How to Litter Train a Kitten: Litter Training a Cat – More great tips for raising a happy and healthy cat! How to Litter Train a Kitten: Litter Training a Cat Contrary to popular belief, a…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Marissa Grove says:

    I just got a kitten and she is sleeping on my lap right now she dose not use the litter box vary helpful vid

  2. Sujan Shrestha says:

    Is it possible if i can train my kitten as a dog? Like fetching balls, standing up, jumping to catch food, etc?

  3. bohemichelle says:

    they have just opened their eyes at two weeks.. this is so wrong


    You do understand that you should get kittens when there at LEAST 8 weeks unless you want to get the mother and all the other kittens.

    Do a bit more research! Also get a short-haired cat as you don’t want it to boil in the heat!

  5. HyperHorse says:

    You should NOT CLEAN THE LITTER BOX SO OFTEN. That is a mistake according to the guy from My Cat from Hell.

  6. AZATTACK1 says:

    Thumbs up if your watching this but don’t have a cat.

  7. slayerkitty33 says:

    Luckily for me, my kitty must have used one before, she wont go anywhere else except the litter box.

  8. Raima Absara says:

    i am just 8 and i will get a kitten so should a 3 or 2 week old be perfect for me? plz reply:]
    If you have advice for for i am ready to hear it and one more thing i am getting my cat in bangladesh so ya its kinda hot and theres a lot of flys there.PLZZZZ REPLY

  9. ByZeephe says:

    Hello, I have a 6 week old kitten and she is terrified of her litter box. She freaks out every time I try to put her in it. The litter is recycled paper any ideas?

  10. Love Carmen says:

    My kittens are 4 weeks old and theyre peeing everywhere.. do i use the same method? I kind of stopped trying to train them cause they keep on eating the litter…. i need help!!

  11. Laila Ellabbad says:

    you look like dora from the brazilian series cordel enchantado

  12. Phạm Nguyễn Trường Thy says:

    My cat has 5 kittens. And I’ll tell u what, it is such a disaster. they’re so dirty. i cannot find a way to teach kittens to poop in the box since they’re too little. and the mother refuse to poop in the toilet like she used to. Oh gosh my house is a mess right now. I need help 🙁

  13. karthimechify says:

    what breed is the cat i the video?..she is gorgeous

  14. rocio la says:

    our kitten trained himself

  15. rocio la says:

    our kitten ytsined himself

  16. Mary Cage says:

    Inside/outside cats will learn to hold it until they are outside. I have two that do that, and I keep litter available only for rainy days. But most people keep their cats inside, because it is safer.

  17. Mary Cage says:

    Contain them in a small area with a tile floor so cleanups are easy. Litter box, food, bed and toys until they learn. Kittens are messy at this age, but they will learn.

  18. Mary Cage says:

    Yes, that is exactly how they start using litter.

  19. Mary Cage says:

    Cats are naturally clean animals, and the litter box will come naturally if the kitten can find it. Remember, they are little and the house is big. So you must train the kitten in a small area first and then expand the area. Even perhaps use several litter boxes at first. An ideal spot to contain your kitten at first is a utility room with tile floor. Put in a nice soft bed, hard food and water, litter, and toys. But don’t let the kitten be lonely. Like human babies, they need lots of loving.

  20. Mary Cage says:

    (continued from before) Do not leave open standing water in the house where the kitten may accidently drown (like a bathtub) and you have to remove dangerous objects as you would with a small child. Be prepared. Kittens can be destructive when playing until they mature a bit. But they are so adorable they are worth it. Most of all, do not expect your cat to be a dog. A dog will obey; cats have to have it their way, or the highway. LOL>

  21. Mary Cage says:

    Even at as young as 4 weeks, kittens are pretty independent. You should keep your kitten in a small area until she becomes used to where the litter box is. Kittens are all over the place and will play with anything. Cuddle your kitten a lot. Watch your kitten interact with other pets in the house until you are sure they will not harm the kitten. Unless abused before, kittens are usually very trusting even of big dogs etc. until they learn better. (continued)

  22. Mary Cage says:

    I foster orphan kittens, from as little as several days old. I have found that it works to introduce litter into their confined area at about 3 weeks, and they will start to use it, erratically at first, but they learn. Up to about 3 weeks, they go all over the place in the box.

  23. Alastair Haw says:

    Today was my first day of having my kitten. I was surprised at the fact the kitten went strait for the litter box and immediately thought she was gonna poop, but all she did was mess around with the sandy stuff in there, which I think is a good sign, because hopefully she was getting used to the litter box. Girl, black, moggy if you’re interested.

  24. morgan v. says:

    Hey! I have 5 week old kittens. We have gotten them a litter box but they still go everywhere but in the box. Please leave me suggestions on how to get them to go in the box ASAP! Thank you!!

  25. iTechWorldTV says:

    I will try doing this I wont force the kitty to do it

  26. alejandro rivera says:

    Are u kidding i rescued 2 kittens from the street and they only used litter box for 2 weeks then they started pooping outside

  27. shalini0332 says:

    Put the litter box where it does it

  28. Adán Martínez says:

    jesus, how do i use mind power is the big question now

  29. zane94ful says:

    Fuck off

  30. epicandamazin says:

    my problem is that I got a new cat and he is like 9-15 months..but he keep pooping on the ground in a specific spot and don’t want to use the litter box. what should I do?

  31. blenda gamer says:

    my kitten would always mew when she watches ur videos :3

  32. blenda gamer says:

    thanks so MUCH!!!!!! I have a kitten and i watched all your videos and the really helped!

  33. freshgeeh1 says:

    Train up your kitty cat to kill people by using mind power, and kill everyone you don’t like without anyone suspect you.

  34. thelownwolf789 says:

    thank you
    i am geting a kitten today

  35. ddprice18 says:

    I just got some kittens today and one of them peed on my leg…I think one of them made a dodo somewhere in my kitchen too because I can smell it but I don’t see it any where..

  36. Kahuê Ramalho says:

    thaaat’s a big cat!!!

  37. HowdiniGuru says:

    2 weeks! Do you have their mother? Usually their mother licks them to stimulate them to urinate and continues licking. If they are already using a litter box, then you are off to a great start! ;)

  38. HowdiniGuru says:

    There is a ton of information that you will need to know. You are in luck because we a quite a few videos that will be great for you to watch to get you started in the right direction. Just look at our playlist. Good luck! 😉

  39. HowdiniGuru says:

    Good luck!  They are a big responsibility so good for you in watching videos and trying to learn as much as you can. 😉

  40. Karina Carbajal says:

    How old do you teach a kitten? Mine are two weeks and they’re doing their business inside the box. ):

  41. TheShrimplover says:

    haha the cat peed on your brothers things

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