How to Introduce a pet rat to water

Please read: This video should help to show a good way to introduce your pet rats to water and one day could result in them diving and swimming in it :). How…

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35 Responses

  1. jake nelson
    | Reply

    Great Video, thanks for sharing! I am currently in the process of training
    my 3 little princesses to play in the water. It has been more difficult
    than i would have imagined. bobbing for peas seems to be working so far. I
    am excited to incorporate your ideas into their training.

  2. TheAwesomeLena
    | Reply

    not to mention rats choose one corner of their cage or tank to use as the
    ‘toilet’ area. they wont poop or pee anywhere else

  3. Peťo D
    | Reply

    i can see you all dislike my comment so this means you all think oposite,
    less killing of rats more killing humans and kids. lets help rats and lets
    not give any help to humans. you people are the best i hope a bunge of rats
    will rape yous

  4. Da Ying
    | Reply

    Are you actually a rat? Is this a conspiracy?

  5. andypeluche96
    | Reply

    THEN POSTING HATE, you are the one who needs a REAL life..You’re welcome
    hahahahaha people like actually make me laugh for a while… And I do hope
    you get raped by your creepy uncle =)

  6. andypeluche96
    | Reply

    Nope, you are right, they do MORE tricks than a dog

  7. Kvantill
    | Reply

    Lovely rats, useful tips and good video. Thank you! =)

  8. Flabstar
    | Reply

    why bother watching and commenting on this video if you dislike rats? you
    must have a boring life indeed.

  9. Flabstar
    | Reply

    life must be excruciatingly painful for you if you don’t like domestic or
    wild animals.

  10. Flabstar
    | Reply

    rats are smart, clean, domestic pets that you can teach to use a litter
    tray like a cat. if you don’t believe me, see i for yourself, and look up
    the following video; “Awesome, Amazing Rat Tricks” by NanaBorderCollie.
    (most amazing video ever. you will not be disappointed.)

  11. BJ Miller
    | Reply

    Thank you so much! I am planning on getting a rat, if you can reply to this
    comment I need a good rat name like, Lucky.

  12. MADCROK2000
    | Reply

    they can U just R afraid of rats phussy

  13. MADCROK2000
    | Reply

    U don’t know a shit about rats!!!!

  14. MADCROK2000
    | Reply

    dude… just… dude… why… why do U hate rats they R smart PETS they
    can learn things guikly if they like the thing and U R just stupid my rats
    have 6 floors in theyr ”home” in 4 of them they sleep 1 of them they eat
    and 1 of them they poop and pee so yea U can teach that to rats U f*king
    rat rasist bastard. And U think ur funny for that ”more rats killing, less
    people killing. xD” but ur just being stupid and getting hated pet rats R
    cute and U cant theach them hygiene U bastard!!!! >:(

  15. Nay-Yar Islam
    | Reply

    Domestic rats can be litter-trained.

  16. Amy Carlisle
    | Reply

    What sort of temperate water?

  17. FuckingHappyBitch
    | Reply

    Are u dry your rat with hairdryer or with towel?

  18. RaspberrySeason
    | Reply

    How warm/cold shoud the water be? Please let me know!

  19. RaspberrySeason
    | Reply

    Hey! Don’t say they’re disgusting! That’s only one person! I love animals
    and I live in WA, I fight for animal rights xox

  20. akaBLXH
    | Reply

    Dude you are fucking weird as fuck, get a life. You are fucking disgusting
    and nobody loves you.

  21. Peťo D
    | Reply

    maybe your kinda right. however take your last line back, dont tell me they
    could be thaught just as many tricks as a dog thats nonsense

  22. Odessanewbie
    | Reply

    Thanks for the video lesson! Really implressing. me and my wife keep four
    pet rats and we’re trying to provide them with most healthy food and best
    living conditions, but I’m sure these ones (from the video) are living much
    more funny and adventurous life. We follow your videos and learn. One
    question for the author. Isn’t it harmful for rats to dive deep into water?
    For example, a dog can become deaf after continuous diving (water can
    damage its ears). Hope that it’s not the same with rats.

  23. Hybridancer
    | Reply

    Amazing! Your ratties seem to have a lot of fun swimming and playing in the
    water, I will definitely try to get my boys to like water aswell!

  24. rexial steri
    | Reply

    you obviously dont know shit about small animals. rats are only as dirty as
    their owners lets the cage get. they clean themselves like cats. domesticly
    bred rats are nothing like wild ones. they are lovable and smart. they can
    be taught just as many tricks as a dog!! people on youtube are SO mean

  25. Alexandria Klubertanz
    | Reply

    They are so cute! I cant wait to try this!

  26. andypeluche96
    | Reply

    Nice rats! They are beautiful! Nice video too!

  27. andypeluche96
    | Reply

    woooow, you are sooo badass (being sarcastic). OMG… killing animals that
    aren’t even the size of your foot… you must be the bravest person ever…
    please, get a real life….

  28. Gryphon Girl
    | Reply

    oh also um yeah my rat had surgery because his tail skin came off to the
    cartilage but when it happened his ladder got blood ALL over it is there
    any subsitutes

  29. Gryphon Girl
    | Reply

    AAW 2:17

  30. donnk
    | Reply

    if you didnt care why are you replying? BURNT

  31. R3dP33rAmId420
    | Reply

    Get a life you inbred fuck tard.. ^.^ I really don’t care what some idiot
    like you thinks of me.

  32. donnk
    | Reply

    You’re a ugly camwhore. I wouldn’t even fap to your face. Urgh

  33. R3dP33rAmId420
    | Reply

    You’re a piece of shit. LOL

  34. mandyajel
    | Reply

    You are sick, so very sick.. please get help…

  35. mandyajel
    | Reply

    Such beautiful boys 🙂

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