How to Litter Train a Cat

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Mother cats often train their kittens to use a litter box, so a new cat may already be housebroken. If not, don’t worry—cats are quick studies.

Step 1: Choose litter box
Make sure you choose a litter box that’s right for your cat. Kittens and older cats prefer boxes with lower sides. Larger cats will need—you guessed it—larger boxes.

Step 2: Set up litter box
Set up the litter box in an area separate from where your cat eats and sleeps.

Step 3: Place litter box
Try to keep the litter box in an easily accessible but semi-hidden place so the cat has privacy.

Step 4: After feeding, place cat
After each feeding, place the cat in the litter box.

Step 5: Scratch cat’s paws
Gently scratch the cat’s front paws in the litter to show that this is his own personal bathroom.

Step 6: Praise cat
Once the cat has used the litter box, praise and play with him to reinforce the behavior.

Step 7: Clean litter box
Make sure the litter box is clean. You should remove solid waste every day and clean the entire litter box with detergent and water once a week—or more, if it smells of urine. And always wash your hands after handling used litter.

If your cat hasn’t caught on after several days, try a different kind of litter. He may not like the texture or scent of the one you chose.

Step 8: Move littler box
Is Kitty still being stubborn? Try moving the litter box to a more secluded spot.

Step 9: Call vet
If he continues to eliminate outside the litter box—or if she stops using the box after having been successfully litter-trained—call your vet. It may be a sign of illness.

Did You Know?
Most cats will refuse to use a litter box if it’s not clean enough for them.

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24 Responses

  1. Geeta Nautiyal
    | Reply

    Thnx i will also try to train my cat

  2. The GhasTly SpringTrap
    | Reply

    getting a kitty tommorow named MAXIMUSMARSHMELLO! (we call him maxmello) wish me luck!

  3. Cct Tv
    | Reply

    I’ve got a great video of a cat in a child’s potty. 😹😻

  4. crazy girl's
    | Reply

    l tried my kitten when it was just brought like the second day how l did it:after eating keep putting it in the litter box or every 5-10mins but it in his litter box if it does something it knows it's litter box but that's not all step 2 it has to know where the litter box is if it goes in there on his own about 2 3 times that's it it know.

  5. Happily Human
    | Reply

    Can I put soil ? With sands??

  6. Kayleigh Martin
    | Reply

    Please pleas help!! She’ll use the box sometime and she did before we got (2 or so weeks ago) and now sometimes she pees anywhere sometime in the box….Is this normal?if not please tell me what to food

  7. Joe K
    | Reply

    Who the heck smiles when they pick up poop!?

  8. June650
    | Reply

    My cat just keeps eating the kitty litter what do I do about that

  9. Galaxy Girl
    | Reply

    my cat is peeing on the bathroom in the drainage but sometimes my cat poops on the bathroom or in outside

  10. Himshita 44444
    | Reply

    That is a extremely fantastic way to potty train your kitty.❤️❤️❤️

  11. chipttes 123
    | Reply

    i dont need a cat

  12. YABITS
    | Reply

    My first cat was very bad with the litter box, he didn't like it so we had to work extra hard.

    The second one, we just got a month ago was awesome. We put him in it 3 times and he immediately got the idea and used it. He pooped on my mothers bed once and my bed once. That was only because we had a dog over that we were dog sitting and she slept right. By his litter box. He was afraid and pooped in our beds.

  13. OumOum E
    | Reply

    Or just put your cat in bathroom she will go on toilet and poo well that's what happened for me

  14. Kyarah Tate
    | Reply

    my mom found three stray kittens at least 2 days old and I keep trying and trying my mom is letting me keep one and sell the others and raise it till its old then I'm selling it for 200 doallors say me if you want them they will be at the Ithaca NY SPCA their little black kittens that will fit in a cup

  15. Andrea Patane
    | Reply

    Squidward was one of the cats that needed litter training. R.I.P.

  16. ofstarsandplanets
    | Reply

    I just put its poop in the litter box and showed the kitty. Bam. Litter trained.

  17. Chelsea G
    | Reply

    My cat eats the litter help me!

  18. jbizzybrown
    | Reply

    How to train a cat to use the litter: buy box, buy sand, place cat in box. task done.

  19. Rosetta_stoned
    | Reply

    Shit I just put my cat in the litter box. and he shit. lol

  20. dylanklebold
    | Reply

    can you do this without the cat?

  21. Nya Berger
    | Reply

    My cat does her business outside or in the basement

  22. Angela Spiritbreath
    | Reply

    i've got 15 😀

  23. christopher williams
    | Reply

    fuck off , kid
    these videos are pretty helpful.

  24. meekocmere
    | Reply

    Howcast: Running out of ideas since 2007.

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