How to Give Your Cat Medicine

How to Give Your Cat Medicine

By: Jude Wright

Have you ever tried to medicate a cat? If you have, you probably have a few scratches to prove it! Cats only want to do something if it’s their idea. And, it’s never their idea to have a pill pushed down their throat. So, how do you manage getting that medicine into his body without coming out on the wrong side of his claws?

If the medicine is a pill, the easiest way to feed it to her is by putting it into her food. Of course, you’ll have to crush it into powder form first. Using two spoons, put the pill into one and use the back of the other to break it down. Then, mix it into her canned cat food. If you only feed her dry food, she’ll really think she’s getting a treat with doctored up canned food!

If the medicine is a capsule and not a pill, you have it made. All you have to do is take the capsule apart and mix it into the canned cat food.

If you have a sick cat, he won’t want to eat. In this case, you might want to purchase a pet piller. Your veterinarian will have these available for you. They are plastic rods that the pill fits into. You press the plunger to direct the pill into kitty’s throat. Be careful that you don’t push the rod too far or you could injure him.

Now, getting the pet piller into his mouth is another thing. He won’t want it in his mouth at all! If he is still a kitten, you can wrap him in a towel so that it’s easier to handle him. You can try using a towel with an older cat and it “might” work. Otherwise, you’ll just have to hold on tight and not let him loose.

If you’re afraid of hurting your cat or kitten with the rod and plunger system, you can try to give him the pill by hand. This is NOT easy! Tuck her under your arm to hold her still and open her mouth by pushing gently on each side of it. Put the pill as far back into her mouth as you can manage and hold her mouth closed for a minute or so. She should swallow it then, if she hasn’t already.

If your cat has been sick for a while, it may be easier to give him his medicine. He won’t feel like putting up much of a fight.

Treat your kitty gently while giving her the pill or other medications. She’s never going to like the medication-taking process, but if you are gentle, you won’t have her running from you every time you enter the room.

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