How to get your hamster used to you

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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31 Responses

  1. Donald Moisant
    | Reply

    I have a question, is it normal to always unvoluntarily remember a pets
    death ever since the day it died?

  2. tuqualun jordan
    | Reply

    Thanks you so much , me and my long haired hamster bond much more!

  3. claudia mateo
    | Reply

    Thank u so much now my hamster loves me icluv ur vids

  4. Meho Onal
    | Reply

    Hey I have the same hut, as well as a restaurant one of those for my
    hamster and gerbil! 

  5. Asionaye Osby
    | Reply

    Thank you

  6. Jordan Marie Milliken
    | Reply

    Support Gay marriage! Share this video!

  7. Kacey Doherty
    | Reply

    I mean bit you

  8. Asionaye Osby
    | Reply

    Thank you

  9. elika sah
    | Reply

    well i tried still dont work she is scared and bites

  10. Bri Young
    | Reply

    My hamster always trys to bite me!!!!!!! Non stop

  11. Kat Lambert
    | Reply

    Thank you so much this helped right away!

  12. hussein ajami
    | Reply


  13. Nava Duh Pokemon Trainer
    | Reply

    If tried giving them food but they still wont get food from me…. I do
    this everyday and they’re still running away from me. My hamster is a teddy
    bear hamster male.

  14. Beatrice Quintanal
    | Reply

    He bit me

  15. miranda holgate
    | Reply

    OMG I swear that hamster looks 100% like my girl Gracie

  16. Nipaporn Muenseeprom
    | Reply

    okay like i just got a hamster today and we kinda of got off on the wrong
    foot. i picked him up at first and he was okay didn’t bite and didn’t move.
    but his body was shaking, then i try to pick him up again he wanted to just
    run off? now im not sure if he like my scent.. what should i do?

  17. Hamsterhelpx
    | Reply

    Our hamsters look SO ALIKE oh my goodness, could you please do a video on
    how to clean your hamster cage 🙂

  18. Silver Plays Games
    | Reply

    Alright thanks:)

  19. Katie Gregson
    | Reply

    my hamster cookie bites me all the time when I try to play with her and she
    doesn’t let me put clothes on her. what should i do. i have alreaady
    punished her and given her a bath so she knows that she is badd. help me1

  20. Shannie Chang
    | Reply

    thanks sorry i havnt checked my youtube account in a while but now gussy is
    really used to me and he barly bites me any more your video really helped

  21. rachelvet3
    | Reply

    @hamstergirl56 and @anisah984 “You guys, don’t be mean. She didn’t know.
    That’s why she watched this video. Yes, it is not good that she bathed and
    Tried to clothe her hamster. Im not saying its a good thing. But don’t be
    so mean about it. How would you like it if someone told you that you were
    taking care of a pet wrong that way. I’m HONESTLy not trying to be rude. I
    just feel bad for everyone (including Cookie)!

  22. trainster lie
    | Reply

    Are you sure this will work?

  23. myhamie1
    | Reply

    repeat the process every week, try to be active with your hamster

  24. myhamie1
    | Reply

    for a couple of weeks

  25. Tammy Reynolds
    | Reply

    Helpful! 🙂 do u have a kik please answer!!! Or instagram or any thing were
    we can talk?? Also r u a boy or girl . PLEASE ANSWER!! thx! Have a great
    day! 🙂

  26. myhamie1
    | Reply

    it might of been cause you picked your hamster really high and so your
    hamster got scared and tried to jump out your hands

  27. myhamie1
    | Reply

    about a 1 month or even 2

  28. PokeMasterKeldeo
    | Reply

    Do you repeat the steps for 5 days?That’s what I heard.Or,do you carefully
    let it crawl on your hand,then lift it?

  29. myhamie1
    | Reply

    yes your hamster might of got scared, but just give it some time and let
    your hamster get use to the cage, sound, and you:)

  30. myhamie1
    | Reply


  31. Isabel Portillo
    | Reply

    hey i need help i tried the food things but i wont work he will see the
    food then he will see the food but climb up my hands and try to bite me i
    think he hates me what should i do to make him like me more what should i
    do to make him get more used to me is he stressed i want him to like me

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