How to Crate Train your Puppy The First Step in Potty Training

Please Subscribe Crate Training is a very fast and effectve way to start the procss of potty training your dog. It is the first step in po…

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49 Responses

  1. Tori Miller
    | Reply

    I just got a puppy from Petland and having a hard time crate training. I
    take him out often but he tthinks it ok to potty in his crate because
    that’s what they did at Petland I’m getting very frustrated. I’m pregnant
    and I wanna give up he constantly crys while in the crate and we live in an
    apartment. What should I do 

  2. S AhChoy
    | Reply

    If I am just starting to crate train my Siberian Husky puppy, is it okay
    for me to leave her in there when I leave my apartment for long periods of

  3. Diego Torres
    | Reply

    Make a video of how train dogs to be loveing

  4. Jordan Spear
    | Reply

    Do you keep that size crate for her? I’m getting a husky and don’t know
    whether to get a 36″ or 42″

  5. Nina Kamkhanthee
    | Reply

    Memphis is so cute

  6. Snow Golem
    | Reply

    I would leave some food, water, and puppy toys

  7. ian palmerin
    | Reply

    what if my dog soils in its crate????

  8. Ardeshir Yousefi
    | Reply

    Thank you I really enjoyed it and I I learn a lot

  9. Bonnie Janssen
    | Reply
  10. Exzemo
    | Reply

    Hi 🙂
    Would it be a good idea to have the crate in my bedroom?

  11. ChriSkyladers
    | Reply

    Huskies are my favorite dogs.:)

  12. ChriSkyladers
    | Reply

    I love all the huskies!

  13. nevergoingtopostonthisthing
    | Reply


  14. juan argueta
    | Reply

    I have the same crate

  15. marsh melow
    | Reply

    what do u do if she keep trying to chew thing ? do u punish how or how to
    get her to stop ? please help me we just got a new puppy ! 😀

  16. QBpronow
    | Reply

    Thank you for your information on crate training a puppy. I am a new puppy
    Mom and need all the info I can get.

  17. Ryan Dutchak
    | Reply

    hey good vids! Im getting an alaskan malamute pup in a few weeks and
    looking into crate training guessing he’s going to be a similar size to
    memphis (i think! i know he isnt a husky) what size crate do you recommend?

  18. jameskm2003
    | Reply

    So cute

  19. CollinderAussie
    | Reply

    Can you have a Australien Shepherd and a Husky together ? Or are these two
    breets to different?

  20. SunriseMist
    | Reply

    Is it okay to put a blanket down for them? our puppy is 2-3 months old.

  21. deanandsamsgirl16
    | Reply

    My sibe is crate trained and a year old i would love to transition her to a
    bed since her crate takes up alot of space in my small house any idea’s on
    how without her chewing up and destroying it we put blankets in her crate
    before and she shredded them but when i put her in daycare for the day she
    lies on the beds like she is supposed to and dosnt rip them up

  22. giovanni pizzino
    | Reply

    i have a beagle puppy and it starts going crazy every morning i wake up
    does it mean it has to go to the washroom really bad

  23. Khylee Wright
    | Reply

    How can I get my puppy to willingly go into his crate? I have a 9 week old
    black lab and I’m gone at work during the day but I have a dog walker
    coming in and letting him out every 2-3 hours for a potty break. But when I
    say “Kennel” he wont go in there willingly.

  24. Melody Regalado
    | Reply

    Do you think doggie insurance is worth the price ? Me and my husband are
    brand new husky owners , and are debating this choice.

  25. Sophie Ruddell
    | Reply


  26. Sophie Ruddell
    | Reply

    My west highland terrier and he is really stubborn, he won’t eat his food
    if we are all turned away. Do you how to stop a dog from being stuborn?

  27. grappler187k
    | Reply

    Do you put the dogs in their crate when you guys fell asleep at night?

  28. abby mcdowell
    | Reply

    hi jess I hope you know that thpse treats have salt in them and salt is bad
    for dogs

  29. Denicka Palmer
    | Reply

    Were did u get ur crate cover? I have 2 of the same crates for my siberian
    husky n lab. I wuld love to have the covers for ours instead of blankets.

  30. Daniella Fisher
    | Reply

    i know all about messes after i get home from work it is all i do,but i
    work nights so soon as i get home i take my pup for a walk, she is getting
    there, thankfully i have my sster to help check on her while i am at work.
    thanks for the valuable help here. any tips on what to use to prevent the
    puppy from wanting to go to the bathroom in certain places ? some site sad
    vinegar will help but it doesnt.

  31. Andrew Menchavez
    | Reply

    I just bought a 9 week old Siberian Husky as of 10/04/2013!! And with your
    words of advice, im having a BALL with my little girl. Her name is Snow and
    we want to thank you for helping us with ur tutorials. Thank you!! Snow,
    Andrew & Louchelle

  32. Gone to the Snow Dogs
    | Reply


  33. Gone to the Snow Dogs
    | Reply

    Wtf does that have to do with a puppy?

  34. Gone to the Snow Dogs
    | Reply

    All Natural creamy is what we use

  35. Gone to the Snow Dogs
    | Reply

    It’s part of owning a puppy. . . You will have to clean up meses

  36. Gone to the Snow Dogs
    | Reply

    They go to bed when we do

  37. Jude LeMoine
    | Reply

    I agree with Gone to the Snow Dogs. If you MUST be gone for several hours
    and there’s no one to take puppy outside, then put newspapers there. Other
    than that, I would do nothing to encourage or invite your pup to pee/poop
    anywhere EXCEPT outside, so nothing in the crate when you’re at home.
    Again, this is just my opinion.

  38. Gone to the Snow Dogs
    | Reply


  39. Gone to the Snow Dogs
    | Reply

    That is what puppies do. . .

  40. Gone to the Snow Dogs
    | Reply

    You have a horrible mother. . .

  41. Gone to the Snow Dogs
    | Reply

    We have 3

  42. Gone to the Snow Dogs
    | Reply

    You should not put a pee pad in the crate. Newspaper would even be better,
    but I wouldn’t even suggest that. But that is just my opinion

  43. Jelitza Macias
    | Reply

    What if my dog does not like peanut butter? I know it sounds weird but my
    male border collie puppy only licks the peanut butter once and then just
    leaves it alone.

  44. Nicole Aquino
    | Reply

    I have an 8 week old pup. I have a puppy pad/pad holder inside her large
    crate. So she has that and a soft place to sleep. Should I not put a pee
    pad in there while crate training?

  45. lakesha Morgan
    | Reply

    Do you have a set bedtime for her? Like when you commend bedtime are you
    usually sleep as well

  46. NomNomAnomaly
    | Reply

    what is the cover on your kennel called? brand?

  47. somonerulz
    | Reply

    How many huskies do you have

  48. Vorpal Lets Play
    | Reply

    I’m curious about type of peanut butter. Chunky or smooth? I’ve noticed
    that smooth is alot more oily then chunky. Whats better?

  49. Daniella Fisher
    | Reply

    just what I need 😀 getting my husky puppy in a few days and I need to know
    these things!!!

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