How to lead a horse without a lead rope; Rick Gore Horsemanship; Using natural horsemanship techniques you can teach a horse to follow you and want to be with you rather than tryin…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Kelly Basham says:

    Horses are not people. People are not horses. Horses don’t wear clothing to
    cover up their privates do they? Men can’t suck there thing up in there
    body’s like horses do. We have clothing because somebody made it up that
    you should cover those parts. Horses could don’t have those rules and
    stuff. If you were a horse how would you feel if you were being made fun of
    because you are letting it hang because you don’t know any better.
    Actually, horses can’t think like that. They don’t even know. Horses are
    beautiful creatures and when they are relaxed that’s what they do. Funny
    for us because we are the opposite. But to horses, it is as normal to them
    as it is normal to us to put clothes on. Horses are beautiful and you
    should actually be greatful if it’s hanging while you are around them
    because it means they can be relaxed around you and not scared. Buddy is so
    cute and you can tell that they have a special bond. Good job.
    Hey and do you have any tips for when I try to get my horse to bow he
    almost lands hard on his knee when I lift up his leg and ask him to put his
    head down. How can I stop that? Good luck with buddy hi is a wonderful

  2. Bethany Mcferran says:

    does the horse need a pee? lol

  3. Think Like A Horse says:

    @kayla22506 : read my web site it will help you understand what is going on.

  4. Wow grow up people if ur too immature to handle it then dont comment

  5. horseloveremily123 says:

    @marcio4u123 that is so mean hes not misbehaving its natural how would you
    like it if every time you smiled someone kicked you

  6. I agree with you on everything… How do I train my horse to be Not pushy.
    My mare 13years old. Head butts me and really hard I go to rub her head or
    kiss and hug her she head butts me…

  7. Grow up. It’s an ANIMAL. Maybe I would agree with you if Buddy was a human.

  8. such is life says:

    and you cant even spell

  9. Sarah Stewart says:

    Do you not know anything about horses? Horses drop when they’re relaxed.
    It’s not a perverted thing to them.

  10. fallenangelscreed says:

    its realli intresting…thanks for the tips :)

  11. Think Like A Horse says:

    You are freaking idiot – go to horseforum and hang out there you will have
    lots of company on being an idiot. RE: Please anybody out there could kick
    that horse penis and he will learn to behave in public it is so simple
    with just one kick right there marcio4u123

  12. Katherine B. says:

    thank you for answering Questions!!

  13. Thanks for posting, my horse was trained to follow you offlead, but I
    didn’t know how it was done so I didn’t know how to reinforce it.

  14. @medicorene No, its means the horse has to go to the bathroom…

  15. dude. nice video. theres something weird, the horse had a boner…..

  16. aww buddy as a youngster <3 lol

  17. jenny thomas says:

    the worst i would do if a horse droped around me is blush

  18. hes just a happy horse ??! haha[:

  19. youchin kim says:

    1:17 emmm is it a male?!

  20. Southwestgal1973 says:

    Buddy’s baby album…awwww

  21. rihannafan2323 says:

    @marcio4u123 wow how would you like it if you got kicked cause you were
    turned on or happy? geez your so stupid.

  22. karen miller says:

    you are stooped you do not new how to tarn a horses

  23. MissHeatherAnn1 says:

    @medicorene lol he probably wants a wee

  24. hah thats horse really has to go potty! and people he just has to go
    potty!!!! nothing else! gosh why are yall so sick? i bet you that hores is
    a gelding…anyways the horse i ride is really strong, and he likes to eat
    so its impossible to pull him away from grass when hes on a lead rope, any

  25. Buddy is a GOOD BOY!

  26. You know a horse is relaxed if he’s “down”. Haha

  27. Whitney Lawson says:

    Awesome video… but I couldn’t help but laugh at the erection.

  28. You are a sick person let me kick you and tell me how it feels. Horse abuser

  29. the horse is getting a boner…COOOOOOLLLL

  30. 1991lightning1991 says:

    are you fucking kidding me? maybe your parents should of kicked you there
    everytime you say something idiotic or barbaric. maybe that will teach you
    to have some common sense and some sympathy for other creatures.

  31. Marcio Silveira says:

    Please anybody out there could kick that horse penis and he will learn to
    behave in public it is so simple with just one kick right there

  32. nice penis

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