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Here are some tips and tricks about how to hold a parrot. A good way to approach a parrot of smaller size is to use one finger for them to step on. You tuck your thumb and other fingers down. It gives them less to chew on, so when they step up on your hand like this, there’s no loose skin to grab.

You don’t necessarily want to pick up your parrot with your fingers out like this, because it gives them unnecessary things to chew on and play with. By tucking all your fingers in nice and tight, that ensures that the parrot is going to be focused right on going on your hand.

Another tip I have for you is to watch the speed that you approach the parrot with. Start with your hand further away so that it tells your parrot what you’re going to do. Bring your hand in at a constant speed so your parrot knows what’s going to happen. It’s going to step right up. Don’t stop because your timid of the parrot, but at the same time, don’t go too fast.

When it comes to grabbing your parrot, some things to remember. It’s generally better to grab a parrot by the neck than by the belly. They have a diaphragm, so they need their belly to move in and out in order to be able to breathe. Meanwhile, they have a calcified trachea, so you pretty much can squeeze their neck because it’s bony.

By grabbing them by the neck, they have a very strong beak and neck, so they can hang off your fingers, no problem. You start with your thumb and forefinger wrapped around the parrot’s neck. Then you use the rest of your fingers to lightly support the parrot. When you’re carrying them around restrained, you can hold them on their back, like this. This is also useful for when you need to groom you parrot’s talons and check its wings and things like that.

There were some tips and tricks for you about how to hold a parrot. You can use that step-up technique, or you can grab the parrot for carrying it around with you around the house and reducing fear.

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17 Responses

  1. JoHnnY IceShrOom
    | Reply

    HAHAHA RIP 1:07

  2. Δημητρης Γκουλγκουντινας
    | Reply

    Yeah but how do i make him get used to it and not fly away

  3. Sabina Partenie
    | Reply

    My bird comes to me, kisses me but doesnt let me touch it and flies when I try. What can I do?

  4. Evi Marioli
    | Reply

    I just got a parrot…can I hold him like that from the neck or he will get scared????

  5. Matthew Sheridan
    | Reply

    i have an African grey parrot and i have learnt to tuck my fingers in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jennifer Cumbo
    | Reply

    I don't think you should grab a parrot by the belly.. or neck. Just have him step up and focus on training him to do that

  7. TheGreyGap
    | Reply

    So maybe use a real parrot next time, not a puppet toy

  8. Honky Monkey
    | Reply

    It seems like if you are hanging him by the head and he decides to start thrashing, his neck could break. Thanks, but I'll not use your "tip."

  9. Maximus the Cockatiel
    | Reply

    My cockatiel is mad at me now

  10. K Y
    | Reply

    After he grabbed the parrot by the neck, then the entire body and started stroking it, I thought the parrot was going to spit out some white liquid stuff.

  11. blackholecat
    | Reply

    Is it really smart to show that you can grab a parrot without first explaining in great detail how and why to train them to allow that first? I can see this resulting into a lot of stressed pet birds because they see Michael just doing it here. That's a general issue with Sahzin, in that he has a lot of contextless clips of his bird handling, without really making the trainign involved clear.

    I get it, he wrote a book about taming parrots. Why not, before grabbing his parrots, explain to the audience "do not try this at home before and don't force your parrot to accept is. It will only stress them out and make taming them more difficult".

  12. 238Tina1
    | Reply

    What a beautiful and calm bird

  13. tinki moon
    | Reply

    Hi.i have a8yr cocktoo.I've only had her 2 months.she's adorable.but she's Leary abt allowing me to pik her up so i can take here around my house to bond.she eats our of my hand.screams for me when i step out of the room. She goesd in her cage at night. Plays with all her toys and has even started mimicking things i do laughing etc. But how can i get her to allow me to pik her up.she runs to the other side of the cage.
    I am extremely loving Ana patient..but while it's hard not being able takeher and go..I'm NOT sure how too do it.lmk.thanks
    I'm in it ride or die as they say.long term….in other words. :)- thanks

  14. Honesti Sok
    | Reply

    Hi. Your bird looks like a coca cola bottle. By picking it up by the neck. Bye

  15. Мартин Сотиров
    | Reply

    omg it is like a toy

  16. firas rasheed
    | Reply

    1:08 Parro-cola is now in your local store.

    No hate it's just a joke

  17. kaitlin lopez
    | Reply

    Can I do this with my green cheek conure?🤔

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