How To Get Your Cat To Like You

Everyone wants their cat to like them. Here are seven easy steps to have your furry friendly feline acting like putty in the palm of your fleshy hand.

Because following these simple steps will set you on the path to discovering a new kinship and bond with your cat. These methods have been tested and gone through a trial by fire by only the finest monks in Tibet who would gladly vouch for us if we asked.* They’re a bit weird. Don’t worry about it. Just remember that your cat will really like you if you like and subscribe, and they’ll love you if you share with your friends! Cats are cool like that. We’re bros. Don’t call and make it weird. It’s only weird if you make it weird.

*That is not true, none of these methods have been tested, proceed at your own risk. Or don’t, we’re not your mom. Do whatevs, man.


Step 8: Click all these links and share with your friends! You can trust me, I’m a video description on the internet!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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21 Responses

    | Reply

    I love it!😄

  2. Angela Burgos
    | Reply

    Yeah.. I just tried the blinking thing and my cat jumped and gave a small bite on my head 😐💀

  3. Brianna Jowers
    | Reply

    My cat loves me so much cuz when he was a kitten i gave him loads of attention. This video is funny but not helpful.

  4. Ace
    | Reply

    this got patched

  5. Mr. Nightmare
    | Reply

    That's why my 9 month old whathches me shower O.O (9 month old cat )

  6. Pyroteam Drenthe
    | Reply

    you're a dick. just sketching cats like assholes and stuff

  7. Ashley
    | Reply

    this is adorable!

  8. Schwagh Gaming
    | Reply

    My cat always walks into the bathroom when I’m in the shower

  9. Sharvanei Abubacar
    | Reply

    I am so touchy to my cat but she never bite me because of it. 🙂 I miss her

  10. Catz&Dogz4life
    | Reply

    You really missed the opportunity to make the cat play Skyrim as a khajiit

  11. Jenny Lin
    | Reply

    Lol my cat already love me after I was gone for a month
    Just in one day my cat liked me again

  12. George Widunas
    | Reply

    I think this is a joke

  13. Thor Dobrjanski-Piirsalu
    | Reply

    Wtf? Fuck you!

  14. MrGiftHead-Trolling vids-Roblox-and more
    | Reply

    my cat does hate me tho i can't make him to like me

  15. neha shinde
    | Reply

    Guess what.. While I was watching this video.. My cat just came and sat on my lap. Guess he likes me now!😂

  16. Cheriottt
    | Reply

    " try meowing at your cat " OK, now I know this is a troll for sure lmfao!

  17. Annie Craig
    | Reply

    his is stupid

  18. Setha Setha
    | Reply

    Is it worked?Someone are watching this are you guys worked?

  19. Pie Avenger
    | Reply

    Yes, i water my cat.

  20. TheLazyKirby57
    | Reply

    It took me until the 3rd one to realise this was fake

  21. Pillow 01075
    | Reply

    Who else is watching because there cat randomly attacks you?

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