How to get your Rabbit to come when called

This is my 8 month old bunny and I was just feeding him one day and I dropped the made a sound and he just started to come so I just tried to train him. Pls like for my first idea and tell me all the great ideas you have. Thx

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. shadow the arctic wolf says:

    He's so cute :3

  2. Amy Tanashevich says:

    your really cool were did you get your bunny

  3. watchingitallhere says:

    Smoke detector chirp sounds like bird maybe why rabbit hides under bed …..

  4. Yet I'm watching how to train your rabbit ?

  5. You should get a mini Rex rabbit. I used to have one, bad he sadly past away a couple weeks ago ???

  6. Taylor Thomas says:

    you should get a Holland Lop rabbit

  7. Paige Olafson says:

    u should get a lopso I have 3 of them

  8. Random Rocks! says:

    I just leave my bunnies food out and he can eat whenever he wants

  9. Random Rocks! says:

    Get a holland lop!! There so cuddly and cute and lovable

  10. Sydney Wolfgang says:

    What a sweet little bunny you have!! ❤️I suggest a Jersey Woolley rabbit! I currently have 6 bunnies of my own and they are my babies!!! My jersey is absolutely hilarious and loves balls and toys! He has also bonded with a female holland lop I have as well!

  11. get a lopbeard rabbit because there the best for you

  12. Michael Ferguson says:

    carrots seem to work well…

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