How to Discipline a Cat

Are you having trouble training your cat. Is your cat behaviour causing problems. Learn how to discipline your cat by following these simple tips. Read the full article at
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15 Responses

  1. Brandon Wolford
    | Reply

    I physically abuse my cat cause I never knew what to do until now thanks to this video

  2. Charles Kurtz
    | Reply

    My cat is from hell. I’ve owned many over the years and never had an issue. This new cat though… fights, bites, scratches and hisses. He goes from being a cuddle bug to destroying my face in a matter of seconds.

    The fact is, he is beginning to scratch my fiancé and a much older cat. Idk what to do. I am reaching my limits with him.

  3. Nicollo Malik Lavelle
    | Reply

    Forgot to feed the cat I saw it the cat I didnt feed him cuz i was mad now the cat is eating cockroach.

  4. Miss Tati -Tatianna
    | Reply

    I’ve been. Moving my cat from under my bed since I got her

  5. Ahmad jamal
    | Reply

    I beat the hell out of my cat by hitting him on his head and trust me it works. My cat become frightened and never repeat things I dislike

  6. Sector6•6•6• Feel me
    | Reply

    Fuck that I be shmacking dem nibbas right fuk you mean

  7. HypnoticMars
    | Reply


  8. Bee Mull
    | Reply

    I adopted a tabby cat male about a year old a few months ago. I knew adopting an older cat not a kitten might bring issues and I was not wrong. Apparently the owners before had starved him and left him outside all the time in the heat. When I got him the clinic had helped nurse him back to health but he had major issues clawing, biting, and spraying everything. I thought nutering would help but it didn't. For a few months he reigned terror in my house. Destroying furniture, drawing blood on me, clawing at my guests, and more. I didnt want to give up on the little guy because I felt bad for his back story. So I grinned and beared it. I looked up videos and bought books on cat behavior. I tried many things even some of the suggestions on this video here. great video by the way thank you! Eventually a friend sent me to these videos I thought it was cheesy How to speak cat. I was wrong though. I was able to reverse my little Paulo's behavior ina month. He is much better now and i really think personally he feel better. He seems more content and he actually sits while I pet him. Thank you to everyone who posts videos online to help all of us cope with specific challenges.

  9. brian wilson
    | Reply

    2:38 scratching cats hole

  10. Christopher Transue
    | Reply

    My cat is like wild 24/3 but at 2am all's she wants is to be in my face and purr and roll in my arms I love it except that it's 2AM and I got work

  11. whousay Iam
    | Reply

    Get a carrying cage fill it with cucombers and place the cat inside..

  12. ??????
    | Reply

    I spank my cat softly and she learns her lesson just like a child

  13. i Sellxin
    | Reply

    How tf is punishing a cat in a positive way teach them

  14. Todd Brown
    | Reply

    I learned nothing from this video about how to discipline a cat…
    My friend has a cat that pees on her bed, her friend's jackets, etc. How to discipline the cat to prevent this from happening?

  15. Randomuser
    | Reply

    i got a cat and she's a mother cat and i also got a cat who is very old and now the problem is that the mom is attacking the cat when he gets into the house its really annoying.

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