How to hand tame a lovebird in 5 days

I got my baby lovebird (8-9 week old) last week. He is a beautiful Dutch Blue Peach-faced Lovebird. He is not tame but it is good that he is not biting 🙂 Here is steps and results of hand taming in the first 5 days:

Day 1-2
Take your lovebird out of its cage. You should never try to work with a bird inside his cage. At the beginning, it will be hard to approach him, he will fly away even if I put my hand close to the cage. I find it a lot easier to use a perch.
Once you get him out of the cage, for the first 2 days, I will just keep talking to him, and he will start singing right away once I play some videos with the sounds of the other lovebirds. Just let him get used to my voice and also enjoy the time outside the cage.
Repeat 3-5 times a day for 10-20 minutes.

Day 3
Once you get some trust from him in the first 2 days, now you can start try petting him on his head, cheek or even beak, they loves being scratched on their neck.
Repeat 3-5 times for 10-15 minutes each time.

Day 4
Now they should be very comfortable sitting and eating on your hand, you can teach them how to do step-up : Slowly and gently push your finger against the bird’s lower chest, right above his legs.
Reward the bird’s accomplishments. Bird will learn to associate hand = food.
Repeat 2-3 times for 10-15 minutes each time.

Day 5
I am surprised to realize that on day 5, he will start flying to me.

#How to hand tame a lovebird/bird/Budgie#

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18 Responses

  1. Rania Alzain
    | Reply

    the bird is so so so cut

  2. Renz Aaron
    | Reply

    My love bird is good at ridjng in my hand and his name gorge:) but he always bit my hand

  3. EliteMation
    | Reply

    1:20 you ass hole you think you can train me?

  4. sadia mohammad
    | Reply

    Definitely don't take a new bird out of their cage for at least 5 days.Home is where they feel safe.Let them get use to the environment first.
    Choose a cage with a big door and slowly lewer them out with treats.

  5. Sankar Ramasamy
    | Reply

    Its a Dutch blue lovebird

  6. GalactixSouls
    | Reply

    I'm trying to pet my lovebird (Neo and Keila, but mostly Neo) and he's been here for more than five days I guess, but whenever I would try to reach for him he would bite me in a playful manner, how can I pet him?

  7. Esmeralda Madriles Gonzalez
    | Reply

    He is so cute

  8. Yoanna Suarez (ys1816)
    | Reply

    What if they fly away when I take them out of the cage? What do I do then?

  9. B24
    | Reply

    I have fisher lovebirds and they keep screaming forever, one of them is less scared and i can touch him

  10. Captain Earls
    | Reply

    Then it comes to the point when the bird is too tame and annoying af. My red rump parrot always wants to sit on my shoulder and poop. Also it is not scared of anything (only vacuum cleaner😂) and will eventually get killed by being too brave

  11. Anis Vlogs
    | Reply

    your bird was hand tamed but he was scared that you will hit him or something like that i did not work for me

  12. SageWolf _YT
    | Reply

    My bird bites me

  13. alisia rosenova
    | Reply

    My lovebird is long home 1 month and I try everything to tame him but he is fly and scarred I don’t know what to do help pls 😔

  14. Ice Spirit Gaming
    | Reply

    This is adorable!

  15. Quentin Kern
    | Reply

    What type of lovebird is this?

  16. Usuario sin mas
    | Reply

    Que pajarito tan majo / What a lovely bird

  17. Denis Lungu
    | Reply

    Why he flew away ?

    | Reply

    my parakeet flew up me parent closet it took half an hour to take her down and then my mom got pregnant and bought a baby and she sold it I miss her😭😭😭

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