how to litter box train any ferret with bonus safety tips

Litter box training ferrets is possible; IMO is more us the humans that need the training, not so much the ferret. You must try to think ahead, when is the p…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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7 Responses

  1. Clueblue109
    | Reply

    why would you throw things at them and if they hiss at you then u better stop doing that. why do you curse so much?

  2. Clueblue109
    | Reply

    Ferret bowling seems seems like a cruel thing to do. Rubbing their faces in their waist does not work because they dont understand what they did wrong. 

  3. HolyManta
    | Reply

    ferret bowling tf.

  4. jesus20yr
    | Reply

    I’m not sure who in the video said ferret waist doesn’t smell, but I suggest they see an ENT (ears, nose, throat specialist) because it most definitely has an odor. I cut up puppy pads and put them down in areas used on rare occasions. I did find that most ferret food smells horrible if it get wet. I’m testing the theory that most animals will not potty where they eat and putting food in locations I want them to stop using.

  5. John Rhoades
    | Reply

    It’s access not AXIS…js

  6. horselovingirl22
    | Reply

    my ferret, scooter, shits everywhere!

  7. ChocolateMoose369
    | Reply

    do you keep your ferrets in a cage?

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