How to Gain Trust, Build Confidence & Relationship: Bandit’s 1st Round Pen Session

My method of horsemanship is founded on a relationship oriented training program that is compassionate, spiritually driven, mindful, solution-focused and REAL – it really works!

R – Revolutionary
E – Effective
A – Amazing
L – Loving

The online course that works for both beginners to my method, and horse trainers, is my Tao Method Course. There are at least 7 learning module videos presented each month along with supplemental reading materials and “How to” practice sheets. The course is being offered at a discount, and limited time, for only $34.95/month. Once you join you can access any-and-all monthly courses (videos), however you need to begin at the beginning and with Course 1. Here is the promotion for the academy and courses available should you be interested:

Tao of Horsemanship Online Academy
Limited time offer SO get started today for only $34.95!

Caroline has a proven method of training and rehabbing horses that not only answers ALL-of-your questions while providing you with REAL solutions, it is a loving, safer and effective way to start and re-start horses. Caroline has designed the most comprehensive training and solution based online equine academy available! Students from all over the world can now study from home, learning the necessary skill sets needed to master the many aspects of horsemanship. Her online academy provides different courses to study with a focus on her world-renown relational approach to training and bonding horses and their people.

Through Caroline’s courses students will not only learn how to assess, train and problem solve, they will learn how to develop the ultimate relationship with their horse during the training process. This is what makes Caroline’s training approach and method so unique and amazingly rewarding for both horse and human!

The Tao Method Course is Caroline’s foundational training curriculum, where she begins with each-and-every horse and person. You can now study, practice and interact with Caroline right from your home or barnyard! Through this course you will learn how to train your horse correctly by following a step-by-step educational curriculum. While this curriculum teaches you the many building blocks necessary to develop a solid and correct foundation it also focuses on you and your horse’s learning aptitude and emotional, mental and physical well-being during the process.

The Tao Method Course dives deeply into the psyche, heart and bio-mechanics of horses, taking you step-by-step into the following areas of horsemanship:

– Horse psychology
– Learn about equine nature and specific temperament
– Learn how to assess and work with learned behaviors
– Develop deep connections and feelings of “oneness” when working with our horses
– Develop deeper mind-body awareness, spirituality and intuitiveness
– Learn how to speak the Language of Equus through mind, body and soul work
– Work with energy, Chakra’s when connecting and communicating deeply
– Develop feel and timing, the “Holy Grail” of horsemanship through specific techniques and exercises
– Become a better diagnostician and problem-solver
– Learn about the bio-mechanics of movement
– Learn the Art of Lunging
– Develop balance, collection and self-carriage
– Develop a Classical Dressage Foundation
– Learn to ride confidently and with a balanced and independent seat
– Develop trust, confidence and safety when working on the ground and riding
– Learn how to re-educate and rehab
– Develop a fabulous, safe partner on the trail and so much more!

Hope to see you on the online course discussion board!

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19 Responses

  1. Darjaboo
    | Reply

    This is awesome, I love the compassion you show towards the horse. Beautiful animal.

  2. Billy Bob
    | Reply

    Third eye? Shakra?? Yeeeeea….

  3. Extrememdp
    | Reply

    Unbelievably awesome video. I love your techniques. I love reading animal body language, especially from horses. You handled him so smoothly & effortlessly. Great techniques & awareness…& observance. I want to give that horse so many kisses & hugs. And OMG his eyes are so gorgeous!!

  4. barbara collins
    | Reply

    I dislike the label buddy SOUR. Sour is such a pajerative chastizing label used by trainers. You are very kind and helpful though!!

  5. Pat Smith
    | Reply

    Are any of those medicine-cap?

  6. Christine Still
    | Reply

    You could oil that gate; I know you are miked but lord, that is loud to your viewers.

  7. Amanda Humphries
    | Reply

    Why do you huff / breathe out at him like that? Is that to calm him during a reward or to relax him when he bolts?

  8. Nasser Arif
    | Reply

    Awesome video ..For all teachers @ Autism Teaching Respecting Space & building Trust of being a good Teacher to help communication To Challenge Autistic !!

  9. Jesse Eventing
    | Reply

    Do you put any horse up for adoption??

  10. Judi Visionary
    | Reply

    I'm loving your work❣️

  11. Fast
    | Reply

    Oh I like this a lot. This is the first video of you that I've seen, I'm gonna subscribe. Very intelligent, very loving approach. Nicely pulling all these seemingly remote details and ideas together and making it all about the connection.

  12. Rockett88ify
    | Reply

    Phillip means as I'm sure you know "lover of horses" You are  as I'm discovering not one of those touchy, meditation, types. Pissy? You're the first I've seen that really relates human, horse relationships. Why do men and women feel that horses serve us? We should preserve and protect them.  Sister vet, me doc, riding in the blood. except I have about 10 min time on a horse.

  13. As PortableSkateSharpening
    | Reply

    At 22:00, I am not sure what you say is accurate. The quiet horses who were not so aware, were the horses that got eaten. The spooky horses were more aware and better able to recognize and flee from predators. I think that is why a lot of horses are spooky because they are the evolutionary survivors. Other than that, I loved the video….

  14. Quynn Collins
    | Reply

    Y did she touch the horse with the wipp when the horse was doing what she wanted. Bring up the energy you mean scare him. His lip is tight because your scaring the horse with the wipp

    | Reply

    This is wonderful. thank you

  16. Abetterbrain Abetterbody
    | Reply

    You are helping him to go into a form of hypnosis, which will not only help him to perform better, but most importantly to truly ENJOY to perform! ThIs is where the MAGIC is! Bandit is Responsive, Respectful and Rewarded! Great training session!

  17. Abetterbrain Abetterbody
    | Reply

    Caroline! I LOVE your approach and style of training techniques! Positive reinforcement is so very important when training all beautiful creatures!

  18. Wonderwoman2.o
    | Reply

    u teach so much in just 30mins

  19. kris matthews
    | Reply

    Hi again, sorry so long to reply – my filly does the nose pointing to me with ears back while walking purposefully towards me trying to get me to move, but I don't lol. Wish I could put a pic up here, but alot of the time (not all, but maybe 70% of the time) her ears are what I call "airplane ears", like back, but not pinned, and when really asked to do something like trot beside me, (prepping for showing inhand – in the Gypsy Vanner classes) those ears become "stealth planes" haha!! I even have a selfie pick of her twisting her head sideways, ears back but eyeing me (behind my back) little tart. Is there any way I can get the pics to you?

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