How To Jump Your Horse- Step By Step


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36 Responses

  1. Emcat Stinnett
    | Reply

    Can u please kik me @ themunich123

  2. Emcat Stinnett
    | Reply

    Do u have a kik

  3. horseandogs
    | Reply

    I love the dun! I had the same problem of using my seat at the canter instead of my leg, but VERY awesome vid 😉

  4. HorsesForever101100
    | Reply

    thxs for helping! Now i know how to jump

  5. Allison Kinnear
    | Reply

    Your video was very helpful! I’m a beginner rider and I’m a little nervous to start jumping but this video helped me build up a little confidence. So thanks agian

  6. GoCrazy1313
    | Reply

    This is an amazing video and a tip to all the people who watched this also when jumping evan if your teacher wants you to jump in this order HIGHER -lower wrong move that can mess up the horse and it will try to jump the hight of the jump before on the lower jump so jump lower – HIGHER

  7. Debra Roberts
    | Reply

    TY,so much!


  8. Stina Berthold
    | Reply

    You look great! Btw I love the music!

  9. soph benny
    | Reply

    This is great, just sit up a bit. I had the same problem too!

  10. mijte
    | Reply

    Jesus, it seems as if theres no right way to ride a horse, everyone needs to shut the fuck up and stick to their own buisness. how different people ride is how they ride, not you.

  11. ilovemyhorsehenny
    | Reply

    Ur jumping is fine I don’t get y people r saying ur riding wrong

  12. mary wadding
    | Reply

    Lovely horses

  13. chloe watkins
    | Reply

    people who are saying give more leg dont know what there on about if your so much of a rider then you would be able to teach your horse of voice comand or movment that’s true horsmanship i mean how would you like being kicked to move or whipped how harsh! cool vid lol

  14. kate owen
    | Reply

    Oh for some resin his or her name is not coming up 🙁 I am sorry

  15. nashigoreng17
    | Reply

    I called IREsOLuTiONz the that not you

  16. kate owen
    | Reply

    It wasn’t a nasty comment I was be serious this vid really did help me

  17. nashigoreng17
    | Reply

    good video however the music was extremly annoying

  18. nashigoreng17
    | Reply

    thats is such a nasty comment you slutty sod

  19. kate owen
    | Reply

    And you have realy helped me and my horse. I used you info for a comp I came 2nd because of it so ty soooo mut

  20. kate owen
    | Reply

    I don’t care what you said you are pretty good at it 😀

  21. shanluvzhorses
    | Reply

    lol this had helped me when I started to jump!!

  22. shanluvzhorses
    | Reply

    give more leg

  23. shanluvzhorses
    | Reply

    people can call it X, Crossrail, Crossbar, Ect. Don’t judge! This was obviously years ago..

  24. shanluvzhorses
    | Reply

    You don’t stand up in the stirrups, that’s what you DON’T do… You have to have a strong 2-point

  25. shanluvzhorses
    | Reply

    Man! I remember watching this DREAMING to jump! Do you remember me? I rode a horse named Boots, and all that blah lol you probably don’t, but its okay! 🙂 Well, I’m doing really well now!! As you can see I am jumping like 2’4 maybe. And I switched barns and got EVEN better! I love all of your videos as well!!!!!

  26. MsLifeLover101
    | Reply

    when you are trotting and cantering keep your upper body back, you’ll find that it’s more comfortable and you have more control of your horses rhythm and speed 🙂 Apart from that it’s fantastic

  27. Hunterjumpergirl888
    | Reply

    I wish I had your position!!

  28. ProEquitation1
    | Reply

    the horse will develop bAd habits. By the way, the white horse got leads wrong. And also, the real name for an “x” is a crossrail

  29. ProEquitation1
    | Reply

    First of all, almost all of the riders were leaning way to forward. The jumper with the dun pony was holding the pony back, make sure you let them have a bit of rein so the pony does not over jump or trip on the landing. 🙂 It is not good to let your horse canter after the jump unless you want him/her to or because

  30. Danika Diceman
    | Reply

    And you`re great at the bounce jumps, i fell off my lesson pony alot with those :p but I think im better at it now

  31. Danika Diceman
    | Reply

    and believe me, it has taken years for me to get to the point of being able to jump bareback and im still learning more 2 foot 6 inches is my bareback record and 4 foot even is my record with a saddle! Yay, i cant wait to go higher, if i ever jump higher than 4 feet! lol

  32. Danika Diceman
    | Reply

    my instructor also put a rail 1 stride before the jump and when i first started the rail was a guide for when to go into 2 point i was very timid when i started riding and i ride both western and english when i first started i didnt ride ponies only horses cause every pony i rode was stubborn but now instead of making me scared ponies are a challenge and fun lol you look great in the video and i want to see a video of you jumping now! to see how you advanced and you have a great 2 point!

  33. Danika Diceman
    | Reply

    You look great at riding dont let rude people get you down, I found that it was easier to jump after I had learned how to walk trot and canter bareback that gave me better balance but expect to fall a few times and to help me when i do my release i wrap my fingers in the mane but try that in all three gaits first cause some horses dont like it and another way to strengthen your legs is practicing 2 point without stirrups at the canter but you will fall sometimes and always wear a helmet! 🙂

  34. Sophie Silva
    | Reply

    Great video

  35. phoebe disley
    | Reply

    great riding, you are not BAD at riding, you r really good at it!

  36. katie kacy
    | Reply

    my horse is a Morgan horse and has never jumped but people can ride ride English on her and so i wanted to train her how to jump and i did step by step on this video and we got first at a jumping completion this VIDEO HELPED ME A LOT

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