Hand taming a bird can be a long process if not done correctly, watch this video and follow the steps and just like my bird, your bird will tame to you fast.

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How Soon Is Now, Love Spit Love

The Scientist, Coldplay

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25 Responses

  1. Kate OBrien
    | Reply

    Since female cockatiels can't be trained to talk can they be tort to perch on your arm

  2. Kate OBrien
    | Reply

    Do you have to clip your cockatiels Wings?

  3. Celia R
    | Reply

    I feel like the bird would be scared if I just wore gloves in front of him

  4. Meimimme •
    | Reply

    You said somewhere else you clipped the wings? I'm always scared my cockatiel will fly away whenever I get too close and she always flies high up on a curtain pole which really sucks. I want to clip her wings but don't at the same time, is there like a small clip I can do? Like only a small one…

  5. Melissa Teesdale
    | Reply

    Do you clip the wings before taming?

  6. WolfGirlWild
    | Reply

    What kind of food should you give him? Not treats just normal food cuz I can’t find something that is safe for him..

  7. art work by Maria
    | Reply

    i have two cockatiels should i do it separately or the same time

  8. My name is Connor
    | Reply

    For those of you who are saying "your bird is already tamed" he's making this video to tell people what to do in order to tame their birds, that doesn't mean his isn't tamed.

  9. Emily Kellow
    | Reply

    I've always wanted a cockatiel

  10. Chreint
    | Reply

    Can you ride it with an Argentavis saddle?

  11. Paulie !
    | Reply

    Does he/she have wings clipped?

  12. Lost in Space
    | Reply

    Wow it worked great

  13. Unicorn Unicorn
    | Reply

    For me it was for 50 bc it was in a yard sale

  14. Silver Boi
    | Reply

    Here's the thing my bird likes chips

  15. TheRandomPlayz
    | Reply

    My cockatiel is afraid of my hand, what can I do?

  16. TheInfernoGamer
    | Reply

    Cockatiels in my country cost 20 bucks

  17. Xernax
    | Reply

    Why do you have only one bird? Cockatiels need always another bird of the same species. And why do you recommend gloves for the training. A bird could be scared of those and won't behave the same way when you would use your hand.

  18. Monik
    | Reply

    I'm not gonna get a training perch but thank you for the video

  19. Brandon T.
    | Reply

    My new 3 or 4 month old male.cockatiel wont even let me get near him…im starting to lose hope.

  20. Sarah Brodie
    | Reply

    I'm still in the process of trying to tame mine. I moved mine into a smaller cage and have it next to my bed. for the first few weeks (with her in the smaller cage) I would just sit on my bed and put my hand in her cage holding some millet. for about a week id do that several times a day and eventually she would stand on the perch next to my hand and eat the millet. it took another week before she would stand on my hand and i was able to lift my hand up.
    I've started letting her out and have been working on recall training with her. as long as she's hungry 9/10 she will fly onto my arm when I call her name. I've also found clicker training works well

  21. Chair Is Daddy
    | Reply

    wow that is a very trained whale, where did you find him

  22. Drawas
    | Reply

    ok so i would appreciate any answer, just a bit puzzled. so ive recently gotten a cockatiel, we are not sure how old they are but all we know is that they were born last year. its the first day of having him but im struggling to get him back in the cage. ive tried luring him into the cage with an apple but he doesn't seem interested. ive tried to use the step up command (as he was hand reared), thats no use. ive done pretty much done everything but force him into the cage, and i feel like if i try to force him into the cage than i will lose what little trust we have. so im stuck in a little dilemma. ive had him out for about 5 hours now and i need to go downstairs to help out with chores

  23. Noah Provencal
    | Reply

    I'm gonna get a cockatiel in a couple of months so I found this stuff very useful

  24. Tomas Armendariz
    | Reply

    My cockatiel eats a seed from outside the cage if i stick the seed inside the cage but I try to give it to her inside the cage but won’t take it. What do I do.

  25. Hot Tamalee
    | Reply

    I just bought a Cockatiel and he’s one years old already he’s a little aggressive bc I got him from a pet store where they don’t hand feed them and kids try to touch him all the time and it’s been day two of just singing to him and trying to get him comfortable with me

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