How To Dog Training | Basic Dog Commands | Doctor Mike​

How to Train a Dog:
Sit Command: 1:34
Lay Command: 1:54
Heel Command: 2:14
Stay Command: 2:52
Leave It Command: 3:20
Paw or High Five Command: 3:52
Play Dead Command: 4:22
Hug Command: 4:45
Speak Command: 5:00
Search Command: 5:22
Bloopers: 7:27

Hey, guys! After I got my siberian husky pup, Roxy, I became really interested in dog psychology and dog training. In this weeks video, I’m focusing on how to dog training and how I trained Roxy. You must train your dog these basic dog commands, basic obedience for dogs keeps them happy and healthy. You can use these same dog training tips at home to train your own dog.

Big shot out to Roxy for collaborating with me on this video!
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Have any pro tips on how to train a dog? Share them in the comments below!

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26 Responses

  1. Room 101
    | Reply

    I love this! Huskies are SO intelligent. They respond so well to training. If you don't give them focus, they will take over your house, lol.

  2. Shine Shahzad
    | Reply

    its a great thing to have pets….

  3. icewallow _cman
    | Reply

    dogs are kid, dont have kids, have dogs 😛

  4. Kathrine Rasmussen
    | Reply

    Can you give me some advice. My grandfather recently got a little puppy and she so cute. But she doesn't listen, she has a lot of energy and is really hard to control her and get her to listen. What can I do to help my grandfather.

  5. Xander Valltessa
    | Reply

    Whooooah! 20,000 liberal millennial snowflakes just had a emotional meltdown at hearing you say you need to be a strong firm leader in your dog’s life. So glad you did not get brainwashed by idiot liberal minded trainers who subscribe to the “spoil your dog, never give a correction, let your dog act like a wild out of control beast” mentality.
    I raised and trained myself my now retired Dutch Shepherd AKA brindle colored Belgian Malinois to be the most award winning Dutch in my state’s police K9 history. Forever proud of that!
    Rock solid obedience, stability around people, absolute respect for your authority and of course a relationship based of trust and positive energy. Keep up the great work Doc. PS. Get a Dutch Shepherd, your life would be forever changed. 👍👍

  6. Rafaela Almonte
    | Reply

    Dogs are the best!

  7. Tamara Wilson
    | Reply

    I trained my dog all the time when she was a pup! Now she’s ten and just ignores me 😂 I’ve looked down multiple times and found her drinking out of my glass 😒😩😂

  8. lunizzlz
    | Reply

    7:35 my husky does as well haha ew but cute
    make a vid on how you offleash trained your 🐶 please? mines 5 yrs weve had her since 6 months but she only listens to command come when she wants to

  9. Sandi M
    | Reply

    I havent taught my dog to heel.. but he does know how to go pee on command and when i say.. go eat your food.. he goes and eats his food.. so i think i did pretty good with that… also my dog knows when i say..let me see you.. he looks up and looks at me so then i have his attention. Thats all i taught him. But thanks for the tips…
    Do you teach your dogs russian??? I have a made up language with my dog.. its awesome

  10. Sean Hendrickson
    | Reply

    I know I'm a year late, but I just found your channel today and have really enjoyed everything so far!
    That being said, as a professional dog trainer credentialed through the CCPDT, I have a few issues with this video:
    You are mixing training methods with your dog. While this can work, mixing correction with reward, it can also cause confusion for the dog. Offering corrections can release stress hormones in the dog and create negative associations with what you are working on and even their surroundings and you. Corrective (aversive) methods can work and have been the staple of dog training for centuries, but new science has shown a purely rewards-based approach can build more reliable behaviors as well as happier and mentally healthier dogs.
    The whole idea of "alpha" was based on a study of random wolves that weren't related and thrown into the mix together and observed. What was seen was chaos and struggle, until the strongest was on top. Real wolf packs work much like a family of humans, with elders having respect without real conflict and everyone settling into a role they are best suited for.
    For some really good information, look up Karen Pryor, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Dr. Patricia McConnell etc. Also check out
    Again, love your videos! I have 8 dogs, 4 of which are huskies and they are a ton of fun!

  11. Nikhil Iyer
    | Reply

    So sorry for your loss man.. youre doing great things, dont stop

  12. Kelly-Ann Deane
    | Reply

    Dr Mike I have a question; my husband and I are both allergic to dogs and cats but we both adore animals. With the health benefits you mentioned (particularly the one about dogs reducing allergies and asthma in kids) would it be possible for our allergies to be reduced after prolonged contact with a pet? If we got a dog could we potentially become non-allergic?

  13. ikechukwu Chioba
    | Reply

    very simple and easy to understand. thumbs up

  14. Mariana Dias
    | Reply

    As a dog trainer and dog walker, I really love this video! You're a really confident person, and it shows on how well behaved your dog is. Very well done!

  15. Noolore
    | Reply

    I know this is an older video and not many people may see this comment but please, the first part of this video is wrong.
    Dogs do not view humans as "the alpha" or even as "part of the pack". Yes, dogs are pack animals but this myth was busted a few years back but is still commonly used. Dogs simply do not register us as part of the pack but a separate entity.
    However, being a leader to you dog IS a viable option but please do not get confused with "Alpha" and "Leader". They are not always the same. Think of it like "Every Alpha is a leader but not every leader is an alpha".
    Some things you can do to achieve this is like Mike said in the video but also hand feeding your dog will go a long way to showing the dog that you're it's source of food and strengthening your bond.

    TL:DR, be a GUARDIAN and not an ALPHA.

  16. Bobbi Golay
    | Reply

    Thank you for another great, fun, educational video Dr. Mike. I am definitely going to try these techniques in training my dog, Chip. I’ve tried several others, and they just do not work. He is a chihuahua, so I know that has a lot to do with it. That and he’s spoiled rotten lol God Bless!

  17. rohith ramesh
    | Reply

    Yours is Roxy…but mine is Tinku

  18. Richael Bonney
    | Reply

    you have one of the best dogs I have ever seen!

  19. vavavoom111Q
    | Reply

    I highly recommend using clicker. It is really easy to use and you can teach your dog almost anything by capturing things. That's how I got perfect tricks like sneeze, smile, snarling and some more.
    Corrections like pushing your dogs back can lead to situations, that the dog will just ignore the command, or will do the exact opposite, because he will remember that sit means being pushed down and that's what he doesn't like. It happened to me with my first dog and I had to teach him lay again, using clicker. And, he also can search not only treats but also "drugs" (ground cinnamon)😄
    But, GREAT video. I know that husky isn't the easiest dog to train, so thumbs up!!

  20. Tin Anchor
    | Reply

    Why do we like the same kind of dog breed? 😍😍😍

  21. KawaiiUnicornWorld
    | Reply

    Roxy is so obedient wow!!!

  22. Abbey
    | Reply

    My sister has taught the play dead command except with the words “bang bang!” And gun fingers. Kids love it

  23. dark knight
    | Reply

    Nice doc dog whisperer. You're better than Ceasar Milan!

  24. Karen Rivas
    | Reply

    what do I do if my dog is scared of cars

  25. Sarah AlTheyab
    | Reply

    Take a break brother

  26. Sarah AlTheyab
    | Reply

    And stressed

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