How to introduce basic training concepts to young Dressage horses with Tor Van Den Berge

Dressage trainer and rider Tor Van Den Berge explains basic training and exercise concepts that you can introduce to a young Dressage horse.

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  1. Vendi Vukelic
    | Reply

    Many thanks, been searching for "float training young horses" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Menailey Vonaliyah Formula – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got great success with it.

  2. maxim maxim
    | Reply

    Just wonderful, I have been researching "reining horses training" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Menailey Vonaliyah Formula – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cousin got great success with it.

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