How to Hand Train a Bird

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45 Responses

  1. AvonFoxglove
    | Reply

    Pro-tip: use “bitter apple spray” on your hands if the bird is biting a lot. There’s a special kind of gross tasting spray that’s save for birds to ingest but they dislike the taste of it. That will discourage the bird from biting and will likely cause it to stop entirely over the course of a few weeks.

  2. SisterWildChild
    | Reply

    Don’t ever clip your birds wings, it’s cruel. If you think it’s OK you might be better at keeping a hamster. If you want to keep company with an exotic creature you need to be responsible and understand its needs and be able to accommodate those needs or ask yourself if you really deserve the privilege and if the bird doesn’t deserve better. Learn why its important. What a beautiful gift. Imagine if you could fly…and then, you couldn’t. Please, don’t hurt your bird like that. Educate yourself.

  3. Hernandez John
    | Reply

    Now i learned (:

  4. Zamfy el
    | Reply


  5. kylapso38
    | Reply

    You need:
    A hand
    Ooops sorry! I don’t have that! Oh well I just run down to the store and get a fresh hand.XD

  6. Siavash Behroozi
    | Reply

    Thank you

  7. thmsdevon43
    | Reply

    at 0;35 the cocketiel is like get that hand out of my cage fool.

  8. EspeciallyOnetinez
    | Reply

    watch my taming video mine actually works:) BTW, using gloves when I handled my parakeet made her more aggressive, don’t use them:):):):)

  9. DarthBobify
    | Reply

    I done this and took my bird outside. He flew away.

  10. Arlene Leonides
    | Reply

    I have three birds that always try to attack!!!!!:o

  11. Mëtà TàwFïk
    | Reply

    You monsters you can tame your bird perfecty if you dont cut his wings if you cut them he will be affraid and will never like you

  12. blueyellowassassin
    | Reply

    Dont wingclipp !!!!

  13. Adoptparrots1
    | Reply

    a very intelligent and talking pair of healthy African grey parrots 21months old available for adoption to lovely homes contact

  14. Katie Shepherd
    | Reply

    Me too.

  15. giocogames
    | Reply

    Does this work with 2 budgies?

  16. giocogames
    | Reply

    Darn… does anyone know where I can buy a hand?

  17. TheDragonsTrust
    | Reply

    Please stop posting about Christ in random videos, if we’re interested in Christ and believe in Him we’ll seek Him out. So, pleease, stop posting things like that… Thanks

  18. helios0705jm
    | Reply

    I dont have a hand

  19. BrittleScarMusic
    | Reply

    I actually found it easier to train a bird whose wings aren’t clipped than one who’s wings are clipped, they feel less threatened if they can fly away when scared just make sure that the windows and door are firmly closed and inform any family members not to come into the room.

  20. iwan indorock
    | Reply


  21. Kyan st.marthe
    | Reply

    put that bird out side and free he goes

  22. XNishinaX
    | Reply

    Cute :D

  23. sophy sunardi
    | Reply

    We have a bird like that!

  24. Youcansuckme69
    | Reply

    If he is getting upset then there is something wrong with what youre doing, otherwise he just doesn’t understand that his bite hurt.

  25. daleksec3223
    | Reply

    my bird wa hand raised and ive had him for 3 days first day he was good then he started biting really hard. any tips to get him not to bite? he doesnt like my finger but is happy to sit on my shoulder

  26. TheJtanime
    | Reply

    Dafuq i cant Do it XD

  27. lorechelle71
    | Reply

    really what does Jesus have to do with A Budgie training vid? Tats great but what about a bird that wants to fly,, away out,, without you. Step up was a GAME, now he’s 3 weeks older, and more annoyed with me?!?!?

  28. puppydays808
    | Reply

    Yeah he does but you can train them to poop in there cage.

  29. brandonj123456
    | Reply

    i never had a bird before,wouldn’t mind one though :)t

  30. HeGivesSalvation
    | Reply

    He who believes in JESUS CHRIST has everlasting life ! Open your heart to Jesus Christ and you will be saved !

  31. 12345da1
    | Reply

    If only i had a HAND!!!

  32. 12345da1
    | Reply

    I’ve been Rick rolled, on an Advertisement?? XD

  33. bieleber101sa
    | Reply

    My budgie never trusted the bird perch but always trusted my finger

    | Reply

    Did you trained the bird after the video ?

  35. iWillLuvYouForeva
    | Reply

    Does your cockatiel poop or pee everywhere? I am worried for that!

  36. puppydays808
    | Reply

    I have a hand trained cockatiel and we NEVER trimmed his wings because he likes to fly around my house to stretch out his wings. My bird looks happy without his wings clipped and him being happy makes me happy 🙂

  37. paralola124
    | Reply

    Nice video and good quality too 🙂

  38. ghjh56
    | Reply

    its like cutting your legs off

  39. Tahir Awan
    | Reply

    my parrot is not steping on my hand even on the stick its more then 3 weeks now
    what can i do now plz tell me

  40. unpleasant pheasant
    | Reply

    lovebirds are hookbilled birds though? I think he should have said parakeets/parrots since it is a little confusing

  41. unpleasant pheasant
    | Reply

    having had to train my tiel from scratch I can concur this is true. though it does go for him a few times in the video earlier on its a safe bet it had some training

  42. unpleasant pheasant
    | Reply

    cockatiels are actually small birds! and they are the most popular pet bird apart from a budgie, my first bird was a budgie and I decided to get a tiel last year, certainly not big birds at all only a bit bigger than a budgie in fact!

  43. myotix
    | Reply

    u should not scratch ur bird before it’s rdy for it :p

  44. prostex97
    | Reply

    Parakeets maybe?

  45. 123ogge456
    | Reply

    Cuting a birds wings is like cuting a babys finger so he doesnt touch stuff…

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