
    to see this since I have a rat of my own. the more contained your rat is
    the lrss the people will fear younand your rat. Also a lpt of public bus
    systems will not allow an animal on the bus unless it is contaied or on a
    leash. No rats are not dogs, theyvare much smater then dogs. As well as
    they can go and dobanything a humman can. My ratblikes toblong board woth

  6. cute cool snowleapords
    | Reply

    ur so hard with the rat i heard her squeak like 1000000000000000 times she
    is weird cause u are hard on her!

  7. Paws Ruiz
    | Reply

    Aaahhhh dont choke your rat >=[

  8. Cecilia Couey
    | Reply

    Won’t that choke him (her) and the reason that he or her is squeaking is
    because he’s scared, if I were you I would find a safer way too do that. By
    the way your rat is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  9. Alec Ramsey
    | Reply

    My 6 month old hairless rat, Penelope, really loved this thing. The walk
    was a nice treat for her, and the hard yogurt snack afterward was even more
    reward. I think this’ll become a nice routine, all thanks to you. 🙂 Thank
    you very much miss, and I’d love to hear about all of your rats if you ever
    have the time! :D

  10. Angelena Howland
    | Reply

    i think its a bit small for your rat but cool idea…

  11. spectra furman
    | Reply

    i just uded ut

  12. Ryleigh lee
    | Reply

    Is your rat a dumbo rat

  13. Raven Sullivan
    | Reply

    Why you so mean it’s mean

  14. kiki thon
    | Reply

    Does it hurt them

  15. Lily Fawn
    | Reply

    this is so cute! im gonna walk them down the sidewalk xD

  16. Melissa Rooke
    | Reply

    does this work for gerbils???? please say it does

  17. Ryleigh lee
    | Reply

    I have the same rat they look the same

  18. Michaela Benjamin
    | Reply

    This is a /decent video. BUT YOU MUST READ THIS~
    The point of a harness isn’t to take your rat on a walk. The point of it is
    to ensure your rats safety. This in the means of when you’re on a walk, and
    your rat is upon your shoulder.
    Incase your rat falls, or you let him down for a bit to roam and smell the
    area, you need to be able to have him in close supervision. But by all
    means, you MUST have a good bond with your rat. Because a rat that’s close
    to you wont try to run away in bloody murder. The rat will most likely slip
    out of the harness, and bounce around. But never ACTUALLY running away.
    Have you ever chased a mouse? They have the behavior of a rat that wants to
    get away. Trust me, if he did, he would.
    SO, point is, to ensure safety, a leash or harness would do good when on

  19. Ryleigh lee
    | Reply

    My rat wont stay still

  20. Kcoyote3
    | Reply

    since i can sew im gonna make my harness in this style with a bit of cotton
    under the throat part and use a mini clip to attach the lead to the
    harness. give the girl a break guys, you looked it up and found a great
    easy idea! just fix it to your style, dont jump down her throat. and my
    rats squeak when i pick them up too, im obviously a terrible animal abuser

  21. Ryleigh lee
    | Reply

    Can I just tie it togather

  22. Clara Gomez
    | Reply

    What do i DO I do?

    I have three rats, two of them are three months and the other is about 5
    week and a half. I am new to “Rat Harnesses” and i want to know,

    1 Is this a good idea at all?

    2 Is that rat choking?

    3 Do rats slip out of the harness if they want to?

    4 If a harness is a good idea my 5 week old rat is fairly small should I
    wait for a harness?


  23. natasha hess
    | Reply
  24. Ryleigh lee
    | Reply

    I dont have a safty pin 

  25. natasha hess
    | Reply

    Ok so it’s go but it needs to be the right size for your gerbil/rat

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