how to litter train your rats

If you guys have any questions, please comment below! Hope this helps you guys out 🙂
Here is some examples of some litter pans you can use:

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19 Responses

    | Reply

    it will.I'm planning on litter training my Sasha

    | Reply

    very helpful ??

  3. Chase Looms
    | Reply

    I believe and am hoping to get two rats for Christmas but I was doing my research and it said rats like to pee on rocks would it be ok if I went to the dollar store and get some marbles to grill the pan

  4. Joanne Kang
    | Reply

    for the Foster and Smith litter pan, do you recommend a regular size or jumbo size?

  5. Ultra Gamer772
    | Reply

    what cage do u use?
    and how much does it cost?

  6. Riley Ross
    | Reply

    Does this have them go pee and poop in it?

  7. Ḉчãς†лύßãя звезда
    | Reply

    есть русские? ??????????????

  8. Caylie B
    | Reply

    My two rats are both boys and I think they are from the same litter (I wasn't there for the purchase they were grifted) and they are about 4-5 months old, they do a lot of what looks like "boxing" and some times it becomes more aggressive. Should I be worried? I'm also needing a larger cage and was looking at the rat manor, would you recommend this cage?

  9. tobey fan
    | Reply

    My rat knows how to poop in the bathroom but she just refuse to pee in it. I've tried to clean up the area once I discover that but seems like it doesn't help. What should I do:(

  10. Luna X
    | Reply

    Hey, what is the grate in the litter box for?

  11. TheFleeingFawn
    | Reply

    One of my rats was completely litter trained- within a day or two. It was wonderful! Then, I got another one in the same cage and she didn't take to the litter and the other one stopped as well.

  12. TeddyBearTroye
    | Reply

    Im getting 2 rats, should I get 2 boys, or 2 girls??? BTW Im both very Lazy and active which one is better? Boy Rats Or Girl Rats for This kind of personality….. Loves animals, gamer, Mature Quiet/Loud,responsble, and rats are my 3rd fav animal?? Reply to me by +Nicole Etherington plz and Thank you!!!

  13. Danoninoxydable
    | Reply

    Hi, nice tutorial, I'd like to know if this is still possible to litter train my rats even if they are already about 4-5 months old and in my house for a month or so ?

    Plus, you look like you're the good person to ask all of my questions :
    -One of my rats suddenly went full scared two days ago and litteraly panics when I grab him but still comes when I call his name, I may have yelled at him a bit 2 days ago and I'd like to know if it could have been some traumatic experience, now he is scared of everything sudden (noises, moves…) and I want to comfort him.
    -The other rat, on the other hand, isn't scared at all, fluffy and stuff but isn't receptive to any kind of training, he can't recall his name and just litteraly acts like a little cat all day long : eat-sleep-play-repeat. Did I miss something ?

    Sorry for bad english.

  14. Kourtney Recoskie
    | Reply

    Can you do a rat room tour

  15. Martina Da Ros
    | Reply

    I am thinking of getting two rats but the only cages in my pet shop are bird cages or large mice cages. The largest mouse cage is maybe half the size of your cage, Is that enough space for two rats? 
    I could get a bird cage but they're more expensive.
    Anyones advice would really help.

  16. Oh Ares
    | Reply

    Out of everybody on YouTube your my favorite rat YouTuber. I have 2 brothers and I ordered the same cage and an extra shelf for my babies. Now one of my rats sneezes a lot and his brother doesn't I'm worried. What do you think is wrong and what should I do?

  17. Zen Life
    | Reply

    Thanks for making this video!

  18. Jewelz lps vlog
    | Reply

    love the video do u know how much was the cage I want to cuz then I'll know what is the cost ofn everything well most

  19. MissTaylorOlivia
    | Reply

    Tip: I couldn't find a litter pan that I liked that fit well, so I took a shallow tuperware container (of a size that they can fit in it just as she said) and I got stick on Velcro for cheap and use that to attach it to the side of the floor pan in the cage! My baby and my adult both made a huge mess of torn up and whole tissues. Haha! I use the so phresh pelleted litter for small animals.

    Good video! I love your cage set up by the way!

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