How To Create The Best Aquarium With The Right Equipment And Aquarium Supplies

How To Create The Best Aquarium With The Right Equipment And Aquarium Supplies

By Amy-Jo Strutt

There is nothing more relaxing than a fish aquarium. You can actually sit and watch it for hours. The key behind a beautiful aquarium is the proper lighting. This will not only show off you fish and corals better, the right aquarium lighting will keep your tank environment stable and free of algae. When putting together all the equipment you need for your fish tank, aquarium lighting is one of the most important items especially for those of you who are tackling a reef aquarium. Lighting is critical to the plants, corals and other invertebrates for them to stay healthy as they require photosynthesis to generate required energy. Without the proper aquarium lighting, these will likely die over time. An aquarium light timer is the perfect way to control your tank’s lights without you having to be there to either turn them on or off.

If you want an aquarium with coral, reef aquarium lighting is critical to the longevity of certain types. Species requiring low to medium lighting will do just fine with VHO fluorescent or Power Compact fluorescent lighting systems. Corals that require intense aquarium lighting will do best with metal halide systems. The rule of thumb with metal halide lighting is 1 bulb for every 2 feet of tank you have. Larger tanks will require more lights of course to help with some heating as well as controlling algae. Metal halide lighting systems are designed to run 12 hours a day so this is where a good aquarium light timer can come into play.

Aquariums require a number of different supplies including heaters, chillers, air pumps, filters, ornaments and decorations. Aquariums can be quite expensive to put together so we always recommend putting a budget together before you get going. If you can plan out your fish tank, you can buy items such as aquarium lighting that you can grow into. You can find some excellent products at discount prices if you shop around and watch for sales. You may start out with fish only, and continue to add plants and corals to someday have an outstanding reef aquarium. Just remember, the most important thing about any aquarium is keeping the environment stable for your fish. The water temperature must be held constant at all times at the right temperature as too hot is just as harmful as too cool.

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