how to litter box train a rabbit and how to clean the box

This is how i clean my rabbits litter box and how to litter box train. Happy new year everyone! Hope this helps. 🙂

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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4 Responses

  1. Michelle Meimei
    | Reply

    Wire cages give sore hocks :(

  2. Animals4you
    | Reply

    Your rabbit looks exactly like my rabbit xx
    Mine is a Netherlands dwarf girl too 🙂 xx

  3. 엑소별커피우유
    | Reply

    i really like ur rabbit what kind is it? and im just suggesting u should
    put a soft blanket ontop of the wire because rabbits are sensitive and they
    can get sore leg when they hop around on the wire:) i liked ur video really
    helped :D

  4. animallverrrr .
    | Reply

    Wood pellets (Equine Fresh) is a wonderful bedding for rabbits and helps
    keep smell down:)

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