How to Get Your Bird Out of the Cage

In this video, I’ll show you how to get your pet birds out of the cage without chasing them. NEVER chase your bird around the cage, because this discourages …

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34 Responses

  1. NailDesigns062
    | Reply

    Well my plan is to get his wings clipped but people say NEVER take them out of the cage all rushed so how exactly do I do it ? I mean it can fly . So I don’t want him flying and hurting himself

  2. Alyamman Al-Saad
    | Reply

    i leave the door open for my bird because i had his wings cliped but he tried running out and flying away i was so afraid he would fall and hurtt himself i closed the door before he got out, wat should i do. thumbs this up so she can see pls

  3. hjldgffgilah43534623
    | Reply

    Bird crack!!! That made my day! Lol But what happens if he won’t stop flying around in my room ?

  4. Kelsey Cici
    | Reply

    The only problem is, my budgie flaps her wings, and screeches and hisses and bites whenever something,anything, goes into her cage.

  5. Alexx Macavinta
    | Reply

    my bird won;t let me near him… he always bites me =(

  6. adityaprakashkool
    | Reply

    Please can you make a video of how to make a parrot not fly

  7. Abby White
    | Reply

    I want a parakeet!

  8. MommaT3000
    | Reply

    i have the same problem i chased him once and now i feel really bad so i will use your technique with patience…

  9. Patrick Star
    | Reply

    thanks that helped alot :) xxx

  10. Doggy Doom
    | Reply

    omg thank you for this vid i just got my bird chesster and he is very shy but this worked to get him out.

  11. Leilu5
    | Reply

    Thank you for the Good tips!-you have two boy birds btw, the girls do not have cheek patches

    | Reply

    Email me….

    | Reply

    Your birds are used to you already….. I got my cockatiel from my neighbor… And he’s a very mean,grumpy bird…… When I try to put him on the perch he just hisses at me… I am so patient with him… I don’t know what to do to make him like me PLZ help me!!!

  14. Ronan Kelvin
    | Reply

    Be my wife

  15. Cardskill47
    | Reply

    I did the same thing what you did but when I took him to the dining room table and go get my brother to show him that I took her out then my brother screamed and my budgie got scared and flew off the dining room but then she was stuck under a coffee table I did the Same thing to put her back in! Is that good or bad?

  16. Leslie Boom
    | Reply

    You are beautiful. Be my wife..

  17. joey guzman
    | Reply

    when i but a treat it was eating but then it flew to a corner so i stopped is that bad

  18. LOLOLOL7371
    | Reply

    But what if u grabbed them already

  19. goldeneagle1233
    | Reply


    first talk to him for atleast 30 mins per day… then after doing it for 7-8 days… put ur hand outside the cage.
    after a week start hand feeding. then in no time he will be ur frnd

  20. Teleris13
    | Reply

    Hello there very nice video!
    I have one cockatiel and i wanna try to put him out of the cage in my room.
    But then you must make a video on How to put your bird inside his cage. haha
    I am afraid coz maybe he fly in my room and never come back in his cage.
    He is 4 years old and i got him before 1 month, i wanna train him but everytime i put my hand inside his cage he is afraid and is going back. Can you give me any tip on how to put him out of the cage and not to afraid of me? Thanks

  21. bryarnam5
    | Reply

    hi i just wanred to say what about the birds that are not tame and wont let you touch them and wont come out

  22. beybladeskateboarder
    | Reply

    how can i know if my two cockatiels are male or female

  23. marty10fm
    | Reply

    HA! ‘Its like bird crack or something’ Most random thing I have heard all day 🙂

  24. James Bond
    | Reply

    who cares i already got on the beast

  25. animallover101nation
    | Reply

    wow you have really bonded with your birds i am going to get a parakeet this friday on 9/14/12
    and your cockateils are beutiful !

  26. PlantedAquariumFan
    | Reply


  27. AnnieKKay74
    | Reply

    Yes! I’ve been planning on doing one soon. I’ll try to have it up in the next few days 🙂

  28. PlantedAquariumFan
    | Reply

    Can you please make a video of Milo and Trixie’s cage tour (the full cage, the inside, the outside, the play top, the cage shelf (place you put your birds food and other things)
    thank you

  29. AnnieKKay74
    | Reply

    No, it wasn’t that bad. Earning your birds’ trust just takes a little patience 🙂

  30. Annavlopl
    | Reply

    wow,great video, ,please check out my channel, thanks
    greetings from Germany++Have fun

  31. Harrison Phelan
    | Reply

    looks like it was a bit hard

  32. IntoParrots
    | Reply


  33. AnnieKKay74
    | Reply

    Don’t chase them anymore! They will learn to trust you and step up without running away 🙂

  34. IntoParrots
    | Reply

    Nice but what if I already chased them around the cage

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